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  1. Hi It appears that you are set up to feed HX Native with a guitar signal that you have split into 2 mono channels - one to the left and the second to the right. The trouble is, and many people fall into the same trap here, those “pan knobs” on the Logic Pro X channel strip don’t work as you would think. Rather than panning as you might expect, actually they work more like a volume balance. Move the knobs back to zero, from -64 and +63 and then look at the meter on Native. Have a look a this video which will probably be easier to understand and save me from typing a long complex explanation. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  2. I was unaware of the TV thing, but, yes - somebody, somewhere will be making some cash. Sadly, it won’t be Nilsson - he died of a heart attack while making an album way back 1994 and is now in the great studio in the sky! Ain’t that just the way?
  3. When I said “do I detect” - that could possibly have been phrased better. I hope that you didn’t think that I was making an inference of any direct copy of the album I mentioned. It was simply something of the sound you had created which for some strange reason put me in mind of that Nilsson thing, if you take my point (pun, both intentional and not). I really must dig that out and give it a listen. As you say, over the years, how many little things seep into our unconscious mind? Considering we are constrained by twelve notes, there are only so many ways that they can be strung together and remain tuneful. Luckily you found a way to do that. ;-)
  4. datacommando

    Helix 2.9

    It has been mentioned many times that (especially) the vintage delay could induce nasty digital clipping. In fact it was almost regarded as a “feature” of that type of unit. If you experience clipping with this model upping the bit rate helps, but the simple solution is to ramp up the “Headroom” setting on Page 2. That should do it.
  5. Thanks for that - good work. Only had one listen through, but picked up flavours of other things. I will have another run through and be a little more attentive. Oh, yeah - did I detect a little bit of Harry Nilsson “Me and my Arrow” in there?
  6. Hi again, Gerry, Well, lots of stuff here (and could do with lots more info), so let’s start on the drag and drop thing. Always going for the simple answer, if you can’t do 4 presets at a time, then just do one at a time. Easy! As for importing in the same order, then I would suggest that you need to import the presets in “setlists”. When you have what you require in your HX Stomp, then HX Edit will be able to export that information as ”setlists”. Edit: This is from Page 12 of the Helix Native Pilot’s Guide - Preset Compatibly with Helix Devices NOTE: Presets and setlists exported from Line 6 HX type (HX Stomp or HX Effects) devices are not compatible with the Helix Native plug-in or Helix devices. Likewise, presets and setlists exported from Helix Native or Helix devices are not able to be imported into HX type devices. However, it is possible to Copy and Paste or drag and drop individual blocks, along with their current settings, between HX Edit with an HX device and Helix Native. See the following “Block Copy and Paste” section Remember your HX Edit is simply a software librarian app that can remotely change things on the hardware unit. It does not make any sound. HX Stomp has the software “brain” and hardware to make the sounds. On the other hand, Native is the software “brain” of a real Helix that uses your computer hardware to make the sound. The fact is - the sound from your Stomp and the sound from Native are identical. Everything else in you signal chain is a variable. You have your guitar into the Stomp (with a preset you like) into a 1/2 mixer channel(s) and out to -> what? Your playback from ProTools goes out to a stereo channel of the desk then out to -> what? While setting up you are using your AKG 701 headphones? Not advisable, “cans” are great for late night listening, but not great for fine tuning and levelling your signal. You really expect to be able to balance your sound like this? If you disconnect the ProTools feed and patch your acoustic guitar output from your HX Stomp to that stereo out - does that now sound just the same as the other channel(sj? If you record your DI signal (dry acoustic) into ProTools and then don’t load Native, but simply play that DI audio back through the patch on HX Stomp, does that sound the same or different? We really need to narrow down the variables to figure this out. Suggest that you have a look at Page 9 of the Stomp Owner’s Manual which show an example of HX Stomp in the Studio Setup. That gets your audio in and out of your DAW and plays back via HX Stomp - same sound.
  7. Nope! That’s exactly where you need to start. You say that initially you create and adjust your tone with HX Edit whilst “monitoring” through your “board and HX Stomp“. You fail to mention what this “monitoring” is? If it is not the exact same system that you listen to your ProTools “playback” with then there is bound to be “anomalies” with the sound. How are you “capturing” your digital in and what are you listening to for the output. Suffice to say that whatever preset you created In your Stomp, using HX Edit as librarian, then that preset when loaded into HX Native should be “identical”. If you are hearing something totally different then I would suspect something else in your signal chain. The preset is simply a string of ones and zeros - digital data! It defies logic for it not to be the same. As for saving a file, should you need to modify a preset, you could simply use “drag and drop” to save the file where you want. Other than that there is information in Helix Native Pilot’s Guide information on page 16, but “Using the Preset File Menu” on page 21 explains further the options of “Save to Disk” or “Save to Library”. I should refer you to this thread, but I guess you may have already looked there, because you seem to have left a comment for the OP who started the thread over a year ago. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  8. Hi, Regarding E&M Electronics, I have used this company for a repair to my Helix floor unit and found them to be fast, efficient and reasonable priced. I hope your experience with them is equally good. Shame there are not more options for repair work through the Yamaha/Line6 official route, although if you are out of warranty, there are still many independent outfits around. Good luck
  9. datacommando

    POD GO?!

