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  1. Just love the sunset. Really versatile. Really convenient (for example the led change color to remind you the position of each knob/toggle). The addition of MIDI made it perfect for me. The range goes from clean boost to heavy distorted sound (OD is the main focus). Also, it works really well with the HX stomp (sound-wise). In fact, it's perfect if you want to do some gain staging (which is my prefered method) cause you've got 2 pedals in here plus what you add in the Stomp... I made quite a lot of changes in my board, but the sunset is still there and i don't plan to change it soon. If you chase versatility (and gain staging), you may also consider Chase Bliss Brothers (more on Fuzz). I'm not really convinced though i love what they do : more complicated, and i prefer the Sunset sounds (as i don't use fuzz often, i do it with the stomp). Also, the Boss OD-200 (even more versatile, and once again mùy personnaltaste goes to Sunset). For a cheaper price the L.A Lady (Source Audio) might be a great choice.
  2. Thanks for posting pics of your pedal board. Mine is nearly finished but borrowed your setup ideas and tracked down cables like the ones you used. 


  3. So today i tried to plug the stomp on one Ojai output only (the other 4 outputs being plugged to low demanding things). Apparently it works fine this way. Do you think it's fine phil_m ? No bad surprises ahead ?
  4. The total weight is around 6kg (Helix one was 12,5kg), and the size is way better for travelling, so now i think my Helix will stay at home for recordings and the HX Stomp board will travel with me ;) Of course this is a crazy project. The Helix alone is capable of doing all of this for maybe half the price, but this was not my point here. I’ll be happy to answer your questions if you’ve got a similar project.
  5. So the chain is like this : Guitar>G10>Buffer>Pitchfork>H9 Pre>Sunset>H9 Post>HX Stomp>Nemesis>Ventris>Out Initially i planned to use the HX loop somewhere, but it’s one block less and i found it noisy anyway… Everything (except the Pitchfork) is commanded by a Morningstar MC6 Mk2. You can select a preset (switching all the pedals like you want them) and the go directly to a page with all the controls for that given preset (snapshots, effects, link to another preset). Up to 16 messages per button, so you can just control everything. The Pichtfork (despite being a great pedal) is out of my « MIDI reach », and i plan to replace it with the upcoming C4 from Source Audio if it sounds well (which is probably the case). Or maybe i’ll go the Arduino way, but that’s a different story. The Strymon Sunset is now MIDI, and it’s a great deal since i can have different OD’s according to my snapshots. Wonderful OD’s The Source Audio pedals are connected to the Neuro Hub (under the board). The H9 is the « all around » thing. To be honest i would have prefer to integrate the Strymon Möbius, but as the plan was to keep things compact, i choose the Eventide option. All of this is (perfectly) powered by 2 linked Strymon Ojai. These things are small, not noisy and really convenient for smaller boards. For the G10 (which is 5V) i use a 5v>9v converter. I spent a lot of time choosing the perfect board, cause i don’t like to have gaps between pedals. So i made a lot of tests with Photoshop, testing the different sizes and pedal orientation. In the end, i found the Rockboard Tres, which is perfect for my needs. Built like a tank, really convenient, and you can add a module (3 different models) for power plug, expression pedals and audio outs. There are a lot of flat cables, to save space. The midi flat cables are done by Rockboard and the audio cables by EBS. As you can imagine, it’s pretty crowded under the board (37 cables) but here’s the result :
  6. Hi guys, Just wanted to share you my new board, based on the HX Stomp. Used to have an Helix, and it is a fantastic machine, but the HX Stomp made me want to create something new, lighter, compact and maybe even more powerful. Actually, i saw the main drawback of the stomp (only 6 blocks and limited DSP power) as an advantage (or maybe an excuse). I love pedals, and this was an opportunity to build something new with the Stomp in the center and great stuff all around. Here’s the result :
  7. I use Morningstar MC6. Small form factor, nice screen, powerful (up 16 messages sent per button). You program it with a web app. Definitely recommended...
  8. Interesting, thanks. I thought the 5 outs were isolated.
  9. The weight of my board is 12,5kg. Just add the weight of the case (10,2kg). Pretty heavy ;)
  10. I power my HX stomp with two outputs of the Ojai, so i guess the power usage is a bit under 1A.
  11. That said, with the MC6 you can probably "mimic" more snapshots. With one single press you can send up to 16 midi CCs. Enough to control 16 different parameters on the HX stomp, and so create a "fake snapshot"...
  12. Sorry for the delay. No idea, cause 'ive got a gigbag, but it's really enough this way...
  13. 1) Don' t know but quite heavy. That's the reason why I'm trying this HX stomp board now. The board itself is not heavy but the helix is. 2) EBS flat patch cables (gold). And for midi I can't recall. 3) line 6 relay G10. Wireless solution.
  14. I made this some time ago with a temple Audio Board (perfect fit for the Helix). Now i'm working on a more portable solution, with the HX stomp and a few pedals.
  15. At home, i have a small acus one 8 amp. Great little amp, 200W, lightweight, really flat (image below). For stage and rehearsals i use two Friedman ASM-12 (usually only one for rehearsals) : it's quite expensive (but less than an amp anyway), really heavy, but it has this amp in the room feel that i love (or just in my head cause it's written Friedman on it ;) Before the Friedman i used some Atomic CLR, but the sound was too clear and clinical IMHO. Friedman are darker for sure but that's something you can handle easily with EQ....
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