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  1. Nos402

    Best single all-purpose amp model?

    This is so cool and interesting! I will definitely have to check these out in more details. I think I probably would have went with Vox AC-30TB or Plexi 100!
  2. Nos402

    Best single all-purpose amp model?

    1. If you were going to just pick one all-purpose amp model to cover the widest variety what would it be? 2. Now you can add one effects set up as well (meaning anything in the Helix). What’s your rig?
  3. I often want to use just a single effect from Helix (such as just an EQ or Reverb on a non-guitar track or such). I know that in the past, Pod Farm has it's "elements" separated into single plugins (though strange no EQ element on its own). I'm just wondering if this is a viable use. In other words, if I load up Helix Native in my DAW and only have an EQ in the chain, is that a comparable processor load as just using a dedicated EQ only plugin?
  4. Nos402

    2.8 update stuck in 'boot failure, entered update mode'

    I was stuck at the error screen as well and the only thing that got me unstuck was UNINSTALLING HX Edit, and then reinstalling it, then opening updater and it saw my Helix again to re-update.
  5. NM, I realize now that the "hole" on top is the actual post adjustment itself. I think I got it figured out.
  6. I've read a few other posts on this but one thing that's never mentioned: Do I have to take the bridge OFF the adjustment posts to adjust them? I can loosen the set screw on the back of the bridge, but then the largest wrench I can fit through the hole in the TOP of the bridge over the adjustment pole still seems to be too small to actually adjust the pole. So do I have to take the bridge OFF to get access to the height adjustment pole?
  7. Nos402

    A cheat sheet on amps and effects...

    Thanks so much for this! And whoever made the helixhelp website as well. Very cool resources. I really miss the detailed descriptions Line 6 used to include about models, what controls were on the actual amp, some famous examples of amps and effects and more detailed descriptions of controls. I feel like now it's just sort of "Here's a bunch of awesome digital models...figure it all out yourself." A lot of the effects are not very intuitive, especially if you're a pretty simple player like me who mostly like to grab and go and not spend hours tweaking every little parameter if I don't have to!
  8. Nos402

    Ultimate "All Purpose Patch" Suggestions

    Hot damn, I love the incredible versatility of snapshots. I've started using them a lot.
  9. With several of my bands, I create a patch for each song but with some others, I generally "fly by the seat of my pants" selecting guitar and amp on the fly as appropriate. For these gigs I like to have "Master All Purpose" setlist which is a static, "default" chain of effects and I just copy that patch and sub in every different amp model in its own patch. So it's essentially like having one master effects chain set up in with every different amp model. What would be your suggested "All Purpose Chain," as in effects and their order, pre/post amp?
  10. Nos402

    Setting input levels

    My total guess as to a good way to do this would be to set the input level of Native based on your hottest guitar (for me, probably the Lester setting in my Variax). Set that to be within the "optimal range" while also using your ears (and your DAW to record samples) to make sure it sounds approximately the same as it does when plugged into your Helix. Then once you've set it for your hottest guitar, just leave it alone and all the rest *should* have the same relative differences. I think. This is all just theoretical.
  11. Nos402

    Setting input levels

    No idea how I missed that! Unless it was just posted! Thanks!
  12. Nos402

    Setting input levels

    Oh! I looked for a manual but didn't see one. I'll look again.
  13. Nos402

    Setting input levels

    Yeah, but then doesn't that negate the characteristics of the guitar output itself? Like for example: normally, a strat isn't going to drive an amp as much as a Les Paul, but if both are recorded with the same input level, then doesn't that normalize the level hitting the preamp and so effectively makes the Strat and Les Paul effectively have the same output?
  14. Nos402

    Setting input levels

    One thing I've never quite known how to with these types of plugins (Pod Farm, Helix Native) is how to set the input levels. Like when you plug a guitar into an amp (or the helix) the input level just is what it is. A Les Paul is hotter than a Strat, etc. So when using these plugins, I plug my guitar into my audio interface, but how do I know what the "correct" input level is?
  15. I'm curious as to why the AC-30TB seems different from my Helix. Is it a different model? I seem to get way more gain from the Helix AC-30TB model.