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  1. As noted by "'yvonrobic" in the post above - you MUST update HX Edit first. There is a huge thread about this, but it only make s reference to v 3.0 firmware - the same thing goes for all updates. Also as you have updated from version 2.30 to 3.11, I must point out that there was a major change to the Core Operating System at v.2.80, and although you can go directly to 3.11 you really need to be aware of the issues that may come up. Please read this, especially the section marked "Anything else I should know?" Hope this help/makes sense.
  2. When you ran the sine wave did you also check the matched signals with a null test? Flipping the phase on one signal should really expose any differences between the units? Sorry, I don’t have any tech info on what DACs are used in the HX Stomp XL Hope this helps/makes sense.
  3. Hi, Well, technically they should, just like the hardware Helix and the Helix Native plug-in should sound identical, but that keeps on being debated, i.e. different audio interfaces may cause issues. Essentially, what you have here is the firmware, that should theoretically be the same thing for each device. The hardware contains the same DSP chips, the difference being that the smaller hardware units have a single chip and the larger boxes contain two. Other than that they should sound exactly the same through the same equipment. If there are obvious, and proven shifts in what you’re hearing, then something must be wrong somewhere down the line. Raise a ticket with Customer Support. Just my 2 cents observation. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  4. Hi, Not all Mission pedals are the same. Quote from the Mission Website page: "Revision B SP1-L6H pedals began shipping in December 2018. Rev B adds an enhancement to the pedal when used with the Line 6 HX Stomp. To connect a Rev B SP1-L6 to the HX Stomp, you may optionally use a single TRS cable in place of the TRS Y cable. This simplifies setup, and reduces wiring complexity on a pedal board." I suggest that you check this link for the information you require - there is also a video available there. https://missionengineering.com/support/line-6-electronic-user-guide/ Hope this helps/makes sense.
  5. Hi, In the bottom right hand corner of your this page is a black dot containing a white circle and question mark. Click on it, then from under Common Product FAQ, click on the linked item marked "USB Connection Issues" and follow the instructions given. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  6. Hi, Oh, now I’m slightly confused. Helix -> Apogee -> Monitors? I thought that the Apogee Quartet was an audio interface, and it also came with a low latency software mixer? Surely audio signals hitting the front end of the interface will be mono and it’s the software mixer that directs the signal to left, right, centre or whatever. All the sound leaving your Helix is in stereo. If the output of the Helix is going into the Apogee and straight out to the monitors it will be mono and not panned to any specific position. Yes, when you check the phones output on Helix it’s all stereo. Stick your cans into the phones socket on the Apogee and my guess is it will all be mono without the mixer software element. I maybe missing something here, but that’s the way it appears to me. Stick those outputs from the Helix into a regular mixing desk and pan it around as you wish - that just works. Hope this helps/makes sense
  7. Hi again, I just re-read the post from “rd2rk”, and I thought exactly the same thing about the “click track”. I initially set up Logic to use the ‘Klopfgeist’ for the click, as that is what is generally used for the sound from the metronome. The problem was it is only a simple mono click, so I swapped it out for stereo drum kit, firing off a kick and side stick panned nearer the centre to use as a click track. As noted by “rd2rk” a mono click would be fine, therefore modify my quick and dirty stuff to suit your needs. Hope this helps makes sense.
  8. Hi, Have you fallen into the trap of the awful fact that in Logic Pro what you would think is a stereo pan pot in the channel strip, is actually a balance pot! In order to have true stereo panning, you need to control click on the pan knob, then select from Stereo Pan, Balance, Binaural Pan. Have a look at this video which explains how it works better than I can. EDIT: Your Logic settings should be like this - Just tested it and it works for me. Hope this helps/makes sense. Get the Logic Template shown above and the Helix Preset from here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gbqp86oazih40zy/ElvtnEdge.zip?dl=0 Have fun
  9. Yep, and my beer fridge has just stopped functioning. It’s an electronic device, and as such, these things are prone to failure. If you Helix Rack has died, and you cannot resurrect it, raise a ticket with Customer Support. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  10. Hi Pat, Oops! I gave you the way to re-amp perfectly, just as everyone else would do it - but - major error - I overlooked the fact that you can’t do it in GarageBand. There isn’t a way to select which USB channels are output, it appears that GB only sends audio from USB 1&2. I should have remembered this, but even though I have GB on both my iMac and iPad, I use Logic Pro X which is a breeze on re-amping. I then I also recalled this thread from back in the early part of 2020 which covered the exact same thing. The best thing I can suggest is that you grab a copy of one of the many free DAWs available for the Mac. Lots of folks use Reaper, although it’s not technically free. If you have the money the other option it to invest in Logic as it is essentially the grown up version of GarageBand. I have not ever needed to try this yet, but maybe you could try re-routing dry the audio out through something like Soundflower, or Blackhole. In fact I also have Helix Native which makes re-amping even easier - it’s like having my full Helix Floor inside Logic, and because it’s a software plugin, it also work in GarageBand and every other DAW. Maybe worth considering. Apologies that I can’t help more than this.
