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  1. Hi, Bob, This error has been reported in here previously on several occasions - if you do a search for 8611, you can should find them. Example: and even one from a couple of days back. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  2. Hi, I realise that this is your first post, but when seeking assistance from other users it’s a real big help to know details of your Computer, Operating System and DAW. It helps to narrow down the possibilities. A simple “me too” post is a little vague. There are many, many threads on here discussing various crash events on many different DAWs and OS. Have you tried searching for specifics. Also, some people post Native problems in the main Helix forum rather than here, and IIRC, there was a spate of posts referring to Reaper and Cakewalk having issues (possibly driver related). If you trawl through the posts in here you should find the details for complete removal and re-installation of HX Native, which have been supplied by Customer Support to others who had problems using Native. Hope this helps/makes sense. EDIT: You have changed to a different computer? It might also be related to this:-
  3. Hi, Line 6 made a big thing about how good this was and the Release Notes state the new cabs and IRs now use 66-80% less DSP. Guess you will have to revisit the patches - because not only do the save on DSP, they sound good.
  4. Hi, Well, that's exactly what it looks like. The HX Stomp 3.0 Owner's Manual Rev D - Page 55 has a whole section covering recording and re-amping using your DAW via USB. https://line6.com/data/6/0a020a418962611d636e7c51b/application/pdf/HX Stomp 3.0 Owner's Manual - Rev D - English .pdf I have been using my Helix floor as an audio interface, to record into Logic Pro, on an almost daily basis since 2015. It works perfectly, if you follow the instructions. Here's a video by a young lady showing the basics (see method 2 @ 5:30). More. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  5. Hi, I’m not really sure that I fully understand what you are trying to achieve here. The Low/High Cut block only has 3 controls - Low Cut, High Cut and Level. As you are aware the high cut works down to 1khz, but 1khz is also the highest frequency that can be set on the Low Cut slider. Obviously, if you need to cut a frequency below that you should use the Low Cut at the top end of it’s range. 1khz is the limit for both high and low - it’s a mid point - therefore anything below 1khz falls into the low cut range, not high. You also mention the multi band compressor, where it seems you are using it simply to target specific frequencies and lower them without using any of the compression in the block. Once more, I cannot comprehend what you are trying to do with this concept. If you want to target and remove, or suppress specific frequencies, you simply need a Parametric EQ block, which contains both High and Low cut and 3 separate stages of high, mid and low sweepable frequencies, with gain and resonance control. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  6. Oh, well, worth a try. It looks like you will have to wait for Customer Support to respond, but also follow up on the suggestion from @rd2rk in his post above, and contact the previous owner to check out the details on his Line 6 account.
  7. Hi, It's a great help to know exactly what Helix hardware device you have and the version of the firmware that's installed, along with details of your computer and operating system, plus any "error code"displayed by your system. Help us to help you. First up, - What the hell is DSP overload? As in - "Failed to get preset names. Operation failed due to DSP overload. [code -8611]. Now all your presets are blank? That would seem to indicate that you may not be running the same revision numbers of HX Edit and the Firmware that is installed in your hardware product. O.K let's try this - perform a factory reset of your hardware! As you failed to say what it is that you are using I suggest that you go here and scroll through to the appropriate reference and follow the instructions given there. https://helixhelp.com/tips-and-guides/universal/reset-options I would also advise you to ensure that both your HX Edit and Firmware are the latest versions. Furthermore, you really should take advantage of the downloadable Owner's Manual for each of the Helix family of products to avoid any more catastrophes. Remember, it's a computer, if it can go wrong - it will. It's not a question of it it goes wrong - it's a question of when! Let's face it, you wouldn't buy a Learjet and expect to fly it without a few flying lessons first. YouTube is full of "how to" with Helix videos. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  8. datacommando

    Helix Edit

    This sort of issue is usually down to some sort of USB Voodoo and the various malevolent demons that infest the ether waves between computers and any external hardware. Sometimes my computer pops up a message saying - "can't find the printer". Well, I can! It's the bloody great big box of tricks with flashing lights, over in the corner, with the words Canon Pixma Pro-100S on the front. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  9. Hi, While you wait, you could check the final post this thread regarding the option to display of the serial number on a HX Stomp XL. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  10. Well, do it! What harm will it do? It's compression, it makes quiet things louder and loud things quieter. Doing it for yourself is the only way to learn. The Deluxe Comp is similar to studio compressors like the LA Studio Comp with lots of different ratios to try out, from 2:1 right up to 20:1 The 3 Band Comp, which as the name suggests splits the input into 3 signal bands Hi, Mid, Low and each can be compressed differently. It's similar to having a compressor with 3 EQ settings, so it should be fine with your Bass. You might want to consider buying "The Big Book of Helix Tips & Tricks" by Craig Anderton who contributes to this forum. It covers most stuff you might need to know about using the Helix products to it's best. An updated version is nearing completion so anyone who has already bought a copy will be able to update free. Get it here: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/AndertonHX-e--sweetwater-publishing-the-big-book-of-helix-tips-and-tricks Hope this helps/makes sense.
  11. Really? You feel the need for someone to answer this for you? I don’t know what you have been using prior to the Helix floor, but I would guess that some sort of speaker cabinet, Impulse Response, load box, or EQ sculpting was involved? You say: - “When using single amp with no cabs attached in the signal chain it sounds like very distorted tiny speaker.” Hmm… well, what did you anticipate the the sound would be like? I often tell people that because the Helix is a digital modelling system you can do things that would not generally be possible in the real world, with out the risk of anything blowing up! But, ITRW, As a general rule, you cannot play guitar through just an amp head. The head makes no sound on its own. In fact, using a tube amp head without a speaker connected is dangerous, and can seriously damage the amp. The head requires a load to distribute its power, usually provided by a speaker cabinet. It may be advisable to read this:- https://homemusiccreator.com/can-play-through-just-amp-head/ Hope this helps/makes sense
  12. Hi, I just had a peek at this preset and it contains 2 IRs - It appears to be the file for the Helix on CustomTone posted by J Fraser, and it does state:- Line 6 Helix tone reminiscent of the song "Rock This Town" by the Stray Cats. Used with 2 Ownhammer IR's high and low cuts to taste - OH 412 MRBW GNR OH2F-00 - OH 412 MRBW GNR R121-FRED. For a tone demo see here: https://youtu.be/m5EljUCsZvk" That code means the Impulse Response associated with that preset isn’t available in the expected slot. Hope this helps makes sense.
  13. Hi, I didn’t upgrade - I went straight in for the “full fat” version right from the off, way back in November 2016. No regrets - used daily - it does all I require (studio based). If you have the cash, don’t think about it - do it!
  14. Hi, You could ask many users for their guidance, but ultimately only you can decide if this change of platform is a good idea. I would therefore suggest that in order to judge the quality of the current effects available in the HX Effects box, you grab a download of Helix Native which is fully functional for 15 days - FREE. Helix Native can work as a plug-in for your DAW (there are free versions of many if you don’t already have one), and if you set the “hardware compatibility” option to HX Effects, you should be able to assess the overall results. If as you state:- “I’m all ears” - give it a whirl. Have fun! Hope this helps/makes sense.
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