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  1. datacommando

    Helix Bug Reports

    Hi Gary, I’m a little surprised that you didn’t find anything in the forum regarding this issue, as I posted a couple of times recently. Anyhow, I suggest that you take a look at the post I made here, for a possible solution and it saves me typing everything again. And also here: https://line6.com/support/topic/48426-hx-edit-28-firmware-28-and-native-18-now-available-for-download-in-case-you-missed-it/?tab=comments#comment-304013
  2. datacommando

    Helix Bug Reports

    Maybe this would work - if you have a spare block you could try this which uses very little DSP: Mono Gain block at the end of the chain to collapse any stereo paths.
  3. datacommando

    Helix Bug Reports

    I didn’t mean to preach and have no doubt that you are experienced using digital equipment. I understand that software and firmware need to be updated, but I wouldn’t want to use it in a live situation without fully testing it first, is what I meant.. As for your problem patch, it look like you have found the issue - you have run out of DSP power! The clue is that greyed out items aren’t available to use. You may be able to free up some processor power if you swap any stereo blocks to the mono versions, that will help. These toys are great, but it’s still possible to try and push them beyond the limits of their specifications.
  4. Try this: Reboot your Helix while holding down footswitches 10 & 11 which should rebuild your presets and update them to the latest firmware spec. Note: if this doesn’t fix it, then you need to supply more info. We need to know important stuff like: what hardware, what computer, what OS , what firmware, etc. It’s a big help. Hope this helps/makes sense
  5. datacommando

    Helix Bug Reports

    Good to know that you have found a work around for this situation and I hope you make safety copy on your computer using HX Edit. Another piece of advice that is always appearing on these forums is “never update to a new software/operating system/firmware before a gig”. If you are taking your Helix out into the big wide world of live performance, then you need to be working with a tried and tested rig. Furthermore, it is advisable to have some sort of “fail safe” backup, like another Helix, or amp, cab and pedals. Remember, if it can go wrong - it will. Good luck.
  6. datacommando

    Helix Bug Reports

    Another good rule in computing is: “always work on a copy” - you did make a backup, didn’t you?
  7. datacommando

    Helix Bug Reports

    True, I also have lots of multi FX and digital outboard, but some computers/systems crash more or less often than others and who knows why? It’s the nature of the technology, I would guess. You have posted that your Helix suffered a random “Freeze” event. That’s not such a big issue and a restart should fix that. The time to worry is if your unit starts to freeze on a regular basis. If that happens it should be reported as a serious bug. You don’t want to have that happen during a gig. If it happens while editing then I would regard that as acceptable because you’re inside the units brain poking around with the zeros and ones. As for what causes a “badly formatted preset”, your guess is as good as mine. There could be millions of reasons why. In the early days of computing there was an acronym “GIGO”.
  8. datacommando

    Helix Bug Reports

    Well, if your Helix freezes, simply restart - that would be normal for anything digital, because sometimes they just get stuck. The “Failed to load preset” message could be due to a badly formatted preset or a simple glitch. Helix is a computer.
  9. datacommando

    Helix Bug Reports

    Hi Sascha, Have a look at this thread from way back and see if you are experiencing the same “problem”. It maybe just the limitation set by the model. https://line6.com/support/topic/31876-250-elephant-man-delay-time-issue/ Hope this helps/makes sense.
  10. Hi, This is now normal behaviour for Apple Mac Operating Systems - you have just encountered the “Gatekeeper” which is built into the OS to protect you from malware. Rather than go through typing out the process of getting past this situation, I will give you a link to Apple’s own page on how to deal with this stuff. https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT202491 Hope this helps/makes sense.
  11. datacommando

    HX EDIT - Failed to get preset names. Code -8201

    Hi, This has cropped up previously in another thread and rather than type out everything again, here’s a link. Hope this helps.
  12. Hi, As you have a box fresh unit that you have given a test drive, I guess that you will have no custom presets to backup. Therefore, you can go ahead and update straight to 2.82 using the Updater that you installed along with HX Edit 2.82. Make sure that HX Edit is not running when you start to update. In fact don’t have anything on the USB that may interfere with the installation. As mentioned in the release notes - about half way through the process you may encounter the “Boot Failure” message, simply click OK and continue. The post from “phil_m” in answer to FunnyUser’s post may be worth a read also. Have fun.
  13. datacommando

    No "Mode" Option - Stuck in Snapshot

    Shame that this information wasn’t put into the pinned thread, along with all the other firmware update posts. It would have made it easier to spot for a newbie poster, such as brother Thomas, above. In fact it would have made it easier for many more Helix users, both old and new.
  14. datacommando

    Helix II

    I thought we had already passed the Event Horizon? ;-(
  15. datacommando

    Logic - Problem with Extreme Latency

    Hi, Just seen your post about "extereme latency". I have to say that is not some something that I have ever a problem with a with and I have been using my Helix Floor unit to record with since late 2015. I'm using the Helix for both USB input and output and I don't detect any latency because Helix is essential suppliying harware monitoring. I also take a DI dry guitar signal from USB 7 which then allows me to re-amp the track if I wish. What seems to be strange to me is, even thought you are using a second device for audio out, you say detect the delay from the Helix before it hits the input meters in Logic. That's really odd. I could understand this happening if it was due to the audio being monitored from the audio out on the second device. I cant understand why you simply don't remove the second interface and try Helix as a straight in and out option. If you don't detect that percieved latency you mention then obviously the issue is elsewhere. You probably have a very good reason to have a second audio interface patched in but I think that is simply making things too complicated. Having typed all this, I have only now realised that you stated "The Logic audio input device is HELIX Audio" and the output device is another intreface". I understand from that statement that you did not create an "Aggregate Device" using the Apple Audio MIDI Setup which would allow you to combine the Helix 8in 8out USB audio with whatever ins and outs your other device has available. This could be where things are getting screwed up. I repeat - First simply try hooking up the Helix on it's own to determine if that is a problem. If that works (and it should) then you need to delve deeper and check out the second device. It would be a help to know what the "other device" is and what advantages do you think it will give you by having it patched in. You obviously think it's necessary.