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  1. Hey Paul, I'm curious as to what exactly you’re asking about. Re-assign what buttons where, and what do you want them to do? Sadly, my ability is not mind reading.
  2. Hi guys, I hope you realise that posting in this thread is not really enough - your ideas will probably be overlooked in here - the proper place for feature requests/suggestions is Ideascale, but please make sure that others haven’t already asked for the same thing, because it will split the vote. Then you just have to hope that other users vote it up. Link: https://line6.ideascale.com Hope this helps/makes sense
  3. Hi, again, Here’s a follow up for you regarding Jam Origin MIDI guitar plug in. Yes - it works! Although, I had better qualify that statement. I saw some videos of the JO software in action, and it looks very impressive, especially the demo done by the young guitar player in ELP Legacy, who took it on tour. I grabbed a copy of the demo and loaded it into Logic on my Mac. Set it to listen to a dry guitar signal from my Helix, and had it trigger an electric piano in the next track, so I could just hear the EPiano an no guitar. Then I selected a picked bass software instrument and played a fairly simple bass line. Seemed to sound decent enough, so I set the track to record an 8 bar section and played it back. Mmm... it seems that somehow I was getting some false, or rather double, triggering in the MIDI recording. Easy enough to clean up, but it must be a sensitivity setting in the app, although my short time with it hasn’t revealed where it is in the plugin. I would avoid trying to get this to function properly with a Death Metal tone hitting it - no, no, no. It will need to be pristine, crystal clear, and no sympathetic string noises whatsoever. Going back to that demo video you can see that Paul Bielatowicz has the shredders favourite string damper on the nut of his guitar. The feed to the plugin running on his laptop is very, very clean and his guitar tone comes from his pedalboard, amp and speakers. You should download a freebie DAW and the JO plugin to see if you can get it to work for your needs. I costs nothing but time. Also, on another video on YouTube, someone asks why they cannot achieve the same clean triggering - (there must be more going on than we can see). Hope this helps/makes sense. Here’s a link to the video - look in the comments for the one from “Jesus”.
  4. Hello again, vanilla, Without knowing exactly how you are getting your guitar signal into your DAW and how you are listening to the processed sound, it’s difficult to hazard a guess. Example: I use a one of my guitars or Variax into a Helix Floor unit. I have Tannoy Reveal 802 monitors connected to the XLR out from Helix to hardware monitor the audio signal. The guitar signal is recorded into Logic Pro X with the stereo processed sound on USB 1&2 and the dry unprocessed guitar is recorded to another mono track via USB 7. This allows me to then play the dry mono signal through HX Native to create however many different setups as I want. All this is done with Logic’s software monitoring off. Therefore, I would suggest you need to look at your monitoring options once more, because you have mentioned in your earlier post that you were having issues with it. I don’t know what you are using to record and playback your tracks. With the method that I am using, my Helix is the audio interface and sound card in one box. It does exactly what I expect and want - no problems ever. I have been using Native in this manner since it was first released and I have been using the Helix for 5 years to get audio into Logic, Pro Tools First, Ableton, GarageBand, Reaper and Studio one. For many years prior to Helix I had been recording guitar in to various Mac computers using POD HD500, POD XTLive, the original old red kidney bean POD and even a BOSS GT6 into various audio interfaces (Lucid Audio, Delta 1010, FocusRite Saffire, etc.) and a whole bunch of rack mounted outboard MIDI synth module and FX units without problems. It all just works - there must be something about your listening environment and setup that is not quite correct. I don’t know about Cubase or how it works now - I stopped using it around 1990 when it was just a 64 track MIDI sequencer on my old Atari 1040ST. Hope this helps/makes sense
  5. No problem, but it’s kinda quiet in here - usually people posting about issues with HX Naive, rather than reviews. You will possibly get a better response by posting your question in the main Helix forum - lots of posts relating to various IR things. link: https://line6.com/support/forum/86-helix/ Hope this helps/makes sense.
  6. datacommando


    Well... that’s been predicted to be a “dark horse” in v.3.0 I know that you couldn’t be bothered to look that up, because it’s not a research paper. As FZ said “Shut up and play yer guitar”, but no, you can’t because you have a problem with you amp and a Helix LT, so you must have thought - I’ll just go and annoy other users.
  7. There was a guy on here a while back posting links to how the had created a "Drip Verb" and showing it on YouTube vid. Have a look further than the first page and you will find it. If you want an Oceans 11 pedal - go buy one and stick in a Send/Return FX loop - works a treat!
  8. datacommando


    If you check through this thread and others on TGP, Facebook etc. you will find that information has been provided by a Line 6 Beta Tester. That's were the number comes from. And if you check again, you may find that those polyphonic pitch shifting experts, that Eric Klein mentioned way back, are former Digitech staff. You know - the company who's Digitech RP2000 pitch shifting you are so impressed with. In fact when asked about this and if he could confirm that v3.0 firmware would include a model of the DT Drop, Digital Igloo(Eric Klein) said:- "No it hasn't. All we've said is poly. Besides, you can't really model pitch effects; you need to build a library of DSP algorithms from scratch. This is important, as we didn't acquire any DigiTech IP when we hired their Victoria team after they left. They've had to find a completely different method of poly, which is actually harder than if another company did it, because they could "accidentally" do things the same way DigiTech did it. We've had to purposely go in other directions, which is why it's taken so long." There ya go a little more insight! This is a new thing and maybe that's why it takes more processing power that older type shifters.
  9. Not very often that they drop in here, but it could happen. The thing is your idea will be overlooked in here - the proper place for feature requests/suggestions is Ideascale, but please make sure that others haven’t already asked for the same thing, because it will split the vote. Just hope that other users vote it up. Link: https://line6.ideascale.com Hope this helps/makes sense
  10. Here ya go - even if you're only vaguely interested in the development of the Helix - Digital Igloo give us some insight on our, now 5 year old, toy!
  11. datacommando


    This is Marco using the virtual capo effect on clean sounds.
  12. Not until you supply enough information about your computer system and how your Helix is connected to it and your monitor speakers. I have no idea how an audio processor can distort video - that’s a first.
  13. Hi Andrew, There is another thread that mentions this happening. See link below. I don’t recall if there was ever a solution to this, but basically you may need to contact support and raise a ticket. Read the post to see if there is any sort of a clue, or suggestion that might get your Native to function. Before raising a ticket, try all the usual suspects:- firewall, re-install, etc., then you can tell Support that you have tried the self-help options. IIRC, I read where someone had this happen, but managed to launch another DAW (Reason, Garageband) and HX Native loaded up and worked as it should without having to go through the authorisation procedure again. It was as if there was a glitch while authorising, and this cleared it. If you don’t have another DAW available to test this - you can download a free copy of Reaper which might blow the bugs of the bumper. Not sure if this “trick”will work with your Cubase, as there are also lots of threads on here that are specifically to do with Cubase and Native issues. Trawl through, you will find them. Hope this helps/makes sense
  14. datacommando

    WTF USB stomp

    Service centre info from under the “Support” menu item at the top of this page. https://line6.com/service/ Hope this helps/makes sense.
  15. datacommando

    Feature request?

    Hi stmb, The place for feature requests is Ideascale, but make sure that others haven’t already asked for the same thing, because it will split the vote. Just hope that other users vote it up. Link: https://line6.ideascale.com Hope this helps/makes sense
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