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  1. He was an absolute beast.
  2. You shouldn't have to register any IRs.
  3. I use Soundcoud, but its a pain in the a ss to navigate IMO.
  4. Your preset sounds good to me. Everything always sounds harsher to me in headphones. I leaned early on with the Helix to NOT create or edit presets with headphones, because they never sound right when I go back to using speakers. For me, anyway. For headphone use, on your amp model, turn down the treble and presence, and turn up the bass. A little goes a long way. This will sound better in your phones, but will sound too dark when you go back to speakers. IME anyway. Good luck.
  5. I just like when they add new models. It's fun to hear what these amps (that I will probably never be able to play with in real life) sound like. Then, after a couple days, the shininess usually wears off and I go back to the Freidman or the Litigator or the Epic. I will say, however, that the second Rev model they released in v2.9 (can't remember if Red or Purple) has pretty much replaced my Badonk when I want that type of distortion.
  6. I was initially bemused when I realized my new Helix didn't have an aux input. The reality is, however, the Helix is configured perfectly for my workflow. I realize not everyone would want my particular practice setup, but I run my Helix directly to my PC via USB, where I can sit in front of stereo monitors (decent computer speakers work just fine, too) and learn new material on guitar. I can jamb along to backing tracks on YouTube, learn songs and solos with slow-down software (Transcribe), or just noodle. I have a tiny amp and the Boss Waza headphones I got for Christmas last year if I want to play while watching TV. I wouldn't trade my Helix setup for anything, despite no aux input.
  7. Just engage the volume pedal... the sound should kick in. Then save the preset or it will happen every time you open it. Hope this helps.
  8. Call customer service when they open. They will get you right.
  9. Rocco_Crocco

    rate my tones

    Love the tone! That's really the only "type" of fuzz sound I like.
  10. Having a hard time getting this to embed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=088Yc7V_6T0
  11. This video highlights five great presets from Line 6's preset sharing website -- CustomTone. These are my favorite presets for the week of May 10th. Each preset is demonstrated on its own, as well as in a full band mix. Backing tracks have had the guitars removed. Some slight EQ changes may be necessary to help the guitar sit in the mix of a full band.
  12. Call or email them and open a ticket and they will tell you if they are accepting repairs.
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