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  1. Hi, Essentially you’re correct in that statement, but some people do use Helix Native for live performance very successfully. It appears to me that you have chosen the wrong tool for the job of controlling MIDI within your DAW. The Monogram Creative Console is a multi- headed beast, used by photo and videographers and I have also seen it used by at least one highly respected soundtrack composer. It can write the required automation to control your audio signal, but it should be regarded more as a mixing tool. You should be able to switch between various effects, and as in your example - bypass a volume block and engage a wah block, but as the controller device is operated manually you would have to stop playing to hit the Monogram button assigned to that function. Once you have turned off the Vol block and now want to use the Wah in real time - oops! You have to now use your hand to manipulate a knob or fader to create the treadle effect, provided that the function is mapped via MIDI. This is precisely why guitar players use their feet for EXP pedals and to switch things. You have decided that that is not what you want and therefore you are stuck in this situation. If you really do intend to leave your HX Stomp in the gig bag then you require a MIDI controller that you can work with your feet to achieve the desired results. Many people opt for the Behringer FCB1010 to do the job. Although, having said that, it appears that you don’t want to get into the necessary part of using a controller system, which requires you to map MIDI functions to control various parameters within the DAW and Native. In your comment you say, “It seems to me that this is a bug”. - this is from page 8 of the HX Edit Pilot’s Guide. ”The Helix Native plugin does not utilize any hardware-based bypass, footswitch or EXP controller, Variax or Powercab parameter assignments, or Command Center assignments that may exist within HX Edit-exported presets. Any such assignments that are supported only by Helix/HX hardware remain intact within your presets, but are essentially ignored by Helix Native.* Snapshot and applicable MIDI In type assignments, however, are supported in both Helix hardware and Helix Native plugin.) Helix Native plugin includes its own functionality to create plugin parameter - Automation Controller type assignments, which are similarly ignored when Helix Native presets are imported into the HX Edit application.” Erm… no, probably not a “bug”, more a misunderstanding of how the thing was designed to work. Native is the software brain of the Helix, but obviously it lacks the physical connections of the hardware units for Send/Return, FX loops, the Looper functions etc. These are things that either have to be worked around, or worked with. Maybe you should take a deeper dive with the MIDI operation of your Monogram CC, and the MIDI Learn within your DAW, but I’m not convinced that it the best thing for what you’re wanting to do. I have tools to do the specific job I need them to do, for example my Behringer XTouch can fully automate audio mixing and control all my plug-ins during mastering, and my my Arturia KeyLab61 can communicate and control any function of my soft synths, samplers and drums within Logic Pro. Hope this helps/makes sense. HX Edit Pilots Guide: https://line6.com/data/6/0a020a3f103516363ef9986002/application/pdf/HX Edit Pilots Guide 3.50 - English .pdf Helix Native Pilot’s Guide: https://line6.com/data/6/0a020a4039926363ef079d156/application/pdf/Helix Native Pilot Guide 3.50 - English .pdf
  2. Hi, I'm not entirely sure that there could be a compelling reason not to follow the instructions. The process of updating will reset the Globals to default and the reboot/rebuilding presets is there to ensure that the presets are brought into line with the current firmware. This must be more relevant when there has been serious changes to the Helix Core. I have always been a rebellious type of person, but anyone who decides to ignore large sections of the "How to Update" instructions and then has issues that they describe as "bugs"... well, there is no help for them. As you have pointed out, after the update is complete and everything seems to function as expected, then you can be selective about when gets reloaded to the hardware. It's not complex and for most users it is a relatively pain free process. Ignore the rules and it becomes yet another "update bricked my Helix" post.
  3. Hi, This is the probable cause of your issue. The Release Notes for the Firmware Update specifically states the factory reset, and restore from backup, are a required part of the update process. The reset/restore are essential to ensure your presets are fully compatible with the new firmware. This is even more important with the v.3.50 firmware as there were significant changes to the Helix Core. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  4. Hi, As of today the most recent HX Edit is v3.51, and the firmware still remains at v3.50. When you installed the latest firmware v3.50 firmware did you follow the release notes instructions to make a back up and reload your presets and global, settings? If you neglected to do this, then you may have issues because your presets may not have been updated to the latest Core system format, and/or your Global settings have not been installed, and gone back to the default settings. Looking at the error code, my best guess would be a corrupted preset. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  5. Huh? What is this effect supposed to be? Your attached file is a .php generic nothing. Please advise.
