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  1. They added the capability to access Workbench through Helix a few updates ago. VDI cable and Helix and you are good to go.
  2. I thought I read that the octave control was producing an octave below rather than an octave above. Looks like its working as it should. Thanks for clearing this up.
  3. The octave knob just seems to add more fuzz to the guitar sound. Isn't this supposed to add an octave down to the guitar signal? Also, the filter knob does nothing. I think these are bugs.
  4. When I was gigging, I would boost the level slider on the output block. Usually, I would boost 3-5 dBs. Using the Master slider on the amp block will add distortion and may not add much to the overall level. If I'm playing high gain stuff, I also turn the gain down when I am boosting the overall output.
  5. Amp was dropped off at an authorized repair center last week. Repair tech called me to tell me it is finished. The new power tubes have been biased correctly. He told me the amp was biased very high at around 43mv when he got it. After replacing the power tubes, the bias is now at 32.2 mv. Also, one of the preamp tubes was not working right so that was also replaced. I will pick up the amp on Thursday and am confident it will sound great.
  6. If you still have your amp, you can get a tranny here. Mercury Magnetics Transformers
  7. Thanks. I think I will order a matched quad set of powertubes so I only have to get it biased once. Again, though, I am not talking about noise. It's treble freqs in the guitar sound.
  8. To clarify... I am not talking about noise. I am taking about excessive high end (fizz) in the guitar signal. My original post gives details. This amp is not particularly noisy. To answer your questions: I am using a Line 6 Link cable. I just bought the amp. The previous owner says he never changed the tubes. The preamp tubes are EH with "made in russia" stamped on them. I cannot see the power tubes through the cage well enough to see a brand, but there appears to be a green stamp of some sort on them. As far as topology, the TIGHT (1) setting seems to be an improvement over the other three, which all have excessive treble. Class a and ab, and pentode/triode all have the issue.
  9. I just bought a DT50 112. I am noticing some serious fizz when using the amp with Helix (I am using L6 Link). Right now, I have the PV Panama preamp running into the DT.... fizz city. I would have thought a guitar speaker would remove most of the unwanted high end, but it doesn't. If I place a Hi/Low cut EQ block and set the Hi cut to even as high as 15k, it still makes a big difference in eliminating the fizz. That's a pretty high setting, so there is a lot of very high frequency information coming from the amp. Similar issue with most of the preamps and even full amp models I have tried. At first, I thought the stock L6/Celestion speaker was the issue, but if I use the built-in DT preamps, there is no fizz... the amp sounds as expected. I don't mind including a high cut in my Helix chain, but this doesn't seem like normal operation for a combo amp with a guitar speaker. Anyone else notice this? I tried a Google search, but I am not coming up with much.
  10. try lowering the pickups.
  11. Les Paul Standard has a mahogany body with a maple cap. The Special is just mahogany.
  12. You shouldn't have to register any IRs.
  13. I use Soundcoud, but its a pain in the a ss to navigate IMO.
  14. Your preset sounds good to me. Everything always sounds harsher to me in headphones. I leaned early on with the Helix to NOT create or edit presets with headphones, because they never sound right when I go back to using speakers. For me, anyway. For headphone use, on your amp model, turn down the treble and presence, and turn up the bass. A little goes a long way. This will sound better in your phones, but will sound too dark when you go back to speakers. IME anyway. Good luck.
  15. I just like when they add new models. It's fun to hear what these amps (that I will probably never be able to play with in real life) sound like. Then, after a couple days, the shininess usually wears off and I go back to the Freidman or the Litigator or the Epic. I will say, however, that the second Rev model they released in v2.9 (can't remember if Red or Purple) has pretty much replaced my Badonk when I want that type of distortion.
  16. I was initially bemused when I realized my new Helix didn't have an aux input. The reality is, however, the Helix is configured perfectly for my workflow. I realize not everyone would want my particular practice setup, but I run my Helix directly to my PC via USB, where I can sit in front of stereo monitors (decent computer speakers work just fine, too) and learn new material on guitar. I can jamb along to backing tracks on YouTube, learn songs and solos with slow-down software (Transcribe), or just noodle. I have a tiny amp and the Boss Waza headphones I got for Christmas last year if I want to play while watching TV. I wouldn't trade my Helix setup for anything, despite no aux input.
  17. Just engage the volume pedal... the sound should kick in. Then save the preset or it will happen every time you open it. Hope this helps.
  18. Call customer service when they open. They will get you right.
  19. Love the tone! That's really the only "type" of fuzz sound I like.
  20. Having a hard time getting this to embed.
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