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  1. Oh that's awesome. Thanks for the news! I had heard the poly thing coming soon but never that loud clear :)
  2. Wait... Does this mean 3.0 will bring poly pitch shift? Or only that Line6 is still working on it?
  3. I hate when a solution is so evident and yet I can't find it xD Problem solved. Thank you very much!
  4. I'm using the Helix in snapshot/stomp mode, and when I want to change to another preset I have to first press one of the stomps at the left and then select the preset. I wonder if there's any setting to use these stomps at the left for going to next/previous preset in one press. I think I've checked all options in settings and I can't seem to find anything for that, so I thought I could ask before giving up.
  5. Totally, but I also like to know the theory, and also in this case, to manage my current presets while I save money for the FRFR. So glad that I recently got Helix Native, as I can experiment with the amps and cabs at home and then just export the changes to the LT ^_^
  6. I'm thinking about getting a headrush 108 frfr monitor, and I wonder if I should add amp and cab blocks, or just amp block, to my presets. I might have a hard time with some presets as they are already full of effects, but I guess I can split those in two presets.
  7. molul

    Headrush 108 or 112?

    Thank you very much! To clarify a bit, I'm aiming to having to carry less weight on future gigs. That's the main goal. I currently have a Fender hot rod deluxe (that I don't push further than 2'5 while rehearsing) and it's really heavy. The headrush solutions are appealing to me for being much more portable and for taking advantage of the amp emulation in the Helix. I want to go that route but I want to be sure I won't buy a useless device. And while money is not a problem, I also don't want to buy something really powerful that I won't actually fully use. Line6 Poweramp looks cool but I wonder if I need that much power. I would love to test whatever FRFR available, but guitar stores have almost disappeared in my city, and the few that are still open usually get these products on demand, and only if you really want to buy. So I guess I would only need to know which FRFR monitor is powerful enough for rehearsing in an alt-rock/prog-rock band (and I guess we make the usual noise in this genre). But I understand it's not really easy to answer :)
  8. molul

    Headrush 108 or 112?

    Ok, this might have been discussed a lot already, but I've visited like 50 different topics in different forums and can't find a clear answer, so I thought I would post it here. I play on an alt-rock band (a mix of Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Muse...). Drums, bass, keys, two guitars and vocals. Would either the headrush 108 or 112 be enough for rehearsing in a 20m² space? For live performance I'm less concerned, as I think I could just put a mic on the speaker or connect the output to the PA (please correct me if I'm wrong). I would like to get the 108 if it's enough, but if it wasn't, I can just get the 112. Thanksin advance :)
  9. I hadn't even thought on using it for vocals or keyboards. Will definitely do :)
  10. If anyone is interested, Helix Native can be purchased for $69 until Sunday if you're a Helix owner, if you enter the coupon SUMMER30. I was looking forward to getting it, and this price seems to be as low as it can get :) So cool that I can exchange presets between my Helix LT and Native. Now I think I can record guitars for my band's next stuff at home, saving time and money from going to any studio ^_^ One question: is there any useful stuff in Helix for bass guitar? Mostly bass amps, I guess. It would be cool being able to record guitars, keyboards and bass at home and only having to go to studio for drums and vocals :)
  11. True that, it's 2.82, not 2.88. Edited my posts to reflect that. I'm currently updating. Hope not to find anything weird :) Thank you everyone!
  12. Oh no, I meant if there is any major issue that could make me go back to 2.82, like the delay tap tempo in 2.90 and the tap tempo light not being synchronized with the tempo in 2.91.
  13. I mean, is there any important bug in latest build? Like that tap tempo problem, or some controls being very slow, etc. I would like to update this weekend, but after having downgrade from 2.90 and 2.91 to 2.82, I think I could ask first. Thanks in advance.
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