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  1. datacommando

    HX Edit "no device connected" problem. Help please.

    Hi, i thought that that you would simply upgrade to v2.80 now that it is available? In order to update to v2.80 you only need to go to the Line 6 download page and from the “- All Software -” tab select HX Edit, the from the “- All OS -“ tab select Windows 10, next click the “GO” button. This will take you to the latest version download.  THIS IS THE ONLY THING YOU NEED TO DOWNLOAD!   Go here and READ THE INSTRUCTIONS in the first post and then READ THE RELEASE NOTES in the link! It’s easy!
  2. datacommando

    1.8 VST3 Version no GUI Loads

    Hi, i understand that you’re unhappy with the situation, but your comment is rather vague and doesn’t get us very far! It would help to know, computer type and operating system and if you had other versions or demos that did work fine, otherwise we have no idea what the cause might be! Even with the info there’s no guarantee it can be figured out, but we can try. First thing to try is, remove any existing versions of Helix Native, including drivers if it is a Windows machine. Then do a clean re-install and restart the computer, then launch Cubase, or Reaper.
  3. datacommando

    Helix Native 1.80 Now Out

    Hi Alex, I had a look on the Line 6 Support > Manuals> Computer section and it seems that the document has not been updated yet. There is a copy of the Pilots Handbook built in to Helix Native help as a pdf, I made a copy and you can find it here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vyl0t55jlcd1ijk/Helix Native Pilot's Guide.pdf?dl=0 Hope this helps.
  4. datacommando

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    Hi, The Factory 2 Setlist ends at slot 24C, after that they are blank New Preset slots. In the Factory 1 Setlist you will find some presets which are using the the new amp models etc. Examples: 02A Grammatico Brt 03D Revv Gen Red 06A Fullerton Nrm So, my guess would be that it's supposed to be like that, but do remember one of Digital_Igloo's favourite sayings is "all presets suck!" Check his T-Shirt design in this old thread about presets. https://line6.com/support/topic/25987-preset-list/
  5. datacommando

    Can't authorise computer after 2.80 update!

    That will do the job - thank you.
  6. datacommando

    Can't authorise computer after 2.80 update!

    That’s really strange, there has been lots of authorisation issues with previous versions of Native, this update was supposed to be fixed. Although, there are always a few bugs to squash in new releases, hopefully not too many this time round. As you are the owner of this thread it means you can edit the title by adding “SOLVED” at the end and/or add a tag . There should be a “+ Add Tag” button under your name at the top left hand corner of the page, where you can create a tag for anything. Thanks Enjoy, your now functional, copy of HX Native.
  7. datacommando

    Authorization code has been redeemed

    Hi, Have you tried to de-authorise your computer first. There may have been a glitch in the authorisation procedure. You don’t mention what version of Reason you are using, so please check that your version of Reason is 64bit - HX Native cannot run in a 32bit DAW.
  8. datacommando

    Can't authorise computer after 2.80 update!

    Hi, Well, you managed to solve the situation, because what I was going to suggest was try de-authorising Native first. Looks like that’s the fix. Changing the name of the computer causes confusion as you can authorise 2 devices, the system may assume that you have used all your allocated authorisation for the plug-in. Thanks for posting the updated info. Also if you could mark this thread “SOLVED”, it may be helpful to others.
  9. Hi, Although you don’t say what computer and OS you are using (it’s helpful to know this sort of stuff), I would recommend that you check that your copy of HX Edit actually is v2.80. It’s not unusual for someone to still have a link to the older version causing the problem. if that’s not the problem, follow the advice in the above post from “HonestOpinion”, remove all Line 6 software and re-install.
  10. datacommando

    2.80 Helix LT Update doesn't continue after Boot Failure message

    Hi, Good to know this is fixed for you. Really, because you started this thread, you need to now mark this thread “SOLVED” to let others know everything is .O.K. Thank you.
  11. datacommando

    Having problems updating Helix Updater from 1.15 to 1.17

    Hi, Well, the current advice has been available for quite a while. In order to update to v2.80 you only need to go to the Line 6 download page and from the “- All Software -” tab select HX Edit, the from the “- All OS -“ tab select Mac OSX, next click the “GO” button. This will take you to the latest version download. THIS IS THE ONLY THING YOU NEED TO DOWNLOAD! Go here and READ THE INSTRUCTIONS in the first post and then READ THE RELEASE NOTES in the link! It’s easy really!
  12. datacommando

    How do I update Helix Native?

    As noted by “TheRealZap” in the post above, once you own it the updates are free. If you seem to have a “clash”, then it may be worth removing the old version first to avoid this happening. It’s not something that I have encountered, but if you only have one version there can be no clash. Hope this helps
  13. Bedankt voor het, het is erg handig voor alle Nederlandse Lijn 6-gebruikers. Goed om te weten dat je de update uiteindelijk hebt voltooid. De beste wensen van de groep
  14. datacommando

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    HO, If your comment is referencing the post I made regarding “tweaks” to the sound of Helix, I would guess that if any mods were made to the sound of the unit, then they would be positive “tweaks” to add a little gloss to the product. They aren’t going to be something detrimental to the product, and destroying someone’s hard work in creating a preset. That sure is a “tightrope walk”, it will not be something that could be considered detrimental to the overall sound of the units. I would appreciate a little bit of sheen to my stuff, but ultimately, we all know that you cannot polish a turd, although you can roll it in glitter! I don’t want anybody messing with my tones, but these guys have the “secret sauce” and a if it adds little bit of glamour it doesn’t go amiss. (Note: I use the term “glamour” in it’s proper magical sense - Google it if you are unsure) Don’t worry folks - it’s all an illusion- an auditory hallucination and it really wasn’t me who said it in the first place. Oops!
  15. datacommando

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    Life’s too short for me to go back and trawl through every little bit of FarceBuck looking for stuff to validate a throw away comment, but IIRC the guys name was Ivan and also, even though DI likes to have fun, Eric posted this this regarding the Factory presets. I realise you are a beta tester and know the inside track, I’m simply reporting what I saw. Probably wrong, but hey... EDIT: The name that I mentioned is incorrect, not Ivan, but rather Igor. So if I’m not mistaken, once more, that would probably be Igor Stolarsky, Embedded Systems Engineer at Line 6. He was possibly making a joke about it, similar to the way DI does. I mean, we all know it’s down to the “placebo” effect, or maybe the Globals being reset.