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  1. datacommando

    Can't find Plug-In in Garageband, but can in Reaper...

    Hi, I think that there may be a little confusion happening here. In your Plugins folder, the Audio Units are actually the ones named Components. Check inside that folder and see if “Line 6 Native.component” has been installed - Note: Apple OSX has a main System Library and a separate Library folder for the User so remember to check inside all libraries. I guess that your version of Reaper could be using the VST version of Native. If the .component (au plugin) is missing, simply reinstall the software. Should you find the .component is installed correctly then check that it shows up and works in GarageBand. Create a new blank project, then go to preferences from the menu. Under Audio/MIDI make sure that the option to use Audio Units is “ticked”- for some strange reason this “off” by default. For clarification of this info, it would make sense to have a look at this video. Hope this helps/makes sense
  2. datacommando

    Sound Question

    Oops! No way to check - Broken link.
  3. datacommando

    Native worked fine....until today

    Hi, You say that Native has just stopped working, but don't say if anything else has altered on your Mac. I mention this because I have been told that the latest Security Update 2019-001 10.13.6 has final killed off FireWire audio functionality. I'm not sure if it has messed with any other Core Audio things, but you never know. If your Mac is set to auto install system updates then it may be worth simply removing HX Native and doing a clean install to see if that fixes/bypasses the glitch. Hope this helps
  4. datacommando

    How to save presets??

    Hi jtsuth, According to the Helix Native Pilot’s Guide, Page 16 - this is the procedure to import/export a preset. https://line6.com/data/6/0a020a3f11867598e261327e7a/application/pdf/Helix Native Pilot's Guide - English .pdf If this is not functioning as it should then more info may be required. As you mention you’re using LPX, you must be on a Mac, so model and OSX version may help. Also did the save function just stop working or has it never worked at all? I understand the frustration, but you have to help us to be able to help you.
  5. datacommando

    HX Stomp: Are 6 blocks enough? Not really

    Hang on in there, spikey. It will/may happen! Delete as appropriate!
  6. Damn, spikey, you’re still waiting to get a tuner added into the HX Edit! Hope you ain’t holding yer breath on this one? Happy New Year Helix Users! 2019...on we go!
  7. Hi auratnik, This is is a copy from a post I made earlier in this thread where someone else was having a similar problem, but I will repeat it here. If you haven’t already tried, then may I suggest that you follow these instructions and see if it fixes the problem.  HX Effects: Turn unit off and then turn back on. Hold Footswitch 6 and Tap throughout the boot process, until you see that your factory presets are loading. If you run into any trouble with a failed update or your unit will not boot up, try powering on while holding the right arrow ">" This will put the unit into update mode and you can re-install the latest firmware from there.  If this doesn’t solve the problem, it may be a little more serious, then you will need to raise a ticket with Line 6 and they will deal with it.  Furthermore, I thought I had recalled having seen this error being discussed elsewhere on this forum. I did a search and I found this thread which seems to match your issue, so it may be helpful to check it out. 
  8. datacommando

    Helix Native VST2 wont install on Mac

    Hi Thomas, This seems a little bit strange because you state that you have managed to install the AU version into the components folder and successfully installed VST3 version of Helix Native. As you already know Native is a plug-in not a stand alone application, so you should find it in one of these two places on your Mac:  ~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST (the ~ represents your home directory) Or here /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST  Those are the only two places that the software is installed so I really don’t understand why you cannot find the VST2 plugin. If everything is installed correctly it should just show up in your DAW as a regular VST plug in under effects. Hope this makes sense. Edit: Read This:
  9. datacommando

    HX Edit download?

