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  1. Thanks for the advice, cheekybeermonk and amsdenj. Gonna find out.
  2. HI, I happen to have two HX Stomps. I'm using one on my MacBook and HX Edit for one guitar. Is it possible to use a second Stomp (for a second guitar for example)? And if so, what will happen with the HX Edit app? Or install another HX Edit app? Thanks for helping.
  3. I have more or less the same problem. The guitar --> Port VX --> iPad Pro+ POD --> Amplifier connection does not work (iPad Pro uses a USB C input), but guitar --> Port VX --> iPhone + POD --> Amplifier connection does work (iPhone with the original Lightning input). What I think is that the lightning cable coming from the Port VX when it goes into the iPad using an adapter (lightning female to USB c) there is a problem with the adapter. I bought Ringke adapters but I guess that's the problem. Let me know.
  4. Thanks for the phone and address. Closed on saturday. And they have let me know there will be (and already is) a refund. Thanks.
  5. Hi, thanks for your advise. It helps me to understand what is the problem. Indeed, I don't have a dongle. Didn't realise that. Line6 should have mentioned that in clear words. And I won't buy a dongle for the price mentioned. I understand they want some defence against misuse, but this is too much ado about nothing. No Ampfarm. I will look for something else. But again thanks for explaining the issue.
  6. I prefer to have the Ampfarm, of course. I will phone as soon as I find a number.
  7. I bought AmpFarm August 23, 2019 order #xxx (see unanswered or ignored support tickets). iLok does not show it in the list of downloadable products. Line6 did not respond after 6 business days (but promised to respond within three business days. How do I get refunded?
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