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  1. Vaya putada, Ernesto :( Tiene pinta de que solo el técnico podrá ayudarte como la otra vez, porque parece un problema serio. Yo pediría que me cambiarán la unidad, siendo algo tan frecuente y tan grave. No sé si por aquí alguien podrá ayudarte, y de hecho la mayoría son extranjeros, con lo que seguramente no entiendan tu post :( Mucho ánimo y suerte con esa avería. Ojalá te lo puedan solucionar pronto.
  2. I'll check that on the speaker when I'm back at the rehearsal place :) Regarding the tone I'm chasing for... My ideal tone has always been Smashing Pumpkins' Siamese Dream or Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, although I managed to find something I liked with my setup, so I guess I'm only trying to replicate my current tone on the Helix, if that's possible. I messed a bit with the Princess and it sounded quite good! I think I'm staying with that for a while before testing other amps. I also realized I only have to split one of my presets in two (because the poly capo and an amp+cab block are not compatible), so that's very cool as well. I wish they optimized the poly algorithm in the future so we can have it all, but this is a good enough workaround for me ^_^
  3. Thanks codamedia! I don't know the speakers, nope. I'm very ignorant regarding amps. Just went to a shop back in the day, tested four amps I was recommended by a friend, and got the one that I liked the most ^_^U Will test deeply all the options I've read so far. My goal is just to try not to sound way different! Also, I'll have to split some presets in two, because of dsp overload. But that won't be much trouble :)
  4. Oh, I don't really expect it to sound exactly the same, but I would like to have a similar "base" sound from where I can tweak some stuff and reach where I want to reach. SaschaFranck's response seems good enough for me. I'll start playing for a while on Helix Native, editing all my patches to add amp+cab, and then I'll import the setlist to Helix LT. It's awesome being able to play with the Helix plugin and then export it to your device! Thank you all!
  5. I'm about to move from my current amp (a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe) to a Headrush FRFR monitor and I would like to ask if anyone has any advice for getting a similar sound. I know there's currently no emulation for that amp, so I would like to know if anyone has ever achieved something similar before starting to tweak knobs until I find something good enough. Any hint is greatly appreciated :)
  6. No offense, but you shouldn't post anywhere if you're not ready to read a post like yours but on the opposite side (you were telling "digital lovers" they're clueless and deaf, then they told you you're wrong). Just a friendly advice :)
  7. I still don't get what's wrong.
  8. I didn't ^_^U I actually played for a while before turning it off when I updated to 3.00. And today with 3.01 I waited until I could make a backup, made the backup, then turned it off when screen was showing the usual stuff. Now that I think about it... 3.00 and 3.01 have been the first updates where I created and restored backups. I wonder if it has something to do with that?
  9. This might be a silly question, but I updated to 3.00 when it came out a few weeks ago and didn't use it till today, to update to 3.01. I turned the Helix LT on and it started rebuilding presets (it did that when I updated to 3.00). Even weired, it rebuilt 999 presets (took reeeeeally long). At first I thought "Ok, maybe last time I forgot to do this. Let's turn it off and on again and see if it happens again". It didn't. Helix LT booted normally. Then I updated to 3.01. Presets we rebuilt as it normally does during an update. So I turn the unit of and on again, and it's rebuilding presets again. I'm waiting to see where it reaches while I write this. Ok, it reached around 500 this time. I turned the unit off and on again. Booted normally. I'm kinda calm right now, but I wonder if this is normal. Has this happened to anyone else?
  10. Now that there's a poly engine, I guess it might be possible adding synth effects like the ones in Meris Enzo pedal (I'm posting it on IdeaScale). https://www.meris.us/product/enzo/#sound
  11. It would be awesome if they could nail shimmer reverbs like the Neunaber Seraphim.
  12. No worries. I already submitted the request (and some others) to ideascale a few months ago ;-)
  13. That sounded a bit like The big Lebowski xDD
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