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  1. Ah, the dreaded :-28 Error Code in red on the top left of the screen! There was a whole thread started about this, from way back in 2017, see if there are any clues in there. I would be tempted to boot into Safe Mode and do a re-install of the latest firmware. Failing that raise a ticket with Customer Support and let us know what happens. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  2. Hi, For anyone else who may be unaware, and encounter this Apple Security block. Here is a copy and paste from a post about this Apple Gatekeeper way back in 2019 ”This is now normal behaviour for Apple Mac Operating Systems - you have just encountered the “Gatekeeper” which is built into the OS to protect you from malware. Rather than go through typing out the process of getting past this situation, I will give you a link to Apple’s own page on how to deal with this stuff. Hope this helps/makes sense.”
  3. Hi, Not sure what is happening there for you. I use Logic with my Helix Floor as the audio Interface and can set it to record and playback at 44.1 kHz without any latency issues as such. My playback monitors are connected on XLR from the Helix. The Line 6 Driver should allow you to switch sample rates. AFAIK using the Mac built in Class Compliant system can only really deal with 48kHz in and out. You can set the sample rate in the Apple Audio MIDI Utility. Granted I'm still using Logic Pro X 10.4 on a 2015 iMac running OSX Catalina - if it ain't broke etc. - It just works. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  4. Yeah, well that says it all really. The Helix is not, and cannot be all things to all men, but it is extremely good at what it does, plus it has some basic MIDI functions but that's it. If you want a fancy looper or MIDI player then you're looking in the wrong place - what you are speculating about just isn't going to happen. This is in the same category of "why is there no onboard drum machine in Helix?" - it's not what it was designed for and there are far too many options already available. Line 6 don't need to reinvent the wheel. "...this could be a game changer and money saver for a number of us." - Yeah, right! Guess you're going to be stuck with the laptop and synth option, so put your hand in your pocket and buy another solution.
  5. Huh? You can do this already without the need for an SD card. Create a preset in Native and drag it into HX Edit and load it into your hardware unit. See page 24 Helix Native Pilot’s Guide. “… and realistically a back up unit never really gets updated with your new settings on a regular basis (who has time for double work).” Fail safe! - always work on a copy!
  6. Glad you managed to get back up and running, but Native I wouldn’t regard it as being particularly “buggy” as such - most of the things you encountered are part of the copy protection for the plug in. In the Helix Native Pilot's Guide, on page 6 you can find the info you needed about de-authorising your computer, under the heading - "Removing Helix Native". Simply, click on the “My Account” menu item, and select “Deauthorise Computer” from the pop up. The Pilot’s Guide is also built in to the GUI of Native and available by clicking on the question mark icon in the lower left of the window. There is also this in depth post regarding issues with the Mac Migration Assistant - it describes the removal of Native completely. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  7. Ooooh, that is a thing that seizes me with a mighty dread - iLok is a law unto itself. It sounds like it has been named after LOKI. AAARRRGGHHH!
  8. See my reply to your post regarding this issue in the Helix Native forum. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  9. H I think you may have fallen foul of this situation. I realise you say that the drive is still the same, but did the name of the root hard drive change. Check this out. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  10. Right there at the top of this page, click the menu item “CUSTOMTONE”. Prepare to be disappointed - one persons killer tone is another persons meh!
  11. Hi, Theoretically, yes, but please read, study and inwardly digest the Release Notes for version 3.60 before starting. Specifically the section that mentions starting from v2.80 or lower. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  12. Hi Angel, The easiest way to find where to buy a replacement is to type “line 6 hx effects power supply replacement” into the Google Search engine. Hundreds of options should be available for you to buy in Spain. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  13. Hi Michael, Good to know that you have managed to update the firmware to 3.6 - enjoy the new features.
  14. Only if the guy you bought it from is laughing. You don’t say how you have the Helix connected - and what it’s connected to - amp via 4CM, front of amp, solid state or tube amp, USB into DAW? What are you monitoring on? It helps to know this stuff. You say “your friend” found it overwhelming, but did he say it was noisy? How was he using it? Did you check it out before buying? You also say - “The output on this thing is way, way to noisy to use at a gig or session!!” That doesn’t stack up with what the majority of users have found, lots of folk gigging and recording without issue. I have been using my Helix floor unit in my studio on an almost daily basis since late 2015 and I haven’t encountered the noise issues you describe. A little more info would help. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  15. Hi, Apologies for the delayed response, and being unclear about my directions regarding the procedure. If you managed to follow along about downloading the components required for the offline installation, then you should realise that reference to the “Flash Memory” is the actual Firmware “flash memory” file required to perform the update. The file name for this will most likely end with “_bundle.hxf” for example: “HELIX_Floor_v3.60.0_0xe171dae81_bundle.hxf” As I mentioned in the earlier post, you should have made a note of where these various component files had been downloaded to on your computer. Then when you launch the Line 6 Updater Utility and select "Offline Mode". Your HELIX and current firmware version should now show up in the window, click on the dark green coloured band and you should now have the option to select a local file - specifically the Firmware Flash Memory bundle noted above. While in the Updater Utility, you simply need to navigate to (point it at), and select the firmware bundle which you downloaded previously. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  16. Nice attitude - see how far that takes your request, Jedi, really?
  17. Hi, Two people have already answered your question about the factory reset options! @silverhead posted a link to reset procedures, and @MusicLaw pointed you in the direction of Furthermore, if you click on the question mark in the black dot in the lower right hand corner of page, it will reveal the Help Page. Once again if you scroll down that section you will find the reset procedures for all the hardware below the Common Product FAQ. I really cannot comprehend how much clearer this guidance could be. Hope this help/makes sense.
  18. Here ya go! YouTube is crammed with instructional videos for this stuff. Hope this helps/makes sense,
  19. Bonjour, suivez le lien ci-dessous et utilisez Google translate pour convertir les instructions en français. Cette technique est connue pour fonctionner auparavant. Chaque fois qu'il mentionne Firmware, vous devez utiliser 3.6. Remarque : Les instructions étaient pour le Firmware 3.5, mais vous devez utiliser la dernière version 3.6. J'espère que cela aide / a du sens.
  20. For the benefit of anyone else who may have issues with HX Native when changing to a new computer, hard drive, etc., here is the Line 6 advice. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  21. Hi, Having had the chance to run both of these audio clips through my monitors, I think I agree with the comment from @SaschaFranck in the post above. My guess is you are driving the input of HX Native a bit to hot. Keep in the green on the meters.
  22. Hi, I can’t make any comments about your audio examples as I’m using my iPad right now. Actually, beside the audio snippets, it would be a big help to know what your computer, operating system, DAW and monitor system are. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  23. Hi, As he is asking about a recording made with Helix Native, he must be referring to a Direct Injected (dry) audio signal, played back through a preset in HX Native. It may be more useful to know what computer, OS, and DAW are being used for this, even though he said his friend has a similar set-up (not identical).
  24. Hi, Interesting conundrum. You update your MacBook Air to a public beta release (MacOS Ventura 13.4), and now your copy of Helix Native doesn’t work correctly? Usually, I find software will stop working as expected when something changes to cause that to happen. Mmm … what could possibly have changed to bring this about? Couldn’t possibly be anything to do with a beta version of Apple’s OS, oh, no, not that! I know - blame Line 6 - Really annoying :( You also failed to mention if you actually tried the possible solutions presented here? Hope this helps/makes sense. (Possibly not!)
  25. You’re about 5 years too late with your comment. :-)
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