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  1. I had a quick look at your history and you don’t seem to have much success using this stuff. You didn’t say what piece of hardware was having the problem loading the IR. I know you have a Helix floor because you had issues trying to figure out how to put it into 10 foot switch mode when using Command Centre. From the Helix 3.0 Owner’s Manual - Rev F - English - Page 38 ”IR File Reference Once an IR block is configured to utilize an IR index slot that includes an imported IR (.wav or .hir) file, and the preset then saved, the preset creates a “reference signature” to the imported IR from its file name. Likewise, if you save your IR block as a Favorite (see "Adding a Block to Favorites" on page 17) or set the IR block’s current settings as the User Model Defaults (see "Saving a Model’s User Default Settings" on page 18), the IR bock also creates a reference to the specific IR file within your IR library. Therefore, if you re-order IRs within the IR library list, your preset (or IR Favorite or User Model Default block) will still intelligently reference the originally associated IR file, even if it now resides in a different IR Library index location. This also makes it easy to share your presets with friends since they can then insert the same IR file in any slot within their Helix IR library, and the preset will find it. Please also refer to the HX Edit Pilot’s Guide for additional info regarding the use of IRs.” link: https://line6.com/data/6/0a020a3f041b611d61cac763b/application/pdf/Helix 3.0 Owner's Manual - Rev F - English .pdf And here is the Pilot’s Guide https://line6.com/data/6/0a020a3f1049f61fd3077f0eca/application/pdf/HX Edit 3.15 Pilot's Guide - English .pdf Have fun trying to “krack” the protection - I really don’t think you should have mentioned that in here. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  2. Well, it’s not just Line 6 specific EXP pedals - Mission also make them for Kemper, Eventide, Roland BOSS, and Quad Cortex to name few. Outrageously expensive for what is essentially a variable resistor that you work with your foot. Get the soldering iron warmed up!
  3. Hi Mike, You can play back any of your soft synths through your Helix floor via the USB. I have also the the Arturia V collection and when recording in Logic the whole stereo output from Logic plays back through the Helix on USB 1&2, bypassing all the onboard Helix effects and playing out to my monitors on the Helix XLR. If you wish to have the soft synths on a separate path, as you do with the analogue hardware, set them to send on USB 3&4 from your MacBook, and set input for the second path to receive USB 3&4. That way you can add effects from your Helix floor to the synth signal if you wish. Hope this help/makes sense.
  4. Hi, As noted by "silverhead" in the post above - check your settings and report to the Customer Support - they cannot fix it if they don't know.. Not sure what is happening for you - I went straight to it, (from the Downloads menu at the top of this page, then select Helix Native from under the "Choose Software" menu, then Windows 10 from under the "Choose OS" option then click "Go")and i downloaded the correct file without any issues. Try this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lpx66fy5yszmzmr/Helix Native v3.15 Installer.exe?dl=0 Hope this helps/makes sense.
  5. Hi, You are not being very clear about what is happening here. You obviously had Native installed at some point because you say you have the old version, but you don't say into what DAW the Native plug-in was previously installed. If you download the correct update, then you should have "Helix Native v.3.15 Installer.exe" on your computer - ensure that you are running that installer. During the installation process you should be able to see that the correct version is being installed. If you still have the same problem then possibly you need to remove the old version first, if you computer is failing to update that one. I did see on fix on here for a similar issue, but that was with Windows 11. You could try the Widows 11 fix. Folder 1: \ProgramData*\Line 6\Helix Native Folder 2: {user folder}\AppData*\Roaming\Line 6\Helix Native "Once I deleted these two folders and reinstalled everything has been smooth sailing, hope that helps someone else!" Hope this helps /makes sense.
