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  1. datacommando

    Trying to find video on Helix Native Patch creation

    Well, that was an easy one! If only they were all that simple to solve.
  2. datacommando

    patches line6 Helix classic and HX Stomp Model

    Hi, Line 6 are in the process of updating the firmware to deal with this issue in version 2.80 ‘The Missed Connections Update”. Here’s a quote from the pre-release notes post on this forum: New Features (HX Edit 2.80) HX Unity—Helix Floor, Helix Rack/Control, Helix LT, Helix Native, HX Effects, and HX Stomp all now live within the same ecosystem. Using multiple windows within HX Edit and/or multiple instances within the Helix Native plug-in, both blocks and entire presets can be freely dragged and dropped or copied and pasted between units. Aside from a few obvious caveats (like six blocks in HX Stomp or effects only in HX Effects), all Helix and HX products can now share the same content. Hang on in there - it’s forecast for release late Spring 2019 (ie. before the end of June)
  3. datacommando

    MixIR is really awesome....

    Hi, I don't know if you will find this any easier to use and or understand, but it's free for both Windows and Mac. Just have to register with a name and email address - not a problem. https://lancasteraudio.com/pulse/ Hope this helps.
  4. datacommando

    No mp3 player input in helix how to now??

    Hi Cleyber, l think you have misunderstood what happens. When you select the Helix as the input/output device for your Mac, all the audio is from the Mac bypasses the internal speaker system and is re- routed and sent to the Helix, the sound is then heard from whatever speaker system is connected to the Helix. You can also listen to what is output from the Mac by using your headphone connected to the Helix phones socket. The internal Mac audio routing is defeated so if you play a song in your iTunes playlist the sound is sent to the Helix instead of the iMac built in speakers.
  5. datacommando

    No mp3 player input in helix how to now??

    ^^^^^THIS^^^^^ As “codamedia” has mentioned, connect your Helix to your Mac via the USB and it appears in your sound control panel as another input/output device. When selected all your iTunes, YouTube, GarageBand, or whatever else, audio will be routed through the Helix and to the speakers or headphones connected to it, bypassing the Mac’s internal speakers. Hope this makes sense.
  6. datacommando

    MixIR is really awesome....

    jester700 posted this link in his comment earlier in this discussion. It’s a freebie! https://github.com/ValdemarOrn/IRWorkshop This is what he said about it. EDIT: This is for Windows only!
  7. datacommando

    Reverb tails cutting off in Cubase 10

    I have to agree with “soundog” that we need another Cubase user to be able to check this anomaly of the trimmed reverb. As you have already stated that the reverb tails are fine when using Cantabile, if that is correct, I would have to conclude that the issue lies somewhere within the settings in Cubase. I can’t say that I have ever encountered a situation where reverb cuts off before the fade ends naturally, other than when bouncing or rendering an audio file and forgetting to turn on the option to extend the reverb beyond the end of the track. Doh!
  8. datacommando

    How to save presets??

    Hi, You obviously have checked the Helix Native Pilot’s Guide information on page 16, but “Using the Preset File Menu” on page 22 explains further the options of “Save to Disk” or “Save to Library”. In the pinned grey panel “Note”, it also specifically mentions that certain DAW’s may have their own method of handling presets for plugins, where they are redirected to a different area of the hard disk. I’m just guessing, but maybe this is what is happening to your presets. You didn’t mention what DAW or computer platform you are using - that may shed some light on the situation. This is also discussed in an older thread which may or may not help with your “frustration”. See the comment from “silverhead”. Hope this helps/makes sense
  9. datacommando

    Helix LT recording.How many tracks?

    ^^^^^THIS^^^^^ Although your Helix LT has the ability to utilise 8 USB channels, it really isn’t designed for the type of multitrack recording that you describe. The comment posted above is more relevant to your needs. You really need a mixer for this sort of work - I would imagine the drums would require at least four mics - kick, snare and a pair of overheads. Then a couple of inputs for stereo keyboard, another two for stereo lead instrument. Another channel for bass and one for vox. That’s 10 channels to start with.
  10. datacommando

    M-audio EX P setup

    Hi, I realise that your question refers to the HX Stomp, but all I can say is I have been using two of these as external expression pedals with my Helix Floor unit since 2016 with no issues whatsoever. I have never had to modify the pedal apart from making sure that the polarity is switched in the set up options. Not having access to a Stomp box I cannot say if that will work for you, but check it out! These pedals may be cheap, but they do exactly the same job as the expensive pedals. Damn, I have just realised that I’m wearing my M-Audio T-Shirt tonight Check this thread.
  11. datacommando

    Helix LT recording.How many tracks?

