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  1. If you have your LT FX loop send 1 and 2 into the input A and B on the DD-200 then Output A & B back into return 1and 2 you should be fine. You have the option to adjust the level sent in and out and how it is mixed back in. Check page 31 of the LT Owner’s Manual https://line6.com/data/6/0a020a3e07b158e5548ea50d4/application/pdf/Helix LT Owner's Manual - English .pdf#page31 Clean and dirty amps can be switched in various way, assigned to a regular foot-switch, or even better a “snapshot”, which is like having preset inside presets. If you wanted to, you can blend from one amp to another using the expression pedal. As for research the best option would be to check out the tutorial videos made by Jason Sadites, they seem to be the industry standard for newbies on this forum. Here ya go - how to start with snapshots. Have fun.
  2. Yep, that gets my vote! Sometimes, we are like the last outpost in this forum. Line 6 staff cannot even be bothered to post the latest update notifications. I with you with that also - I spent to long out on the “bleeding edge of technology” and having to fire fight all the unknown issues. Let somebody else have that to deal with , I’m getting too old for all this madness. Oooh, new toys - and expensive! Have fun!
  3. Another user of the latest version of Logic and also Ableton in this thread, suffering crash problems. Also some user’s of Cubase on Windows have issues with crashing, freezing and other spurious errors. Not sure if this is bugs in Native or the other software. My situation is still good with the latest version Helix Native 1.93 (released 9th July) and an older version of Logic Pro X 10.4.x (refuse to update LPX until I’m sure it’s safe to do so).
  4. No worries, I’m really not sure what is happening with your demo copy, it’s all rather strange. Anyhow, if it puts your mind at rest about the fully authorised version of Helix Native, I have been using it in Logic Pro X since August 2017 without issues. I am is still on LPX v10.4, I think, but I won’t upgrade until I see how it pans out - some people are having issues. There was one minor glitch when I paid for the full version, for some odd reason it still thought it was the demo until the end of the trial period, since then no problems. Having said that there are other users on this forum who have lots of weird things happen, but without knowing exactly how they have things set up, it difficult to understand. That sort of thing is even worse on the Helix hardware forum where it usually it comes down to “user error” as it is pretty difficult to totally brick a Helix. Regular contributor”soundog” is also a long time user of HXN without problems - he did his last album with it! ;-)
  5. Hi, To save me going through typing all this stuff again this is cut and paste from a previous post in reply to a similar situation. O.K. go to the "DOWNLOADS" menu at the top of this page and from "-ALL HARDWARE-" select Helix LT, then leave the "-ALL SOFTWARE-" as is, now select Mac OS X from under the "-ALL OS-" tab. from the next page you can select Helix/HX Firmware 2.92 Flash Memory, then below that you will need the HX Edit 2.92. Now scroll further down the page a grab Line 6 Updater version 1.9. Download all these bits to your Mac( they need to be installed in the Line 6 folder inside your Applications Folder). If as you say this a new Helix LT , unless you have made some presets that you wish to keep then they need to be backed up using HX Edit prior to updating the Firmware. If everything if fine then proceed to next step. Ensure that you have your LT connected to the Mac by USB cable and while turning the power on, hold down foot switches 6 & 12 which will put your LT in safe boot mode and ready to reinstall. Launch the Updater Utility and select "Offline Mode". Your LT and current firmware version should show in the window, click on the dark green coloured band and you should now have the option to select a local file - point it at the Flash Memory file you down loaded and let it get on with the update. Hope this helps/makes sense EDIT: Suggestion. In the lower right hand corner of this screen is a black circle with a white question mark, if you click on it it will open a secondary window from where you can navigate to the link named “USB Connection Issues”. Also, from there, is another link to to an article named “USB Audio Troubleshooting”. You may want to read them.
