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  1. I tried Google. I could only find a deleted PDF from 2016, posted on this forum by Line6Tony.
  2. I was a bit dissapointed about it at first. I have all these Freman IRs that really sounded great that I couldn't load into the PC. I actually found some other IRs that work really well with the Powercab, so its all good.
  3. It doesn't work. The exported IR is probably the original file non-truncated.
  4. ALSO.... make sure the sound of your guitar being played acoustically isn't clashing with the amplified pitch shifted note.... it will cause a warbling effect.
  5. Digitech Drop pedal works very well for the application you need. I used on for years in my old band. Much better than the shifters in Helix. There are some used ones listed on Reverb.com for $130. https://digitech.com/en/products/the-drop
  6. Regarding the bad distortion sounds... Should be obvious but just want to double check that you have a speaker cab block or IR block in your chain. If there is no speaker block or it's turned off, you'll get a nice dose of unpleasantness, which sounds like what you are describing.
  7. The Drop pedal sounds much better for drop tunings than Helix.
  8. When I was gigging with Helix, any gig that was more than 10 minutes from my house, I'd throw an amp in the car just in case the Helix failed. Never did need it, though.
  9. 48kHz, 24-bit, mono, 2048 samples... that's the only type of IRs it will take. I have loaded Ownhammer, 3Sigma, Celestion and ML Sound Lab IRs into Powercab + without any problems. Those companies provide different folders with different sample rates and bit-rates. Just pick 48k, 24-bit. I had problems loading the Allure IRs I downloaded for line 6 as well. Weird. I know.
  10. I turned down the gain on the distortion and turned up the gain on the fuzz. It sounded a little closer. OP you really should post what kind of guitar/pickups you're using. That info is needed to get the gain right. . I used a Strat with fairly high output single coils to get the sound. Satisfaction V2.hlx
  11. Guys, there were plenty of people who's update froze for a long time at the Warning Stage (can't remember what the exact error message was, but you know what I am talking about). Most of these people followed the instructions correctly. Mine was FUBAR and froze up for about an hour. Someone on this here forum had the same problem, offered a solution that worked for him, and it worked quickly for most everyone who tried it after that. Just want to be the voice from the other side. Not all issues were user error.
  12. I downloaded and played your preset yesterday. It sounds KILLER. I saved it to my Helix. I did have to change a setting in the output section of Helix. The way it was the Powercab wouldn't switch to LF Raw on it's own. I changed the setting from "Global" to "Preset", and that did the trick. So not only did I get a cool preset, but you also helped me to figure out how to link the PC and helix with the L6 Link.
  13. I just threw together a Tube screamer into a 2204 with the stock cab and all stock settings. sounds close enough to me for a start. using a Les Paul with DiMarzio Super Distortion.
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