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  1. Man, u alright? :( I personally think it's good to comment that HX Native is a good solution for this case, not for you who want the other approach, but for newbies that might realize there's a plugin like HX Native. Have we reached the point that we can't say something is not quite a good idea? I mean, I wasn't aware of how useful native could be for me until I read a bit about it in other topics. But again, I'm not against Line6 developing what you want. It would affect none of us.
  2. Just in case, Helix Native has just started a 30% sale until 31st using the code LUCKY30 when purchasing :)
  3. I can definitely see the DSP advantage, but nothing else, and don't think the audience for this HX Edit Plugin would be very big (might be very wrong, of course), so I don't think it's becoming a priority for Line6. You can record 20 guitars, then once you've fine tuned all of them, just render/freeze track for the rest of the mix and DSP won't be a problem. Again, not trying to be bitter. I get that it would be useful for you (even though to me it would be worse spending time on reamping than applying the plugin and going a bit slower for a small amount of time, and also with the plus of fixing possible errors without having to record again), but I wouldn't hold my breath for it :( Hope you're lucky anyway! I mean, I wouldn't be harmed if this product existed XD
  4. Not to sound disrespectful, rizzy (I get what you'd like to do), but IMHO, the Helix Native plugin would be way more handy for what you want to achieve. You wouldn't need to reamp, just apply the plugin and automate whatever you want, press play and listen. And if you didn't like something, you can change whatever again and not having to record again thru the hardware (it would already be in the mix). Helix Native is a blessing for me. It's only $99 if you own a Helix device, and you can even grab it for less money if you wait for a sale. I think mine costed $60-something with the summer discount. Having the ability to create a preset on either my Helix LT or the Native plugin, and exporting/importing them when I'm sure it works as I want, is just too good. Also, if HX Edit was released as a plugin, I guess it would cost something. Not as much as Native, but I doubt it would be free if they have to program all the automation stuff. My honest advice: get Helix Native whenever possible. It's a great plugin for guitars and basses. And it should make things way easier than reamping through a Helix device.
  5. It would be funny if they released 3.1 on april 1st.
  6. Oh, I think I missed that. Was the St Patrick's date a hint about the amp color, or were you just joking? XD
  7. I thought this "colour" amp would be an Orange one.
  8. Nice! I wonder if the poly engine optimization will allow putting a poly capo, a revv gen red amp+cab and several other effects on the same preset on a Helix LT.
  9. Sh*t, I had been hype-clean for a couple months...
  10. Today was my first test with Helix+headrush fr108 and I'm way more than happy. Using the Revv Gen Red distortion instead of the Big muff pedal I had been using so far, and the Jazz Rivet 120 for clean tones, the whole band felt that it sounded more clear, leaving more space for bass, and there is more than enough power (I had the Helix at 1 o'clock, and the headrush at a little less than half to equal the rest of instruments). Having the option of connecting to PA is also a plus. Definitely worth it. Now I can get rid of my amp and have a minimal equipment for gigs that sounds even better!
  11. I'm moving to FRFR and amp emulation, and I was using Brit 2204 amp looking for some Smashing Pumpkins sound (not the typical Siamese Dream tone, more something like Mellon Collie or Zeitgeist). I read that Flood decided to go for amp distortion on Mellon Collie because, although he liked Butch Vig's work on Siamese Dream, he thought the band sounded better live (where they wouldn't use Big Muffs but only amp distortion), so I went for the Brit 2204, but I wasn't fully satisfied. Then I remembered Jeff Schroeder put a couple of presets on the latest update, so I gave them a try. I loved the RevGen Red sound! And also noticed he added a Jazz Rivet 120 for clean sounds. Using both amps on my presets forced me to optimize many effects, by using for instance a single Simple delay block and changing some of parameters with snapshots (didn't know this could be done until now) instead of having 2, 3 or even 4 Simple delay blocks with different settings. So I wanted to say thanks to Jeff. Not only I loved his amp choice (also discovered Line6 Elektrik for adding a bit of variety when recording two guitars) but it helped me learn more stuff about this great toy that is Helix LT.
  12. I have a Helix LT. My problem is that I have both paths full of effects on almost every patch (I create a patch per song, and each song has lots of different effects). My proposal is: let users add whatever effects they want to a patch, just don't let them enable all of them. Let users enable effects until dsp runs out. That way you could have two amps in the same patch, but you would only be able to enable one of them. Maybe, technologically, it's something imposible.
  13. https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Being-able-to-put-more-than-one-amp-in-a-patch/1011563-23508?submitted=1 I submitted this idea to ideascale. Basically it's asking adding the ability to put two amp blocks in the same patch, but only allowing having one of them enabled, instead of directly not allowing adding two amp blocks. That way I could switch from clean to distorted amp in the same patch.
  14. Vaya putada, Ernesto :( Tiene pinta de que solo el técnico podrá ayudarte como la otra vez, porque parece un problema serio. Yo pediría que me cambiarán la unidad, siendo algo tan frecuente y tan grave. No sé si por aquí alguien podrá ayudarte, y de hecho la mayoría son extranjeros, con lo que seguramente no entiendan tu post :( Mucho ánimo y suerte con esa avería. Ojalá te lo puedan solucionar pronto.
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