  6. It’s not exactly your vision but, with the XL Stomp, there is an option to add external footswitches as FS7 and FS8, although if you already have an EXP pedal in there, then it wouldn’t work. Quote from the Owner’s Manual. ”Alternatively, you can add one (or with a Y-cable, two) external footswitches to access additional stomps, presets, snapshots, etc. (FS7=tip, FS8=ring).” The function of the external switch’s can then be set via the Global settings. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  7. Hi Brane, I don’t think that your unit will be covered by warranty in this instance, but it may be worth a try - it should be fit for purpose. You didn’t say which area of Europe you are in, but you can track down the nearest Line 6 authorised repair shop by entering your details into this page: https://line6.com/find/service_center/ Hope this helps/makes sense
  8. This has been discussed many, many, many times on here and other forums. Resurrecting a post from 2017 isn’t going to make any difference- this horse is dead. Trust me - it’s your OCD. Huh? They did drop it in the Legacy > Modulation folder way back in Firmware version 2.50 released on February 7th 2018 - over 5 years ago! Once again your were replying to a comment in a dead thread from mid 2017. There is a much more recent thread on here, from May 2021, which states: Hope this helps/makes sense.
  9. Hi, I can’t see the EXT/AMP idea being feasible as the Digitech Freqout isn’t designed to work with any type of external trigger. Also, If it was in your FX Loop you would still need to kick in the switch with your foot, as that FX block would need to be open for the signal flow to continue. Maybe easier to move it, or the HXFX, elsewhere on your board layout. Hope this helps/make sense. EDIT: I have just read the spec sheet and the “how it works” info for the Freqout provided by DIigiTech on their website. No external triggering (other than your foot) and also it is recommended that the device is placed first in the signal chain. https://www.digitech.com/on/demandware.static/-/Sites-masterCatalog_Harman/default/dw86d7d044/pdfs/DigiTech_FreqOut_Manual.pdf
  10. As noted in the posts above from “silverhead” and “rd2rk”, for selecting the MIC Input and 48v phantom power options, then you can use the USB to connect to your computer and DAW, or choose the XLR or 1/4” out to your mixer. To have more/better control over your mic signal you can add a Studio Tube Pre, EQ, and maybe a Reverb block to the signal path. Hope this helps/makes sense. More info available from the Helix 3.0 Owner’s Manual - Rev F - English which can be downloaded from here: https://line6.com/data/6/0a020a3f041b611d61cac763b/application/pdf/Helix 3.0 Owner's Manual - Rev F - English .pdf German version here: https://line6.com/data/6/0a020a4033d0611d622032133/application/pdf/Helix 3.0 Owner's Manual - Rev F - German .pdf
  11. Did you read this? Hope tis helps/makes sense.
  12. I had one of those once. Could never get the thing to sound the same twice! ;-)
  13. Hi, There are stacks of threads on here discussing the reasons why HX Edit fails to open on Window machines Have you fallen foul of the dreaded SD Card in slot issue? That one seems to be the favourite cause of this problem. Here: Or here: Hope this helps/makes sense
  14. Hi, The installation process has been updated to make upgrading the firmware easier by using HX Edit to effectively screen the installation process from those more timid of dealing with updates. Although, there are still situations such as yours, where some folks have bad or intermittent access to the internet and WI-FI. In those cases you can still use the Line 6 Updater app to preform the update offline using your laptop as before. You don’t mention what your computer and OS are, but I will guess Windows plus the same routine should be the same for Mac. Go to the "DOWNLOADS" menu at the top of this page and from "-Choose Hardware-" select HELIX then go to the "-Choose Software-" menu item and select HX EDIT, now select your Windows system or Mac OSX from under the "-Choose OS-" tab, the click “Go”. From the next page you can select the latest version of HX Edit for your HELIX . Then you will also need the latest version of Firmware Flash Memory. Also on this page you should find the latest version of Line 6 Updater - you will need this too. Download all these items to your laptop and note where they are. Firstly install the latest version of HX Edit on your laptop, which should install all, or any required drivers. Next you will need to connect the USB to your laptop and 2nd Helix, then using HX Edit make a total backup of everything on it. Next - quit HX Edit and make sure that nothing else is running which may interfere with the update. Now, launch the Line 6 Updater Utility and select "Offline Mode". Your HELIX and current firmware version should now show up in the window, click on the dark green coloured band and you should now have the option to select a local file - point it at the Flash Memory file you downloaded and let it get on with the update. When it finishes, allow your hardware to rebuild the presets which may take a few minutes. When it completes you need to perform a Factory Reset on your hardware, and re-install the back up that you made as it contains not just presets, but also your Global settings. You may need to restart your Helix again, just to be sure all is well. If all is functional you can launch the new HX Edit, then you can install the new presets and you should be good to go. Hope this helps/makes sense. Recommended reading:
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