    Just to clarify what “codamedia” states above, you can find a full description of how to utilise all 8 USB channels available to transmit audio to your DAW on page 55 of the Helix LT owner’s manual. https://line6.com/data/6/0a020a3e07b158e5548ea50d4/application/pdf/Helix LT Owner's Manual - English .pdf The first pair of channels (USB 1&2) carry the fully processed Helix audio to your DAW where it can be recorded in full stereo. USB channels 3 to 8 can be recorded as dry audio signal either as 6 mono or 3 stereo inputs which can be re-amped or passed through the DAW effects plug ins. Lots of options available - experiment!
  12. datacommando

    patches line6 Helix classic and HX Stomp Model

    Hi seek18, Your question is rather vague. Convert what to what. If you mean convert POD HD, XT or whatever to Helix format - forget about it. The Helix family of units uses a completely different operating architecture, which has nothing in common with previous Line 6 equipment. I actually saw a comment, replying to a similar question on another forum - the guy said try changing the 3 letter file extension on the patch from (dot) l6t to hlx - yeah, right! As if? Sorry, it’s just not possible.
  13. datacommando

    Nelix Native crashes is this normal?

    Hi, again, I don’t like to state the obvious, but I will - essentially you are screaming into an empty room! If you check through these threads you will see the usual suspects contributing in the discussion of this “bug”. Believe me, we all feel you pain, but I seriously doubt that any Line 6 employee will hear your scream! Line 6 staff members rarely frequent these forums, even though they are under the Line 6 banner. Usually the people you encounter on here are fellow users, some with software and hardware issues and others who may be able to help solve problems. Currently, it appears that nobody in this group is able to find a fix for this “bug”, but it’s not from the want of trying. What makes this even more annoying is that many HX Native owners are able to run the plugin in Logic Pro X, and many other DAW applications on OSX with no problems whatsoever. You have said that you have tried, without success, every variation of the suggested options for a fix which have been offered in these threads. In that case I’m at a loss as how it’s possible to assist any further. Honestly, I really do wish there was a simple answer to this situation. If you really want a reaction to your situation, I will state again, you really need to take it to the top man. Get on the Facebook page and post you complaint, out in public, for the attention of Frank Ritchotte. If that doesn’t get a response, then nothing will. Scream where someone will hear! https://www.facebook.com/groups/line6helixusergroup/ Hope this helps.
  14. datacommando

    JTV-59 jazzbox 5 through Helix Native

    Cool. What if Tom Waits bought a Helix and a Variax?
  15. datacommando

    helix plug in demo and pro tools 10.3

    Hi Gary, Sorry for the the delayed response to your questions. O.K. You say that you have installed the Mac demo v1.1, but the latest version for Mac is v.1.71 - although that can be unpredictable in how or if it functions properly. Those problems are being resolved hopefully in the next update, meanwhile if you want to demo the plug-in you should really try v.1.60 “The Spring Cleaning Update”. Second point:- You say that you tried to convert the app to 32 bit! Why, what possible reason would you have to think that was a possibility? HX Native is a 64 bit application - that’s how it works, there is no 32 bit option. Third point:- You say that you can see Native in the components folder but not the VST. Well if it is in the components folder that means that you have installed the Audio Units version of the plug-in. You should have had the option to install the VST and or AAX/RTSA versions of the software. It’s a long time since I messed with ProTools, but if I recall correctly it should run the AAX/RTSA plug-in. Also, there are 2 Library folders on the Mac - one for the user and the other is for the System. Depending on what you installed for whatever user will determine which library the software was installed in. O.K. It looks like something went screwy with the installation. What I suggest is that you remove the flakey version, go back to the Line 6 software downloads page and get the v.1.60 “The Spring Cleaning Update” and install that, taking care to install all the variations of the plug-in types for any user. Once you have done that, restart your Mac, open ProTools and see what you have got available. Hope this helps/makes sense. EDIT: I have just checked and discovered that the minimum requirements for using Avid Pro Tools on a Mac are: · Mac OS X 10.10 and 10.11 & macOS 10.12 · 64-bit AAX Native, Audio Units (AU), VST3 host DAW software · Supported Sample Rates: 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 96 kHz Avid Pro Tools v. 11.3.2 with supported plug-in type AAX Looks like you need to upgrade your Pro Tools before anything else. I thought you would have checked this first!