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  1. Rocco_Crocco

    Please share your favorite Helix YouTube channels

    Jason Sadites, Helix Hour. They're the only ones I know of.
  2. Rocco_Crocco

    EMG pickups with helix ?

    I would turn the input pad on in Global Settings
  3. Rocco_Crocco

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    Which is worse? The people complaining about the delayed release of 2.8 or the people complaining about those people?
  4. Rocco_Crocco


    Reaper is a free DAW and is probably the best choice for Windows. For Apple I have no idea... probably Garage Band? Your Helix would me you interface so just connect it too your computer.
  5. Rocco_Crocco

    Guitar input pad - does you or doesn't you?

    Always off unless I am using my one guitar with Hetfield EMGs. I used to keep it on for all humbuckers. To be honest, I really can't tell the difference, except with the EMGs.
  6. Rocco_Crocco

    Ernie Ball

    You have to create a volume block in your signal chain and assign that block to be controlled by exp 2. Same with a wah... place the wah block in the signal chain and assign it to be controlled by exp 2.
  7. Rocco_Crocco

    Ear Pain after switching to Digital

    That room looks awesome!
  8. Rocco_Crocco

    Ear Pain after switching to Digital

    @xmacvicar your L3m's will crush it in a band situation. You already have that part handled.
  9. Rocco_Crocco

    Ear Pain after switching to Digital

    Those Yamahas will sound great, but you can't really compare them to a Powercab. The Yamaha's are really designed for low volume listening, and the Powercab is more akin to the big pair of speakers you already have. Before you spend money on studio monitors, I would do some research as to what studio monitors actually do, and what they excel at. You also should determine what size you need (8" may be too big depending on where you will be putting them and how much space you have. You will need some kind of stand or at least isolation foam for them if you plan on using them at your computer desk like most of us do.
  10. Rocco_Crocco

    Ear Pain after switching to Digital

    Have not had this issue. Real amps sound uninspiring at low volume, too. I practice through studio monitors sitting a couple feet away at low volume and it sounds great. The L3Ms need to move air to sound good. Maybe you need small monitors.
  11. Rocco_Crocco

    Revv Generator 120 in 2.8

    That dude can play!
  12. Rocco_Crocco

    Looking for a cheap tablet to run the Firehawk App

    @Kilrahi Thanks!. I am I was thinking sub $50... I am a cheap b@stard! I wonder if anyone is using a Kindle Fire? My wife has one I will try it and see. Turns out they're only $50.
  13. My iPhone is really too small to be using at rehearsal and gigs. I'm looking for a cheap tablet, that is glitch free to run the app. Anyone have any recommendations they can give me based on personal experience?
  14. Rocco_Crocco

    Firehawk 1500 remote App- solved for iPad 2!!!

    All I know is the app was super glitchy on my old Android phone. Pretty annoying and frustrating. I got an iPhone a few months back and finally got around to installing the app on that, and it works flawlessly.
  15. Rocco_Crocco

    Any indication on the status of the spring 2019 update

    Mick Mars!