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  1. There's not a lot of details in there as to exactly WHAT the differences are. That's the first place I looked. I wish I could remember which iteration specifically talked about a Goldtop. I'm guessing it was a previous firmware version, or maybe one of my previous Variaxes (original, and then later 700).
  2. I guess I meant from a more objective/technical perspective. Like "Oh well the Special used a different wood from the standard" or such. Just trying to figure out the differences not from a subjective sonic viewpoint but an objective technical perspective. Like Is Lester 2 basically the SAME guitar as Lester 1 but with different pickups or is it a different guitar? I know at one point in Variax software there was a goldtop but I don't see that mentioned in the manual any more.
  3. So Lester 2 and 4 positions are a Les Paul Standard with P-90s while Special 1,3,5 is a Les Paul Special with P-90s, correct? IS there really any appreciable difference between these models?
  4. I might just go ahead and order some D'Addario auto trim tuners as well as long as I'm "upgrading." At least then I know the specs.
  5. I've just spec'd out an AWESOME Warmoth replacement neck but my Googling has not yet been able to tell me the correct "Tuner Hole Size" for my JTV-69. Does anyone here have the answer handy? Thanks!
  6. EXACTLY! I was convinced it had to be a Helix XLR issue until I realized it ONLY happened on my audio interface, but it's totally baffling as to WHY it would always be the Helix's right XLR regardless of which input on the interface it's hooked up to. I cannot for the life of me figure out the logic there.
  7. So here's a weird problem I can't figure out. When I have both XLR outputs of my Helix hooked up to my Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 interface, the right XLR from the Helix is significantly louder and also has a hiss. If I turn the Helix off the hiss gets worse and is even there if I unplug the unit. If I plug the Helix XLRs into my in-ears transmitter, all seems fine so it seems like it's just the audio interface. But the weird part to me is that it's always the Helix's right XLR that does this whether it's plugged into input 1 or input 2 of the interface, so it's not something wrong with one of the inputs. I've swapped cables as well. I've turned phantom power off on the interface. This one is truly baffling me.
  8. I know this is an old thread but I'm trying to have one installed on my JTV-69 and I got the exact one linked above (the Fender two-piece retrofit) and my luthier says it won't work. The bottom piece is curved and my slot is flat so the bottom piece already sits below the fretboard instead of flush. Hopefully the one-piece shelf style might work?
  9. Well damn. My luthier says that nut won't work because it's curved and the slot is flat and it's already flush so he can't file the bottom down. I wonder if I need a different model of Earvana. He seems to think I need one of the one-piece models.
  10. Wait, what? All the JTV-69 specs I've ever seen all say 12" radius.
  11. I'm guessing the Fender Retrofit 1 5/8" 12 radius?
  12. Does anyone know which Earvana nut I would use on a JTV-69?
  13. What if you are running two parallel paths in the Helix? I'm guessing the impedance would be set by the first block on path 1?
  14. And thanks for the extremely detailed lesson, Qwerty. It feels so weird to be 37 years into a guitar career and somehow not knowing this stuff. I've never been a vintage gearhead, or even really that much of a pedal freak so I just never had to deal with any super drastic effects like that.
  15. BTW, I edited my original post once I realized why I had only *just* encountered this problem.
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