    Happens here all the time! White text on a white page - now there's a novelty!
  10. It would have been better to post this in the Helix Native section of this forum, but here ya go. Uninstall, then re-install and try this Helix Native—Click the gear icon/my account link in the lower left corner to open the Preferences window. From the Presets/IRs tab, click "Restore Factory Setlists" You should also find this info in the “Helix Native Pilot’s Guide pdf” which is built in to the HXN interface under “Help”. Or get it here. https://www.dropbox.com/s/vyl0t55jlcd1ijk/Helix Native Pilot's Guide.pdf?dl=0 Previous Thread in Native forum: Hope this helps/makes sense.
  11. You appear to have turned up late to this party - check this thread from post number 4 onwards: there is also this in the POD forum posted by DI, There are also a few demo movies on YouTube - here’s one:
  12. “The truth is out there” - well, in the Line 6 POD HD forum anyhow. Read all about it in this post from Eric:
  13. Well according to the “Line 6 Helix Family User Group OFFICIAL and ORIGINAL” over on FarceBuck, they have 25,000. Or rather, they did until they spotted that “Quad Core” gizmo in the pipeline, then they immediately stared a new “Quad Core Family User Group OFFICIAL and ORIGINAL“ page. Fickle! Maybe by the end of the week they will have also added “Line 6 POD Go Family User Group OFFICIAL and ORIGINAL“! ;-) EDIT: Yep - it’s up and running with 75 members and this is for a product that’s not available to buy until April. https://www.facebook.com/groups/2726552727405574/?fref=gs&dti=428105950706417&hc_location=group
  14. I don’t understand why it is named “POD”, which is a term that hasn’t been used for about 4 or 5 years. If it is using Helix based HX technology why revert to the POD tag? Earlier in the week, over on TGP, DI commented that there was a new box about to be announced, but also whoever bought the first one would need to be prepared for “something else” because there are lots of references to the “something else” in the owner’s manual. Anyone got any ideas as to what the “something else” could be? New Variax? Fooktifino!
  15. Hi, Because your hardware appears to have the reverbs installed then possibly, as noted by “phil_m” in the post above, this may indicate that you are using the wrong version of HX Edit. The version number of the firmware installed on your Helix LT and the version of HX Edit MUST match. You should be able to see the FW version on the LT screen as it boots up when you power the unit “on”, or IIRC it should be visible under the global settings menu. Hope this helps.
  16. Uh! That defeats the object of having a state of the art modern guitar processor. Updates for Mac OSX are free, unless of course your Mac is so old that it cannot be updated beyond your present version. If that’s the case you really need to buy another computer that can speak to your HX Stomp. I hate to say this but you really should have checked the minimum OS requirements before buying into the hardware unit. Maybe the place you bought it will give you a refund.
  17. If you really do need them, then you can always to perform a "Factory Reset", by holding down Foot Switches 2 and 3 and then turn on the power to your Stomp. This will perform a factory restore of all globals, presets and IRs. Make sure that you have made backup "failsafe" copies of your own creations before performing the "Reset' or you will lose them. Other than that, once done your Stomp will be back to "box fresh" condition. As "Digital Igloo" (Line 6 Product Manager) says, "All presets suck!", but hey! Copy some of the factory sounds into empty slots and play around with the amp/speaker configuration, delay and reverb types etc. until you get a feel for how it all works. Hope this helps/makes sense. Have fun!
  18. O.K. Maybe it’s me that’s confused, but the simplest solution would be to update your Mac OS. I found this thread re your issue - check it for clues:
  19. I saw those on the promo video and wondered just how resilient they are going to be for a life on the road. Even for a studio rat like me, I would be wary of the footswitch/encoder failing. I shall be sticking with my Helix, it’s built like a tank.
  20. Way back in the mist of time, I used to play guitar through the bass channel of a very old Selmer 50w “Treble ‘n’ Bass” amp into cab containing a Goliath branded 18 inch bass speaker. When that rig eventually died it was replaced by a 1980s 60w bass combo with 5 band graphic eq and a 15” bass speaker. I always liked playing through a bass rig. Each to their own, but can’t really remember why I started playing through a bass set up. I vaguely remember being told it was something of a thing on the 1960s British Blues scene. More likely that you just played through whatever you could find or afford.
  21. He, he, he! I was expecting “spikey” to ask if there is a tuner in the editor! Hang on a moment - does it even have an editor? Does it make a sound? Maybe the artificial intelligence thing ensures that your guitar never goes out of tune!
  22. Well, whatever next? It sure looks familiar but you are never alone with a clone. As the saying goes - “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em”
  23. Hi sicular, I’m not sure why, but you appear to be confused about this. HX Edit will work on your Mavericks system, it’s backwardly compatible. HX Edit is tied to the Line 6 Firmware revision number, therefore if you install FW v2.82, then the HX Edit version must be the same number i.e. 2.82 When you check the compatible OS list for Mac, the first one is Mac OS X, the others are subsequent updates to the Mac operating systems. Quote: Compatible OS: Mac OS X, Mac OS Yosemite, Mac OS El Capitan, macOS Sierra, macOS High Sierra, macOS Mojave, macOS Catalina Hope this helps/makes sense.
  24. Hi Chris, Try installing the Helix Mac Driver 1.0.7 once again to access the higher sample rates - download it from here: https://line6.com/software/index.html Here you see can Mac Audio MIDI Setup and Logic ProX have access to the higher rates (the italic numbers in LPX mean that the rate is unavailable) - attached pix. I know it doesn't help with the "out of phase" thing, but hope it helps in other ways.
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