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Would you want more Big muff models?


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I've been wanting to ask people's impressions on current Big muff models in Helix for a while. I wasn't fond of the initial Triangle fuzz when I bought the Helix LT, and then I was a bit happier with the Bighorn, but I can't get the sound I'd expect from a Big muff from it neither.


I just learnt about the Big muff Ram's head (which is the one the Bighorn is based on), and I'd swear the pedal sounds way better than the Helix model, although it's not quite what I had the muff associated to (easy example: Smashing Pumpkins' Siamese Dream). 


I wonder if people here is happy with the current BM models and I'm just being too much nitpicky xD I hope Line6 adds an op-amp model sometime in the future. I had that pedal and it sounded awesome. So fat and also full of harmonics.

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