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  1. This is great! Thanks for producing this, guys.
  2. I have a feeling once you see how Helix can handle sends and outputs, you won't want that feature anymore. I've used two different methods, bypassing the cab models and also running a send in between my amp model and my cab output (so the PA sees my cab-modeled version but my onstage rig sees just the preamp part and sends it to power amp and cab). It's infinitely better, in my opinion, and gives you so much more flexibility to have a thoroughly consistent sound through the FOH while being able to tweak what you have on stage to make it sound just right for performance. Good luck! Tripper
  3. Thanks for the suggestions, all. I will check on that when I next have an opportunity. :) Tripper
  4. It does help a little to boost it up, but it still sounds sort of flat and without detail to me. My Variaxes (original, 300, and JTV69) have never sounded quite right with the VDI, but I don't think they're slamming the input the way the Bass 705 does. I wonder if there's something in the settings of the 705 that I could change to lower its overall output level so I don't have to fix it in the Helix. I've never had this problem with my X3 Live or my HD500 when running this particular instrument, so it was a major shock when everything sounded like complete lollipop with Helix through the VDI. I mean, the patch I created to test it was literally just an amp and cab block (I tried many and they all distort with the VB 705 - like it's clipping out before that block). Tripper
  5. I have to turn it down a LOT for it to clean up, but no.
  6. When I plug my Variax Bass 705 to my Helix via the VDI, it distorts the input horribly. Turning on the guitar pad obviously does nothing, since that affects the analog guitar input, so I used a gain block to bring down the level, but the only way I could get it to stop distorting on the louder models on the 705 was to drop my input level by 18dB, which is crazy. And it sounds sort of weak and flat. Is that gain block trick my only recourse for making this bass work with my Helix? I even tried it through the 1/4" output with the guitar pad engaged and still had to keep the gain block on there set to at least -12db to use the MANTA model. I guess I could try the Aux input maybe, but I'd really rather use the VDI if there's a better solution than the gain block. Any and all help is much appreciated! Tripper
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