  6. Hi, I have to concur with you about this. The OP here also commented in a parallel thread regarding a failed EXP pedal on an LT. The other thread starter mentioned that it was a pre-owned unit and when he bought it the guy told him the pedal was malfunctioning. After it appeared to be working once more, he says that he did the 3.50 update and the update broke his expression pedal. You couldn’t make this stuff up. If the Firmware was physically damaging specific parts of the hardware, I would seriously expect the internet to be alive with complaints. Some of the stuff that gets posted in here is beyond belief.
  7. Here ya go - some videos from a few guys who know how to get a decent tone from a Helix. Steve Sterlacci:- Jason Sadites:- Jon Kaneshiro And this:- They should point you in the right direction. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  8. Hmm… not sure as to what might be causing this as the Mac compatibility is shown right up Ventura. All I can tell you is that it works fine on my Mac running Catalina. There is a thread on the Helix Native area of this forum where a guy had a problem with Native after using Migration Assistant. He posted an uninstall and re-install routine he got from Line 6 Support that my be worth trying, just in case something went screwy on the update. Give it a shot - no guarantees, but what’s to lose? Hope this helps/makes sense.
  9. Hi, You say that you followed the instructions as per the notes. That is strange, because Release Notes for v3.50 state that you should perform the Factory Reset routine after the installation of the new Firmware. Whereas, you say: -"I did the reset to factory defaults, then installed the 3.5." The reset is performed after the update to bring the onboard presets up to date with the current format. You should notice that if you reload your back up files and power cycle your Stomp, it will run through the "Rebuilding Presets" procedure. If you have not seen this happen, it is quite possible that your update did not work correctly. If you're still having problems with your HX Stomp, you could try a re-install of the firmware. Go here and follow the step by step instructions to the letter. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  10. Hi, I have only just now seen your post - If you are still having problems, go here and follow the step by step instructions. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  11. Hi, Not sure what difference the 35th anniversary might make, but if you go to CustomTone, select Helix from the menu and type TOTO into the search and it brings up a list like this one: https://line6.com/customtone/search/?submitted=1&family=helix&search_term=TOTO You are actually better off trying to create your own presets that with work with your guitar and listening environment. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  12. Hi, If the suggestion from @silverhead, in the post above, doesn’t fix it for you - go here and follow the step by step method. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  13. Hi, From your profile it appears that you are fairly new to the Helix (HX Stomp XL), which makes me ask, "When you say that you cannot discern differences between the Heir Apparent Overdrive, Boost and Distortion settings, do you mean that you could previously hear something change and now you can't, or is it a situation in which you have just tried these effects and find it difficult to hear a difference?" . The reason I ask is because, the tonal differences can be somewhat subtle unless you know what to expect. Here's a video about the Heir Apparent effect and its settings. check it out and if possible follow along from the video (@6.40) and create the same signal chain to see and hear the changes in tone. Note: The Heir Apparent block in my Helix floor works exactly like the one in this video. If your HX doesn't create the same tone then there maybe a glitch in your updated firmware. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  14. Yep! That would be me. "Seriously? Is this a joke?" Hmm... Yes it is! I have been around here long enough to be able to spot when someone, especially "rd2rk", sticks a whole bunch of "winky faces" across the bottom of comment it's intended to be taken as light hearted.
  15. Oh, I’m glad that It was you that said that. I keep getting into trouble. ;-o
  16. Nope! Luckily, you happened to catch me on a really good day. If you think I’m “cranky” you could try pitching your idea over on TGP, in the Digital and Modeling Gear, Helix section. That could be fun. Ultimately, the answer your original question “Why can I only access 8-10 stomp boxes within a preset?” is - because that’s the way it is. Nuff said. Have a nice life. That’s very astute of you, but not really “cranky”, simply very old and curmudgeonly and can appear rather brusque. I’m from a different age - prior to Generation Snowflake and the whole Cancel Culture mentality. You could ask, am I bothered by that, and my answer will always be DILLIGAF. I told I was old. ;-) Thank you, but there are many who come in here and are assisted by a relatively small group of regular contributors - no need to name them, they know who they are, and how much they contribute to this forum. I (along with others) try to do whatever I can to help folk out in these forums, sometime in several different languages (via a translation app). We genuinely try to point newbies and seasoned users in the right direction for any situation - stage, studio and we will even assist the forlorn bedroom player, but sometimes it is the equivalent of banging your head against a brick wall. In the end it does grind you down. Some people can’t handle the truth. Do they ever read the tech spec, or a manual for anything, before making the financial investment in new gear. Apparently not. Now, it’s Saturday night and I intend to go and get very drunk, so I’ll just leave this here as an example of an exercise in total futility. I’m outta here!
