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  1. Awesome! Got it. Thank you very much :-D
  2. Thanks for the replies! So, to get it right, the right approach would be to set the volume knob to only control either 1/4" or XLR, then have one output set to line level for your FR and the other to mic level for the mixer, right? Is there any benefit on sending XLR or 1/4" to the mixing board? I was a bit worried about directly connecting the Helix to the mixing board and not going through the FR, as the FR would play all frequencies unlike other monitors. Glad to see it's not that important :) PS: I marked the topic to notify replies but I got no email, and I got them before the forum update. It's this happening to anyone else?
  3. I recently switched from using a Fender amp to using a Headrush FR108 and I've been so happy in the rehearsals, but I played live for the first time with this setup last week and I'm unsure whether I used it properly. I connected the Headrush output to the club's PA, and I was told the output was way too loud (it was clipping with very little volume on its channel). I tried turning down the Headrush volume (it was at 50%, went down to 25%) and, while it stopped clipping, the Headrush was barely audible as a stage monitor. We didn't have much time to try other things, as other bands had to do the soundcheck, so I have this doubt: should I have just connected the Helix XLR output to the PA? I think volume would have been more controllable, but I would have lost the "full range flat response thing". Still, would it have been noticeable enough? Currently I'm thinking that for next gig I would keep the Headrush at home and just rely on the PA for monitoring. Do you think it's a good idea? How do you use Helix+FRFR monitor when playing live?
  4. I wanted to thank Line6 AGAIN for the new "HX Snapshot command per snapshot" addition in 3.15. It has improved my performance A LOT :D I usually have 8 snapshots per preset, and many times I was struggling to press one of the four top footswitches while singing and playing. Now, being able to only use the four bottom footswitches (init state, next snapshot, and the other two for optional alternate paths), I can focus on playing and singing, and the last few rehearsals have turned out awesome thanks to that. It might sound like not a big deal, but it's a big relief for me XD I was crazy in love with the new shimmer, but this new snapshot navigation mode is probably the most appreciated addition in Helix since I got mine 2 years ago. Here's hoping for a polytune and some poly synth effects in a future update, as I don't think I "need" anything else from my Helix right now ^_^
  5. Fixed. The problem was that I cloned the setlist on another computer with HX edit 3.11 and not 3.15. I updated and exported/imported, and all went fine.
  6. Thanks. Yes, I did the backup->update->factory reset->restore->turn off and on again to rebuild the 1024 presets. Then I programmed all those "change snapshot" commands, exported the setlist, imported on another setlist, and it didn't work fine there (it was still working fine in the original one). A strange thing I noticed is that after importing the setlist, when I turned the Helix LT off and on again, the rebuild presets process occurred again. Not sure if it's something normal after importing setlists, as I hadn't done it yet.
  7. The new "change snapshot" command seems to have a problem. I have a setlist with 10 songs programmed with the new "change snapshot" command. This works alright. Now, I exported that setlist and imported it onto another setlist (I want to have a clone for tweaking stuff while having the original intact), and on that new imported setlist the "change snapshot" command doesn't work 100%. When I press a FS to change to another snapshot, it does change (I can see it in the top right corner) but it doesn't update the screen with what the footswitches are supposed to do. Has anyone experienced this?
  8. I think I read here or in TGP something like "new products make it possible to develop new updates", and that somehow the HX stomp XL "paid" for the poly update or something like that. Therefore, I wonder what these catalyst amps will pay for! XD
  9. I just wanted to say THANK YOU! To Line6 for the new snapshot commands in 3.15. This is really convenient when singing and/or playing complex stuff. Now, if it was possible to make more snapshots it would be just perfect :D
  10. You need to leave the hardware dropdown blank. Only choose software and OS, and it will appear. The same happened to me this morning :)
  11. To me this could be named the "Finally a true Shimmer!" update XD But of course there is more interesting stuff. I just happen to love shimmer and was waiting to have it in a single block instead of stacking two or three. The same goes for that Heliosphere delay+reverb. This simplifies many blocks I have in some of my presets. The "Per-Snapshot Command Center" looks interesting too, although a video tutorial would be appreciated. I recently uploaded to ideascale this "snapshot sequence" mode, and this looks like a primitive version I might use (once I undertand it XD)! Thanks Line6! I'm enjoying this one a lot.
  12. I just submitted this to IdeaScale: New mode - Snapshot sequence -> https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/New-mode-Snapshop-Sequence/1035758-23508?submitted=1 I currently create one preset per song on my setlists, and I usually have a couple of small problems with them: 1- Sometimes I need more than 8 snapshots because the song changes a lot (in that case I create a second preset with the needed extra snapshots). 2- While singing and playing a difficult guitar part, I often fail to press one of the top footswitches for the next snapshot. I try to solve that by putting the most difficult parts snapshots on the bottom row. My idea would be having more than 8 snapshot in the same preset (I think that would be possible, as snapshots are, I think, just a matter of enabling/disabling effects or setting different values to certain effects parameters; so having more than 8 shouldn't affect performance), and switch to next and previous by using two of the bottom footswitches (that would be heaven for me). I think I read that some people would like to have the bank up/down buttons as 2 extra snapshot footswitches, making a total of 10. My proposal is having "endless" snapshots (I could do with 20 max, if there had to be a limit), and switching to next and previous with two of the bottom footswitches, having them as a sequence like intro-verse1-verse 2-chorus-reintro-verse1-verse2-chorus2-bridge-solo-chorus3-outro (verse1 and 2 would have different effects, and so chorus 1, 2 and 3). Her's a mockup of what it could look like. The current snapshot would be in the center of the screen, and you could see the previous and next snapshot, and part of the 2 previous/next ones. The only disadvantage I can think of this approach is that creating a preset would be longer, but it wouldn't be longer than having to create two or three presets with the same total amount of snapshots. I might be missing something, but to me this would be a very convenient mode for live usage, and it would make the device even more powerful by increasing the number of snapshots. I get it wouldn't be for everyone, but the same happens with any other current mode. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. And of course, if you like it, I would appreciate if you upvoted it :)
  13. Man, u alright? :( I personally think it's good to comment that HX Native is a good solution for this case, not for you who want the other approach, but for newbies that might realize there's a plugin like HX Native. Have we reached the point that we can't say something is not quite a good idea? I mean, I wasn't aware of how useful native could be for me until I read a bit about it in other topics. But again, I'm not against Line6 developing what you want. It would affect none of us.
  14. Just in case, Helix Native has just started a 30% sale until 31st using the code LUCKY30 when purchasing :)
  15. I can definitely see the DSP advantage, but nothing else, and don't think the audience for this HX Edit Plugin would be very big (might be very wrong, of course), so I don't think it's becoming a priority for Line6. You can record 20 guitars, then once you've fine tuned all of them, just render/freeze track for the rest of the mix and DSP won't be a problem. Again, not trying to be bitter. I get that it would be useful for you (even though to me it would be worse spending time on reamping than applying the plugin and going a bit slower for a small amount of time, and also with the plus of fixing possible errors without having to record again), but I wouldn't hold my breath for it :( Hope you're lucky anyway! I mean, I wouldn't be harmed if this product existed XD
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