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  1. If you tried all those things and it still doesn't sound good enough than I am not sure anything will work for you.
  2. Make sure the "output" parameter is set to "mute" while on the tuner screen.
  3. I just got it working. Set buffer to 64 to get latency low enough to not be too annoying. Its "OK" enough latency-wise to make IRs.
  4. I didn't know you could use Mikko as a standalone with Helix hardware. I need to figure out how to set this up in Windows.
  5. Not sure how experienced a player you are, OP. How's your playing technique? Have you ever been able to get Strat tones out of any guitar/amp/mulit-fx combo?
  6. Next time try the Bodonk, too. Her's my ratings... a lot of quality tones to pick from. The Friedman, Archon, 5150 and Revv all sounded very good. I would rate them the same quality-wise. Not a fan of the Mesa. The Soldano was nice but not as good as the other very good ones. Of course this is all subjective. YMMV.
  7. I tried Google. I could only find a deleted PDF from 2016, posted on this forum by Line6Tony.
  8. I was a bit dissapointed about it at first. I have all these Freman IRs that really sounded great that I couldn't load into the PC. I actually found some other IRs that work really well with the Powercab, so its all good.
  9. It doesn't work. The exported IR is probably the original file non-truncated.
  10. ALSO.... make sure the sound of your guitar being played acoustically isn't clashing with the amplified pitch shifted note.... it will cause a warbling effect.
  11. Digitech Drop pedal works very well for the application you need. I used on for years in my old band. Much better than the shifters in Helix. There are some used ones listed on Reverb.com for $130. https://digitech.com/en/products/the-drop
  12. Regarding the bad distortion sounds... Should be obvious but just want to double check that you have a speaker cab block or IR block in your chain. If there is no speaker block or it's turned off, you'll get a nice dose of unpleasantness, which sounds like what you are describing.
  13. The Drop pedal sounds much better for drop tunings than Helix.
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