    Hi Kyle, You do need HX Edit, because it's an editing and patch librarian application which will allow you to connect to your HX Stomp and perform modification and backup of your presets. Go here: https://line6.com/software/ Click on the second grey box named "- All software - " then scroll down to and select "HX Edit" which will now appear in the grey box. Move across and click on the next grey box marked " - All OS - " then scroll down and select the Operating System you use on your computer, Mac or Windows. That should now appear in the grey box at the top of the screen. Next click on the pale grey GO Button which will take you to the relevant page where you can download the HX Edit software you require. The second one down the page named 2.70 " The Marketplace Update" is the one to go for. HX Edit 2.70 released 10/17/18 is the latest available version which specifies working with HX Stomp. Simply click on the blue "Get Download" button. When the download is complete, install the software and you are good to go. Hope this makes sense/helps
  10. datacommando


    Hi Knut, Not my thoughts on the subject, but here is a quote regarding HX power supplies. It’s from Digital Igloo (Eric) on the Helix HX FAQs Page: Yeah, but that honkin’ huge DC-3G power supply is like a third the size of the entire pedal! The power supply is large, yes. To ensure the same signal integrity of its bigger brothers, we needed a burly power supply. That said, these two seem to work just fine:  Strymon Zuma R300—Appears to work fine when doubling up TWO 9V outputs Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 4x4—Appears to work fine when doubling up TWO 9V outputs So, the main things to note from that are, there are reasons for it being so large and Line 6 only support the DC-3G. Good luck with your modified power supply.
  11. datacommando

    Acoustic guitar with IR setup

    ^^^ This ^^^ whatever is good for you.
  12. datacommando

    Acoustic guitar with IR setup

    Hi Marcel, There are many Helix owner’s on here that employ Acoustic IRs in their patches. Here’s an video example from regular forum contributor Peter Hamm. Peter has also very kindly included a link to download the patch and a free IR to experiment with. No doubt, other users have different approaches, but this will give you a start. A very basic set up that I use is my Fishman Rare Earth Blend System into Helix with an Acoustic IR, Pre-amp, EQ and LA-2A compressor. After that you can throw in whatever you like - remember, there are no rules. Add some chorus, delay, reverb and about 20% of the legacy dimension effect are worth playing around with. Have fun - you are not going to break it!
  13. datacommando

    Helix output signal issues!! (Popping)

    If you are experiencing digital noise while using the Vintage Delay, it will probably be down to a lack of “headroom”. Navigate to the Headroom knob and crank up the setting all the way to +12db (well, maybe not that much - experiment). That should fix it! Changing the “bit depth” can be a big help also. Also, it helps not to feed the vintage delay such a hot signal, therefore if you are running it after a high gain amp block - back it off. All this stuff has been covered in many previous threads about noise in delay blocks. Read this one from 2016 - especially the the forth and sixth replies down the list, from “phil_m” - enlightenment! It’s not a bug!
  14. datacommando

    HX Stomp FAQ

    Hola, Si pudiera proporcionar más información, sería más fácil encontrar una solución. ¿Qué versión de Cubase? ¿Qué computadora y sistema operativo - Windows o Mac?
  15. datacommando

    Helix Cheat Sheet for Patch Creation

    Note: Also, Reverb, EQ and Volume/Pan models are not on the list - this really would need to be a double sided item to fit the other info and remain printable on a domestic printer (A4 or A3 oversize) Furthermore, although this is all very nice and helpful, I have a feeling that someone from Line 6 will jump on it in much the same way as happened when someone posted a pdf to create a sicker for the rear of the Helix Floor units. IIRC, there were a few versions around, but they appeared to have breached copyright by using the Line 6 logo, the term L6-Link and Variax registered brand name on a third party item, not commissioned, or authorised by Line 6. Removing any reference to Line 6 may be the way to go. I mention this simply because of the prior incident. I realise Helix users really enjoy making things like this, but this is just a word of caution regarding logos and the “look and feel” of items not made by Line 6 or an authorised sub contractor. This is quote from Line 6 Service Engineer “psarkissian” in this previous post: ”Be careful,... making one yourself and using is one thing. Distributing it with Line 6 logos, L6 Link and Helix labeling on it, might a problem. It's better to check with Line 6 about this before putting it out there. There may be trademark issues. I don't want to see anyone get in trouble over this.  I'll pick our legal person's brain about this, see what they think.”