  6. Hi, As you say that you wanted to try Helix Native, it must be the 15day trial that is causing a problem for you? The thing to remember about the trial version is that it needs to keep “phoning home”, therefore anything that interferes with this can cause problems. Check that you firewall and/or applications like Little Snitch, Radio Silence etc., which block this process and they need to be set to allow the plug-in to connect to the outside world. Once a full license has been purchased and Native fully authorises over the Internet it should be fine. IIRC, some users have mentioned that WI-FI connections can also be troublesome while running Native in demo mode. It’s a real pain having this “phone home” authorisation process for HXN, because even though we are in 2020, some users still have intermittent or unreliable internet access. Hope this helps/makes sense Anything more serious, then the best thing to do is raise a ticket with Customer Support, then at least they will be made aware of a serious problem.
  7. I noted that you say you have been using HX Native for about 2 years without any issues. O.K, but you didn't mention what version of Native you are having this problem with. Also, if you don't already know this - the latest version Helix Native 1.93 (released 9th July) is available to download. Not much by way of Release Notes, but it does state that it is recommended for all users.
  8. Initially I wasn’t going to reply to your tedious inanity because life is too short to engage in a pi$$ing contest with you. I could spend all day pointing out all your contradictions and assumptions that you make about the looper and the internal policy decisions of Line 6 finance and R&D. If this stuff didn’t make me laugh so much it would be pitiful, and if you think that I am being sarcastic, you should try posting this nonsense over on TGP and see how they react over there. FYI The Helix looper has been discussed at length, starting way back in 2016, and since then that particular thread has been resurrected twice. Therefore, instead of ploughing over old ground, I would suggest that you read it - especially the comments made by Digital Igloo (head of product development) which may provide some genuine insight about the Helix looper. As, “soundog” pointed out in one of his posts:- “... this thread is destined to loop over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over”
  9. Hi Mike1225, Welcome to the world of digital modelling. Yep, greyed out amps or effect means you have hit the buffers, run out of steam, no more gas in the tank, and about a million other ways of saying you have maxed out the DSP in your hardware. This can be a minefield for the unwary (new user) because this thing looks as it can do anything (mostly it can), but some amp model consume more processing power depending on how complex they are. Whenever you are building a preset each block will use a varying amount of processor resources and as they accumulate you may find that some effects are no longer available (greyed out) One of the contributors to this forum has made a detailed study of the amount of DSP each amp/effect uses. Here’s a link to a video were he explains the theory. Hope this helps/makes sense. Oh, yeah, those Michael Britt presets are a very good place to start create your own patches from.
  10. Hi, In that thread there are photos and a video which show the actual current draw for various units. The result for your HX Effects was show to be:- HX Effects: max. 1.1A = 1100mA Also, it is like a Boss adapter plug with polarity: centre negative, outer positive, but it needs to fit a 2.5mm centre pin. This may be an option as it has interchangeable polarity and a variety of pin sizes and switchable voltages with a max D.C. 1500mA. This on might help you out until you can buy a genuine replacement. https://www.thomann.de/fr/thomann_netzteil_universal_3_12v_dc.htm?ref=intl&shp=eyJjb3VudHJ5IjoiZnIiLCJjdXJyZW5jeSI6IjIiLCJsYW5ndWFnZSI6ImZyIn0%3D EDIT - IMPORTANT I FOUND THIS ONE ON AMAZON UK https://www.amazon.co.uk/Replacement-Adaptor-Negative-Centre-Supply/dp/B07Y8M9GH5 AND THIS ONE ON EBAY UK - IF IT HELPS YOU https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Replacement-9V-3A-AC-DC-Adaptor-Negative-Centre-Power-Supply-for-Line6-DC-3g-/401595600064
  11. Aw, come on! Dangerous - that’s usually a term to associate with “hazardous to heath”. Danger of electrocution etc. “You're a sarcastic person, aren't you?” Nope - I speak as I find and why should I take it personally. I don’t work for Line 6 - I’m a Helix user, just like you! “If you disagree with my view, that's perfectly fine.” I do - otherwise this wouldn’t be happening, and that’s perfectly fine - get over it! “I however don't assume that you are a moron because you disagree with me.” I didn’t assume you are a moron either, you implied that I did - although I do disagree with you. “Anyone in the industry understands the complexities in software and firmware development.” Now you are agreeing with me that other things have taken priority over a built in looper facility that you don’t like and that can be solved by using a dedicated device. “So it takes a lot of money” And resources, etc. Nuff said. “What's your personal background? Why are you assuming I'm making this stuff up?” Well my background is irrelevant to the looper issue. Plus, once more, you think I’m making an assumption - that might be you making assumptions about me. “There is ZERO sense of entitlement.” Sorry, but it may have seemed like that from your comments, “How old are you anyhow?” Once more, irrelevant - but retired, so let’s say somewhat older than you. “I'm in my 50s and worked my a$$ off to get my degrees, and had nothing handed to me along the way.” That’s a little defensive - but good for you. I never said you didn’t do any of that stuff. I did say that there seems to be a general air of “entitlement” around and you appeared to be contributing. “The only arrogance I see here is someone assuming that statements from a stranger must be from an entitled fool”. Yet again - that assumption is on your part. DILLIGAF!