  11. Hi, Yes, you need to set the input on the HX Stomp to receive on USB 5&6. When using the Stomp as an audio interface, anything played back into the unit on USB 1&2 doesn't get processed by the effects section. That way you can, for example, listen to pre-recorded backing tracks and play along with them. Decide what preset you want to use to re-amp your dry signal which you have recorded on a channel in Gband and provided the HX Stomp is set to receive input from USB 5&6, your dry signal will play through the HX Stomp and all the FX and output the processed sound through USB 1&2 back into GarageBand where you can record the new track complete with effects. Send the same dry signal back through as many variations of presets as you wish. You don't have to playback through a specific preset when re-amping - you can create one on the fly if you wish - just ensure that the unit is set to listen to USB 5&6as you assemble a patch. See page 56 Line 6 HX Stomp.30 Owner's Manual - Rev C, English. https://line6.com/support/manuals/hxstomp Hope this helps/makes sense.
  12. Hi, Thanks for that information - it may be useful for other users, but unfortunately, it looks like the OP just made the one post and vanished in December of last year. TYVM.
  13. Hi Clyde, Well, to me it looks fairly obvious that the issue is with that particular computer, as Native works as expected on the other two. As for your comment that what is happening is “identical” to the issue mentioned in another thread - I don’t think that’s quite the case. That thread started way back in August 2019 regarding HX Edit 2.81. If this actually was a “bug” in the currently version, then these forums would be alive with complaints that Native fails to work, but there are only a handful of such complaints therefore… Re: Helix Native “phone home” - Found this from 2017 "Helix Native requires an internet connection to initially authorize the license both for the demo and full versions. Once the license has been authorized, you no longer need an internet connection to use the software. But, because of how the authorization works, you do need an NIC (Network Interface Controller) enabled. Do not disable your network card (wireless or LAN) when running Helix Native. If you want run without an internet connection, just unplug your LAN cable or disconnect from your WiFi network." Also, see pages 5 & 66 Helix Native PilotGuide v3.00 - Rev N - English for the full documentation of how to Authorise/Deauthorise your computer. Hope this helps/makes sense. EDIT: I decided to check the Reaper forums about issues with Native and found this, also from way back in 2019. ”Found the problem. The uninstall left behind a .vst3 file from an older version, this was crashing Reaper when it tried to activate it. Uninstalled again, cleaned out all Helix files from VSTPlugins, reinstalled, and I'm up and running again”
  14. Hi again Clyde, Well, it seems that now we have got as far as you saying that the problem is with Reaper and Native working on Windows 10. Although, I note that the screen grab shows 2 other Desktop device running Windows 8. I still cannot understand if you are having this issue only with the Win 10 machine or the others also. Have you previously been able to run HX Native and Reaper on the Win8 machines? I ask this because in another post on here a guy was complaining that Line 6 had let him down because Native failed to load and run in Reaper on his Win10 PC. He checked and actually it worked perfectly on his MacBook Pro. It seems that the fault lies somewhere in the configuration of his PC. It would help to know exactly how and when this started and if it worked previously - what changed? Hope this helps/ makes sense.
  15. Hi again, Glad to know that helix Native works as it should on the MBP, next thing you need to figure out is "what changed on the PC?" Then you can get back to having all that on screen real estate. Hmm... IIRC, I'm almost sure that I came across a comment somewhere (TGP, Facebook or whatever), about a video card that was screwing some things up. Plus there is also the dreaded SD card thing with some PC systems. You might want to trawl through the posts on here and the main Helix forum to see if you can find anything that might give you a clue. Hope this helps/makes sense
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