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  1. datacommando

    POD GO?!

    Happens here all the time! White text on a white page - now there's a novelty!
  2. It would have been better to post this in the Helix Native section of this forum, but here ya go. Uninstall, then re-install and try this Helix Native—Click the gear icon/my account link in the lower left corner to open the Preferences window. From the Presets/IRs tab, click "Restore Factory Setlists" You should also find this info in the “Helix Native Pilot’s Guide pdf” which is built in to the HXN interface under “Help”. Or get it here. https://www.dropbox.com/s/vyl0t55jlcd1ijk/Helix Native Pilot's Guide.pdf?dl=0 Previous Thread in Native forum: Hope this helps/makes sense.
  3. You appear to have turned up late to this party - check this thread from post number 4 onwards: there is also this in the POD forum posted by DI, There are also a few demo movies on YouTube - here’s one:
  4. “The truth is out there” - well, in the Line 6 POD HD forum anyhow. Read all about it in this post from Eric:
  5. Well according to the “Line 6 Helix Family User Group OFFICIAL and ORIGINAL” over on FarceBuck, they have 25,000. Or rather, they did until they spotted that “Quad Core” gizmo in the pipeline, then they immediately stared a new “Quad Core Family User Group OFFICIAL and ORIGINAL“ page. Fickle! Maybe by the end of the week they will have also added “Line 6 POD Go Family User Group OFFICIAL and ORIGINAL“! ;-) EDIT: Yep - it’s up and running with 75 members and this is for a product that’s not available to buy until April. https://www.facebook.com/groups/2726552727405574/?fref=gs&dti=428105950706417&hc_location=group
  6. I don’t understand why it is named “POD”, which is a term that hasn’t been used for about 4 or 5 years. If it is using Helix based HX technology why revert to the POD tag? Earlier in the week, over on TGP, DI commented that there was a new box about to be announced, but also whoever bought the first one would need to be prepared for “something else” because there are lots of references to the “something else” in the owner’s manual. Anyone got any ideas as to what the “something else” could be? New Variax? Fooktifino!
  7. Hi, Because your hardware appears to have the reverbs installed then possibly, as noted by “phil_m” in the post above, this may indicate that you are using the wrong version of HX Edit. The version number of the firmware installed on your Helix LT and the version of HX Edit MUST match. You should be able to see the FW version on the LT screen as it boots up when you power the unit “on”, or IIRC it should be visible under the global settings menu. Hope this helps.
  8. Uh! That defeats the object of having a state of the art modern guitar processor. Updates for Mac OSX are free, unless of course your Mac is so old that it cannot be updated beyond your present version. If that’s the case you really need to buy another computer that can speak to your HX Stomp. I hate to say this but you really should have checked the minimum OS requirements before buying into the hardware unit. Maybe the place you bought it will give you a refund.
  9. If you really do need them, then you can always to perform a "Factory Reset", by holding down Foot Switches 2 and 3 and then turn on the power to your Stomp. This will perform a factory restore of all globals, presets and IRs. Make sure that you have made backup "failsafe" copies of your own creations before performing the "Reset' or you will lose them. Other than that, once done your Stomp will be back to "box fresh" condition. As "Digital Igloo" (Line 6 Product Manager) says, "All presets suck!", but hey! Copy some of the factory sounds into empty slots and play around with the amp/speaker configuration, delay and reverb types etc. until you get a feel for how it all works. Hope this helps/makes sense. Have fun!
  10. O.K. Maybe it’s me that’s confused, but the simplest solution would be to update your Mac OS. I found this thread re your issue - check it for clues:
  11. I saw those on the promo video and wondered just how resilient they are going to be for a life on the road. Even for a studio rat like me, I would be wary of the footswitch/encoder failing. I shall be sticking with my Helix, it’s built like a tank.
  12. Way back in the mist of time, I used to play guitar through the bass channel of a very old Selmer 50w “Treble ‘n’ Bass” amp into cab containing a Goliath branded 18 inch bass speaker. When that rig eventually died it was replaced by a 1980s 60w bass combo with 5 band graphic eq and a 15” bass speaker. I always liked playing through a bass rig. Each to their own, but can’t really remember why I started playing through a bass set up. I vaguely remember being told it was something of a thing on the 1960s British Blues scene. More likely that you just played through whatever you could find or afford.
  13. He, he, he! I was expecting “spikey” to ask if there is a tuner in the editor! Hang on a moment - does it even have an editor? Does it make a sound? Maybe the artificial intelligence thing ensures that your guitar never goes out of tune!
  14. Well, whatever next? It sure looks familiar but you are never alone with a clone. As the saying goes - “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em”
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