  12. From what you have said in your post, I would say that studio reference monitors would be a good choice (especially for listening at lower volume levels). Depending on your budget, there is a huge range to chose from either powered or passive. If you are unfamiliar with them then you need to evaluate them in a realistic listening environment, comparable to your own listening space. As mentioned by “silverhead” in the post above, 6 inch cones would be a good start, but if you’re tight on space there are some excellent smaller desktop reference monitors. You need to shop around.
  13. O.K. Here we go again - this is like trying to explain what colour “red” is to someone who was born blind! “it's really frustrating to have it be such a restrictive, dangerous challenge to use.” Dangerous? How so? That’s a very strange comment, has anyone died using it? “I have no idea” Now, there’s a statement you made that could well be true. “it's still capable of so much more than it does now.” You can prove this - obviously? “I'm fairly certain that this is possible with the appropriate software (firmware)... of course, lots of coding work,...” And, of course you have knowledge and experience of this? “But I still can't use it for anything but the most simplistic looper song building... which is cool, but archaic.” Therefore, you went ahead and bought a product that did not fulfill your expectations! Oh, dear. How sad, never mind! “competitive with the most basic good live use loopers available for 40 to 80 bucks on amazon.” Hello! Would you believe it - that’s exactly what I did. It’s called “tools to do the job”, but no, because you bought into the Helix, now everything you ever dreamed should be included FREE! I won’t quote the all of the Tubes “What Do You Want From Life” again, but “a baby's arm holding an apple?”... you get the idea? “lack of development time and resources they have been given to create something more powerful.” Ha, ha, ha! And you know this? How? “It's just so so close, but it's like it's unfinished.” Well it’s been there for 5 years so, maybe when they finish developing the next generation of the firmware, they can go back to investing more time and resources to creating something more powerful which may save you having to buy a $50 looper. I really cannot comprehend this “entitlement” attitude or where it comes from. In my day whinging children were left to perish on frozen, wind swept mountain tops. How come everyone thinks this stuff that spent 10 years in research and development is so simple to modify on a whim of some ungrateful... I really do despair for humanity’s future if this is it. Be happy with what you have! WTF.
  14. Yeah, right and I would like a Quantec Room Simulator, buy it ain’t gonna happen. I thought your idea was - quote: ”I totally get that many users would prefer a dedicated looper, and I have some of those, but the HX is soooo close to allowing me to use less gear!” Furthermore, FYI, posting requests like this goes nowhere on this forum: “If Line 6 is listening, this simple request would really open up some possibilities”. Nope, this is a user to user thing - Line 6 don’t routinely monitor these threads - no one can hear you scream in space! It also really amuses me that these idea requests are usually described as “simple”. If you have a “feature request” for something you would like added to a Line 6 product, you need to post to IdeaScale. Be sure to check that the idea has not been added perviously or you will water down the votes. Go here and sign up. https://line6.ideascale.com/a/campaign-home/51424 Once you have done that you can mention it in the pinned thread at the top of this forum to see if can attract others to vote for it. Easy really!
  15. As you are in Europe, you could contact Thomman to ask if they can help. https://www.thomann.de/gb/compinfo_contact.html There is also a discussion here that may give you a solution. https://line6.com/support/topic/32075-helix-hx-effects-alternative-power-supply-now-only-1299/ Hope this helps
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