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  1. Thanks for the advice guys, ill try it and see what happens. Otherwise, the learn function was the first thing that i thought it could be but you cant learn a parameter on the volume knob, tried several times and nothing happens.
  2. Hi guys, well ive got some troubles with my Helix Lt recently, i found that the big Volume Knob its controlling the position value of the pedal blocks (Volume blocks and Wah blocks) and then when i move the pedal up and down it doesnt work. No matter what i do, i tried deleting the blocks and add them again and it still not working. I suspect if is the famous issue with the breaking Helix Lt pedal? What can it be? Here is a video where is shown what happens exactly:
  3. I opened a ticket last week, if more people that is having the same issue tells them better. Lets see what happen.
  4. Practically the same that happened to me.
  5. Updated to 2.91 my Helix Lt but i still have lag issues with the meters, it seems to be a problem with the dynamics blocks, specially compressors. When i load a preset all works good, but if turn the knobs and place it in a dynamics block all starts going slowly, now when i play the meters needs much more time than before, like 8 seconds sometimes, and the if i activate the tuner it happens the same here. I dont know what to do.
  6. I have the Helix LT, i tried ussing multi and guitar input.
  7. I never had issues with the tuner until now, but it looks like a problem with the implementation of the meters because both of the have the same issue, it takes like 3 secons to show the signal that the helix recives. Here i uploaded some videos where you can see what happens:
  8. Yep, i will do that, were i supposed to do it? PD. Thank for the attention bro.
  9. Sure, heres is a link with some videos (they are too big to add with the coment)
  10. What procedure should i do? I tried reseting to factory with footswitches 7+8 but it still happens.
  11. Hi guys, i have Helix LT, when i use an empty preset all works fine and smooth, but when i use an existing preset all works slowly and with a lot of retard using the tuner, the meters, traveling into the menus... I dont know if its a bug or something, but i dont know how to fix that because its so hard to work like that. Using the tuner is crazy, it needs like 2 or 3 seconds to show the note that you played (applicable to the meters too)
  12. I have the same gap but i dont have the trails on, on the 2.70 i didnt have that issue, maybe another bug? Idk but its very uncomfortable. Please fix this!
  13. I have the same bug, when i enter to stomp mode its off until i press it again, and when i come back to preset mode happens the same, off until i press the switch again
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