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  1. Rocco_Crocco

    Guitar input pad - does you or doesn't you?

    I only turn it on for EMGs, and I am not convinced I even need it in this case. For everything else, including fairly hot pickups like a Super Distortion or a Duncan JB, it's off.
  2. Rocco_Crocco

    Helix vs AXFX 3, seriously...

    I think my Helix sounds fine... Helix Sabbath
  3. Rocco_Crocco

    Line 6 should recieve an award....

    Yep I like the Badonk for metal, too.
  4. Rocco_Crocco

    Any fans of the 'Triangle Fuzz' AKA BIG MUFF in HELIX?

    Op what was the input impedance set to? If you put that Triangle Fuzz in the chain first, it likes to see a lower impedence.
  5. Rocco_Crocco

    New To Helix and Looking for a good power cab to compliment.

    Do you use this in a live setting? Do you mic the Bandit or go direct from Helix to PA?
  6. Rocco_Crocco

    Really, really muddy sound

    Post a muddy preset here and people can download it and check.
  7. Rocco_Crocco

    Helix as an amp for real guitar cab - it works!

    How'd you hook it up? Stereo 1/4" cable mono or stereo??
  8. Rocco_Crocco

    Helix Cheat Sheet for Patch Creation

    Printed! Thanks for posting... its a nice thing to have handy on a single page.
  9. Rocco_Crocco

    Just ordered myself a Helix!

    Watch Jason Sadites "Dialing in" series on YouTube. And Congrats!!!
  10. Rocco_Crocco

    Line 6 Warranty (Stolen)

    Get lost, creep. Nobody is buying your scam BS here. First post and you link a gofundme? Ha! try harder. Looks like you're the prick. Oh, and happy holidays to you, too.
  11. Rocco_Crocco

    Serious issue after firmware update 2.7 not completed

    Contact Line 6 support. One way or another they will get you up and running.
  12. Rocco_Crocco

    HX Stomp: Are 6 blocks enough? Not really

    I've been wondering if it would eventually be possible to change the effect/amp block to a different effect/amp via snapshots within a single preset. Your chorus could change to a univibe with the press of a button. This would make the 6 block limit more palletable to some of those who would prefer more.
  13. Rocco_Crocco

    Any idea what we can expect in the next update? 2.65 or 2.70?

    If you follow the pinned "update" thread, you'll get an email when the new firmware drops.