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  1. It certainly is, and as I was trying to point out in the “silly” quip earlier, you could be directed into spending ludicrous amounts of cash on something that is entirely wrong for your situation. Overkill! Initially, you were considering not one, but two PowerCabs, which would be great should you be blessed with tolerant neighbours, or wanted to blast out the windows, but not best equipped for the job you wanted them to do. Then your choice at the other end of the scale was between a couple of brands of near field monitors, one of which you said you didn’t particularly like. Strangely, your Sweetwater contact has recommend the ones you were averse to. Ah, the power of persuasion from a guy who’s job it is to sell solutions. Even reasonably low price monitors can be just the right thing in an acoustically treated space. Let’s hope that your new studio space come up to the mark, and that you can learn about bass traps and standing waves and some of the other things that can mess up your “listening experience”. In the end, it comes down to - “how good are your ears”? Good luck.
  2. Hi, You post is a little vague, and this thread has been quietly snoozing for almost 3 years! You say that your Helix “worked fine until just recently” - therefore, what changed? What exactly is the issue you are having and on what platform - it’s really helpful to know this important stuff. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  3. To be fair, he did mention Steve Lukather in the introduction @ around 42 sec in - it's just that he said it in Italian. ;-)
  4. Rip Van Winkle? Or, complete ignorance?
  5. Oddly enough, the headline of the Release Notes for the Firmware version 2.90 states "The Always Level Presets By Ear at Stage Volume with the Rest of the Band Playing Update" Which rather seems to be what the other posts are suggesting. Hope this helps/makes sense
  6. Hi, Yes there is - the third bullet point, under the paragraph heading “Anything else I should know”. As you cannot find it there, the information is also available, if you click on the white question mark in the black dot in the lower right corner of this page. From the pop-up menu, scroll down to - Common Product FAQ > Hardware Reset Procedures. HX Effects: Turn unit off and then turn back on. Hold Footswitch 6 and Tap throughout the boot process, until you see that your factory presets are loading. If you run into any trouble with a failed update or your unit will not boot up, try powering on while holding the right arrow ">" This will put the unit into update mode and you can re-install the latest firmware from there. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  7. Yeah, it’s very silly answer to a silly question. Only you can decide what is right for your setup, whatever anyone else says is simply an opinion. You need to do some listening tests to find what is suitable for use in your space - asking the same question over and over will not produce a different result. Everyone’s opinion will vary, but in the end it will be down to you. Nuff said.
  8. Yep! You did read the release notes, didn’t you? “Other Changes and Improvements in 3.10” Hope this helps/makes sense.
  9. I didn’t, you did. Although, you do seem to be influenced by style, so if money is no object, how about indulging in some of these - the choice of top producers and studios. https://www.kiiaudio.com/for_studio.php
  10. Well, I would say much the same as when you previously asked almost the same question. What else could anyone say to “a closet rock star who is an absolute legend in his own mind” and is “so good that I never leave the house to play”.
  11. Hi, You did read the release notes, didn’t you? HINT: HX Edit and Helix Native now add support for macOS 11 Big Sur Hope this helps/makes sense.
  12. Yes, your input signal is too hot - see the post above from “PierM” and follow his advice.
  13. Hi, This is from the Ownhammer FAQ pages on their website. First and foremost, the impulse response and/or preset files sold in the Line 6 store are copy protected with an encrypted licensing system. They can only be used by the person who purchased them with the Line 6 software/hardware registered to the same user account. The most common reason an error occurs when trying to load these files is that a person has not registered the Helix hardware/software they are attempting to load the .hir files into, as the account ID's on both need to match. In response to the possibility of errors when loading Marketplace content, Line 6 has provided us the following information to pass along in resolving any issues related to Line 6 Marketplace content file compatibility and function: Dear Marketplace customer – Thank you for your participation in Marketplace, an online community of content creators for the Helix, HX, and Pod Go family of Line 6 products. If you have any issues with a recent purchase on Marketplace, we encourage to please check the following: For Purchased Marketplace Presets and Impulse Responses: Download your products from the Marketplace section within your Line 6 account page. Unzip the downloaded files. Import presets and impulse responses into HX Edit, Helix Native, or Pod Go Edit (product dependent). Follow the user guide for each application for how to import these assets. The Editor will need to verify your purchase online and will post a log-in dialog. Please log in with your Line 6 account credentials. Your log in data needs to be identical to the one used for your purchase. Authorization will occur automatically. Marketplace products have minimum software and firmware requirements as follows: Helix/HX firmware version 2.9 or higher HX Edit software version 2.9 or higher Helix Native software version 1.9 or higher Pod Go software version 1.1 or higher Most download issues seem to be solved with the following approach: Confirm you are logged into Helix Edit, HX Native, or Pod Go Edit. Go to Line6.com. In the lower right-hand corner of the window, you'll see "My Account." Click it and hit sign in, and you'll be asked to enter your Line6.com login info. You will need to authorize the computer you are using for the download. Your purchased items will appear here: If you continue to have a problem with a purchased Marketplace asset, please contact our support team at www.line6.com/support/tickets. There you will find a knowledgebase, FAQs, and more to help with your issue, as well as a direct contact to our Line 6 support team where you can: Open a support ticket; this allows our service team to track your purchase effectively and correct any issues Call our technical support help line Text our support team Thank you for your continued support of Marketplace! *********************************************************** Also Check you internet connection to make sure that you are logged into your account. Ensure that you don’t have any anti-virus, firewall software blocking the connection. Also, considering that Line 6 have just released a new firmware update, it maybe that the servers are busy - try again later. Hope this helps/makes sense.
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