  17. That’s rather odd, because you were proposing that the concept was a “no brainier”. Hmm… yeah, right! “How can be it impossible?” is a question that needs to be aimed at the Line 6 Software Engineers, not users of the forum, who are not Line 6 staff or privy to the workings of their minds. Plus none of those people are here. Wanting more than ten pedals is definitely not strange, it’s what is commonly referred to GAS. We all suffer from it to some degree, come with the territory. You should understand that - yes the Helix does allow you to create a signal chain with up to 32 blocks that can be assigned however you wish - the trick is to use then with a modicum of common sense and plan how you intend to deploy these effects. The whole reason for “Snapshots” was for users to be able map up to 64 different parameter changes across a single preset and create the concept of “presets within a preset” with 8 or 10 footswitches - this was one of those things that people complained about not having especially as Fractal users had “Scenes” available to them. That’s also rather odd once more, because I refer you to your previous comment, “How can it be impossible for the team to let me change…” No, you’re not the first to wonder about this - see above reference to “Snapshots”. Sign up for IdeaScale and check that nobody else has already posted a similar feature request. Hope this makes sense.
  18. Damn - I have run out of reactions for today so I will go for an "old school" reaction. :-) :-) :-)
  19. Hi, I was going to suggest this earlier when the OP said there were 24 FX blocks, That could easily be split across 3 Preset all with the same amp and cab and then 8 F/S assignments, but the attitude seems to be that it should all be in one preset, and why isn't it capable of this simple thing. Obviously it would be too confusing to switch through 3 presets, as it appears it's already too complex to use Snapshots to divide up the work of 4 Delays, 2 Reverbs, 5 Modulation blocks etc. "I've paid my money and I want it to do exactly as I wish, when I wish, and I also want free updates of boutique amps and exotic effects forever!" Really do despair at some of the madness that rears it's head in this place.
  20. Well, here's the thing about "old school" - I come from way back in time, when the only thing between your guitar and amp was a cable. If you wanted distortion and fuzz you turned everything up to max and took a razor blade to the speaker cone. I have discovered that there are now so many easier ways to create the tones I need for any project. I was an early adopter of digital technology and like it, unlike many who have had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the twenty first century. You state: "I simply just want to access those 15-20 different effects in the most basic way possible - pressing a footswitch on and off." AFAIK, this is not possible anywhere in the world of multi-effect modelling. The Kemper has 14 assignable footswitches available. Here ya go - a run down of the top do-it-all units available in 2022.. Still baffled? Not possible. Not available. There you have it - done. https://www.guitarworld.com/features/best-multi-effects-pedals-for-guitarists And, I just love this comment: "But a simple second and third page of stomp boxes to go beyond 10 seems like a no brainer." If it's really that simple, why does it not exist? Maybe Line 6 should be advertising for someone with "no brain" to pop along one afternoon and code this for them. Unless all the people with no brain have already been snapped up by other companies in the digital modelling game.
  21. Hi, My guess would be - Yes! As pointed out by others, Audacity is not doing any justice to the sound coming from your Helix. Go here and download the Latest version of Reaper (one of the DAWs shown in the video by Jason Sadites). https://www.reaper.fm Use your Helix as the audio interface and invest in some decent monitors to listen to your recordings. Hook them up to your Helix XLR or 1/4" outputs and enjoy. EDIT: Oh, yeah, the beauty of multi-track recording is that you can lay down your piano track in glorious stereo plus a dry unprocessed version, then add your vocal after to be treated separately - result - no bleed through from the piano track if you set it up correctly.
  22. Hmm... Well, I'm a studio based guy and I have never found any problems using the Helix as an "ideas box". I have managed to use it as a studio tool on an almost daily basis for the past 6 years and have not found the limitations that you fear it imposes on your creativity. As noted by @silverhead in the post above, you could go down the Helix Native path, and along with a fully processed stereo audio signal, you can record a Direct Injected clean guitar track that you can then run through Native with as many different options as you like. If you turn off the hardware compatibility you are only limited by the processing power of your computer. I do this a lot. I also have to agree with "codamedia", when he says "you are approaching the Helix from an old school linear way of working with effects". I have found that it helps to have an idea of where your composition is heading before you start randomly jumping on switches in the hope of discovering audio Nirvana. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  23. Hi, AFAIK the Boss EV1 is a wireless (Bluetooth) pedal, and the USB function is used to control music software (DAW) on a Mac or PC. The last option is MIDI which you could connect to the HX Stomp and program it to be used as an Expression Pedal with MIDI CC#1 or CC#2. I have not personally tried this, but you could check with the retailer to see if it is feasible, or get the pedal on sale or return if it doesn't works expected. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  24. No, not possible. You could go the MIDI route and use something like the Behringer FCB1010. Hope this helps/makes sense.
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