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  1. datacommando

    Customtone Preset Stomp Pedal - takes me out of stomp mode

    Hi, Those Tesco socks would be the thing that I was going to suggest as the problem!
  2. After reopening the “auto closed” support ticket, I asked this a couple of days back: “Any progress with this issue? A new thread about this has started in the Helix forum. Please advise.” Latest response from Tech Support: Hello datacommando. Your Line 6 Support Ticket was updated with the following message: Hi, Not yet, but i will escalate this again so this can be checked Best regards, Technical Support I just checked the ticket status and it says “assumed answered” Oh! Really? Escalated? Right!
  3. This thing has been driving me nuts ever since the new version of the forum became active. Somebody suggested raising a ticket about this. I did exactly that on August 14 and I have just checked and it was flagged as “auto closed” on Aug 29. I have updated the ticket to see if anything further happens. I guess that a another company (Invision Community?) is in responsible for the website and forum stuff. Line 6 are probably busy with Helix stuff (to keep us happy) and neither know, nor care about this.
  4. datacommando

    Helix Eb tuning

    I guess most folks would just use another guitar set up with the required altered tuning ready to go. Easy really.
  5. datacommando

    Parametric EQ

    Hi RD1967, I think the reply from “brue58ski”, above, is what you need to do. In the parametric control block, select either the Low, Mid or High band you wish to notch, the narrow the Q point by taking it to the max, then sweep using the frequency control to pinpoint your target. Rinse and repeat. Hope this makes sense.
  6. datacommando

    Parametric EQ

    Unless RD1967 really does want to sweep a specific range of frequencies. Simply assign the foot pedal to Low, Mid or High Freq and sweep away like an insane custom wah unit. No, no, no! Surely not! That's just crazy!
  7. datacommando

    Pattern to firmware releases?

    No point in asking. They are constantly testing.
  8. datacommando

    If a footswitch/knob is destroyed..

    Hi kalmigs, I wouldn’t worry too much, they are sturdy units and are designed and built for jumping on. If you can afford to do it - buy a full Helix Floor model, they are built like a tank! Whatever you decide, it will be fine.
  9. datacommando

    Helix LT factory presets missing?

    Hi roccolapenta, Try using the reset options listed here: https://helixhelp.com/reset-options/ If none of these work, you could simply re-flash the memory in your LT. Although you don’t say what version of the firmware is installed, simply just update to v2.60 regardless and that will do the trick. As for the volume pedal, that is assigned to EXP2 by default and EXP1 is a wah pedal (or pitch whammy). When the red LED is lit, the pedal functions as a wah press down on the hidden Toe Switch and the green LED shows the pedal is now working as a volume pedal. Of course, you do need to have a volume block, or wah wah model (or pitch whammy) assigned to the pedal. Because you bought your Helix LT as a pre-owned unit I don’t know what was in the package you acquired, but if there was an owner’s manual, it would be good to familiarise yourself with it. If not, you can find the latest version here: https://line6.com/data/6/0a020a3e07b158e5548ea50d4/application/pdf/Helix LT Owner's Manual - English .pdf Hope this helps/makes sense.
  10. datacommando

    Free Helix Presets with download link

    Hi John_A_Moran, What you need is this Link to Helix Custom Presets which is on FaceBook - Admin Chris Beaver: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1618760245111752/?hc_ref=ARQH-0CIx4JZbPeLO5aLXPxW2zo8obR4C6BxTrtJNM6uFiMC5482wo3X88eAwrj6nNk&__xts__[0]=68.ARB-Mvah-ZCwQPosGmxLz4mQIBP6CNKRTmNvs6uLUgD45dB9gYSTDTfeK3nTCjHbV9955XdbkEBsGf-03Z9hVpDRHv4KdeKDUHa9xVQVB_jEI-sXO51JGLHYe82vv41jrrp4DnQ_YX-uoXrCjj3L2vUu_ugS-zy2HcVrbpv-lzJPBCP_kF_88g&__tn__=C-R Chris has a link on here also: https://youtu.be/ASoQ0dxP4m8 Hope this helps, but FarceBook is.......
  11. datacommando

    Problems with patch download

    Hi RQuesenberry, Best guess is that the blocks have not been allocated to any of the foot-switches. To assign an effect block to a foot switch, use the joystick too navigate to the block you require, which will highlight with a white box. Lightly touch, for a few moments, the the footswitch that you wish to assign as the on/off for the effect. Simply press the button (at the bottom of the main screen) below the green box marked with a tick. Repeat for other block as necessary. Hope this makes sense.
  12. datacommando

    Missing blocks in preset after 2.6 update.

