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  1. Not at all..please note that the FIRST response, from that poster, was an attack on either my intelligence or ability to responded in kind..end of story.
  2. No that was my response to someone who needed to take a cheap shot at me. Don't talk to me like I'm an idiot and I won't reply like that. Forgive the hell out of me for not knowing this piece of gear inside and out prior to ever seeing one.
  3. Like i said...SINCE I WAS GOING TO HAVE TO GO ONLINE ANY DAMNED WAY>>>WHY NOT COME HERE?> How about not being an a$$hole?
  4. Shame mine shipped with no manual in if I'm going on line to research it, makes sense to come here.
  5. I've attemted a few things. Attach a switch to Master in the amp...even a 4db shift offers little difference and in some cases, the amp block just goes dark when I press the button. Add a volume block, call it gain, at the end of the signal chain...Nope...that didn't seem to want to work well either..lost all the tone. So...I know it can be done... (Pretty sure when I get more money, I'm going to the Racked version..has a few bells and whistles I miss from Fractal..)
  6. Y connector, BLACK end (isn't that sheild? or Sleeve?) attached to Helix and it works great..thanks
  7. THanks...will try that. The Legacy Talk box runs off an LFO and not controlled in any way useful by pedal.
  8. LOL Well, I alread ordered the Breakout Y connectors. so, same same but will work. It never ends no matter who the maker is. Fractal has proprietary plugs. Helix has proprietary plugs or jacks. Just stupid...Cuz everyone knows a LIGHTNING connector is far better than a
  9. Cutting the blue wire didn't seem to do the trick....Just ordered three of the Y cables.
  10. it's doing the 0-100-0 thing on both TRS and TS
  11. so it would appear that now I need to sell the MFC 101 Mk III, and the two Fractal Pedals as well as the EV1 that isn't LINE 6 (Both exhibit the same behavior) Since it also seems I have to get Mission pedals made FOR HELIX?
  12. the Manual leaves a LOT to be desired. Perhhaps it's in there and I just can't find it. But, in the verison I have (my unit came with no manual so I had to get it online...I assume the one for Helix 3 is the right one? No info on expression pedals as far as calibrating them....the current volume pedal, attached to Exp 2...MIDWAY is 100%...Toe down..0 Toe up 0....50% is 100%...and I can find NOTHING in this manual for it.
  13. Preset choices maybe? So far, I've not had to tweak output volumes anywhere NEAR the degree to which is was a never ending nightmare with the Ultra
  14. 1. I opted to make this number one because it was a constant source of irritation with the Axe. NO TWO PRESETS HAVE THE SAME VOLUME LEVELS ON AN AXE..and in some cases, there is NO OUTPUT at all until you readjust or shut off the compressor. I would spend an hour creating a preset and four hours trying to accurately match the volume levels to the other presets. EVERYTHING comes out at the same relative volume on the Helix. 2. Some of the amp models exceed the Ultra in that they already have an amazing sound and I don't have to tweak. 3. I do MISS the Formant Filter..which emulates a talk box by creating a group of vowel sounds rather than Wah sounds. Haven't seen one in here yet..may be called something else though. Still poking I don't have the full lay of the DSP landscape yet. 4. Much less Labor intense to create, edit, move etc...a preset
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