    Hi, I guess you must be the person who posted about this on the Helix FB page, that I pointed to the thread on here. As I mentioned in my earlier post above, another forum user “Dshow” was able to remove the offending block (a wha) from the preset and resave the file so that it could be loaded into v2.60 HX Edit with the top line restored. As the preset ***.hlx files are JSON “JavaScript Object Notation” text files, it may be simply a question of opening a copy of the problem file in a text editor, then delete the offending “bad block” and then save back the modified file. This worked in that particular case, but since then it appears that presets that contain the “Kinky Boost” are particularly prone to this phenomenon. Here’s a quote from another thread about this: “I received an answer from Line6 but they just told me there was an issue importing presets containing the Kinky Boost.” From what I have found out about this problem, it seems that it occurs when a preset has been created that using almost the limit of DSP power. These patches work fine in v2.53 but will not load into v2.60. More info here: https://line6.com/support/topic/34671-update-260-_-loss-of-dsp/ It appears that since then, Line 6 have said the a fix for this will be implemented in the next update. Although for the present, your options seem to be, revert back to v2.53 and edit your presets to free up more processing power then re-flash your firmware back to the latest v2.6. This may be a little excessive if you only have a couple of preset files that refuse to load. Other option is, it may just be faster to recreate the patch from scratch. You can probably put this down to pushing the limits of the technology currently available. Personally I can’t see why the Kinky Boost would cause the problem. User Malhavok (Ben Vesco) has done an analysis of DSP allocation in Helix, but only up to v2.50, and it doesn’t appear to be excessive compared especially when to the Cosmos Echo. Anyhow something changed to screw things up. As someone noted "upgrade at your own risk". Check Ben’s results here: http://benvesco.com/store/helix-dsp-allocations/ Hope this helps/makes sense
  13. datacommando

    Where's the Helix editor download?

    Hi again, No problem. Happy to help out. You need to set up your footswitches under the Global Settings menu. Best thing to do is have a look at pages 38 and 39 in the Helix Owner’s Manual, which saves me having to type all the info here. The thing you mention about simultaneously pressing FS1 and FS7, that combination cycles through BANK UP /DOWN, PRESET UP /DOWN , and SNAPSHOT UP /DOWN. If you have globally set up for 8 Snapshots when you press the UP /DOWN switches you should get your 8 snaps ready to use just like regular stomp boxes. Here’s a link to the pages you require: https://line6.com/data/6/0a06439c975d5787c3e351aa0/application/pdf/Helix 2.0 Owners Manual - Rev D - English .pdf#page38
  14. datacommando

    Where's the Helix editor download?

    Hi Jay79costa, It certainly can be a little bit confusing, because the name changed on the last update. In fact, so many people were confused that a whole thread about updating to v2.60 was posted at the top of the forum. https://line6.com/support/topic/34393-helixhx-effects-firmware-update-instructions-please-read-before-posting-a-new-thread/ Guess you must have missed it, so try this: Firstly, using your currently installed version of HX Edit - make a backup of the stuff from your Helix.  Now, from the Line 6 downloads page, you should select HX Edit under the All Software tab and then whatever version of Windows or Mac OS you are using from All OS on the dropdown menus. This will take you to the correct download page. This is the only thing you need to download.  When you install HX Edit it will also install the latest Line6 Updater v1.14 and any other drivers etc., that you may need. After the new HX Edit software has been installed, reboot your computer. Doing a clean install should clear any glitches that were linking to any old versions of the software.  When you’ve done this, ensure HX Edit is shutdown, then launch the new Line 6 Updater v1.14, click the about button to check the details. If all your connections are good the Updater should see your Helix. You can now proceed with the firmware upgrade, over your internet connection. Do not disconnect or turn off the power to your Helix during this process. When completed your Helix will reboot and rebuild the presets, then you are good to go, no hardware reset is required. Hope this helps.