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  1. Yup, the backup routine does Global Settings, Impulse Responses, Favorites, User Model Defaults and Presets. Should the install fail you can restore any, or all of these options.
  2. Lots of folk know - it has been asked so many times. Here’s just one from back in 2019. Cheap option - M- Audio EXP. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  3. No one here gets out alive. - Mr Mojo Risin’ Although, I understand the full quote is - “‘Nothing is certain except death and taxes” - Benjamin Franklin, 1789.
  4. datacommando

    FX Loop

    Hi, As noted by @Schmalle in the above post- there is a split point right at the beginning of the signal flow in the “Fierce” preset. It isn’t obvious from your screenshots of HX Edit, but it shows up in this on-line preset viewer: Hope this helps/makes sense. EDIT: Another thing that I notice about the Ping Pong delay is that you have it set to a dotted 1/8th note with a scaling factor of 50%. You may want to use that setting, but it also means that the delay offset for the repeat will be at half the main time you have set. For example: at 120BPM - 1/8note = 250ms, 50% scale gives 1/16th note = 125ms.
  5. This is a repeat post - see the answers already supplied here: Hope this helps/makes sense.
  6. Huh! The start of this thread was a question about using Snapshots on the HX FX to channel switch an external amp. It seems that you are using a Stomp XL - no matter, the firmware is essentially the same, other than the FX unit doesn’t have amp models or cabinet blocks. Now I’m intrigued? What are you actually doing that is so complex that you are required to switch between presets in order to perform one song? To reiterate - think of each of your XL presets as a complete custom pedal board. Each preset can theoretically be loaded with all you need to perform a complete song, or whatever. Then by using the 4 Snapshots you can modify up to 64 parameters across any or all of the effects, amp settings within that specific preset. This allows you to perform feats of wonder that are impossible in the real world, eg: one click could change the delay feedback and mix, swap between a room and plate reverb, turn up the drive on an amp, or whatever else takes your fancy. That would cover 4 changes in one single S/Shot leaving another 60 options available to use across the remaining 3 S/Shots. You will find lots of HX users who like to configure their S/Shots to cover settings for Intro, Verse, Chorus, Solo and use them accordingly. In fact the S/Shots can be toggled using a single switch by using Snapshot Reselect. I rather get the impression that you haven’t delved deep enough into the configuration and use of Snapshots to solve the issues you appear to have with “a terrible design decision”. As for the “slight pause while the presets load”, Line 6 have already addressed this for users who disliked it, but it came at a cost, a big cost. Users of full blown Helix models can use “true spillover” that allows for better switching between presets, but in order to perform this minor miracle means sacrificing the use of one of the two DSP chips. This effectively turns a Helix floor unit into a HX Stomp, but with almost transparent preset swaps. Personally, I have never found a need for it on my Helix floor, which has 32 blocks available per preset which should be enough for most people - unless you’re Devin Townsend who uses 2. I would be interested to see what you have going on in your presets that requires you to tap dance so much. Please upload a couple of your presets (.hlx) for examination, along with a brief explanation of what it is you want to achieve. You never know it may yet be possible. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  7. Hi, The whole point of Snapshots is to be able to create “presets within presets”. Snapshots allow you to modify 64 parameters in the current preset. The only thing snapshots can’t do is rearrange your pedalboard or swap out an effect for a different one (unless both effect blocks exist in the same preset). If you are swapping to another preset, that is essentially a completely different set of effects to one one you’re already using, then what you require isn’t going to happen, for precisely the reasons stated by @silverhead in the post above. I realise you say in your initial post “noob question”, so I’m going to suggest that you need to rethink what you want to do, and how to achieve it in the simplest way. I know you don’t want to hear this, but the Owners Manual is your friend. Effects 3.0 Owner's Manual - Rev C - English .pdf Hope this helps/makes sense.
  8. Hi, That’s a rather strange idea, especially after all using the Rack for several years. If your Helix Rack has suffered an unexpected exhalation of the magic smoke that smells like electric, then why change horses in mid-stream? You could buy an equivalent replacement unit as a spare: - Helix floor, or LT, for example - load your back ups and go. It would take a heck of a lot longer to try to recreate all your presets on another platform. It’s not as if you can load your backups into either the Fractal, or Neural options. You really haven’t thought this through. Regarding your comment:- “but it means I wont have any recording device for at least 2 months”. Again, huh? There are lots of very cheap, but functional, audio interfaces available that will allow you to hook up a guitar to a DAW running HX Native. End of problem! This would possibly keep you recording until the Rack returns from service. Always have a backup solution. Hope this helps/makes sense
  9. Hi, If there was any cause for alarm, the usual place to check is in the coloured banners across the top of this page. There was a notice about an overheating issue with wireless Relay G10 posted up there for many months. Let’s check with out Italian contributor, @PierM - Are you aware of this? Nobody seems to think it’s true.
  10. Hi, Short answer AFAIK - No. My guess, for what you want to be able to do, is plan your setlist prior to the gig which should make navigating presets a little easier, even without the 2 other switches. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  11. Hi, Before buying the HX Effects unit, you might want to familiarise yourself with its capabilities by reading the manual. Effects 3.0 Owner's Manual - Rev C - English .pdf From the HX Effects 3.0 Owner’s Manual - Rev C - English - page 47 Global Settings > Switches: “By default, Stomp footswitch mode displays 6 stomps. You may also choose “4 Switch”, which replaces FS1 and FS4 with up and down switches.” You might also want to check out using the Command Centre, which theoretically allows you to assign almost anything to any footswitch - Disclaimer:- I haven’t seen this done with the HXFX, but I have seen the preset UP/DOWN switches move to different positions on all the other units. From the manual page 41 Command Centre: ”Configure footswitches to expand your device’s Stomp mode with additional control functions (see “HX Preset, Snapshot, and Looper Commands” on page 43).” Hope this helps/makes sense.
  12. Hi, The whole point of having a block named “Harmony Delay” is to differentiate that particular delay block from a totally different type of delay - “Reverse Delay” for example. The green colour of the block also serves a similar purpose, by showing that is delay block rather than a modulation block which are coloured blue, or a reverb which are orange, etc. Line 6 went to great lengths to name, and colour the blocks to make the user interface as simple, and easy to use as possible. Hope this helps/makes sense. EDIT: From the Owner’s Manual:- “Stomp mode displays colored labels representing the assignments for footswitches 1~6, so you know exactly what you’re stomping on in the heat of battle. Alternatively, you can change the Stomp Mode to show four footswitch assignments, with Up/Down switches at the left (accessed via the Global Settings > Footswitches > Stomp Mode setting”
  13. Hi, Simply load up HX Edit, select the Factory 1 setlist and make a screenshot of it, rinse and repeat for the rest of the setlist stuff. Print it out and stick on your wall - done. As to what purpose this would serve, I have no idea, because most of the names given to the Factory presets are totally arbitrary, or complete nonsense, which is what started the whole “Let’s put the real names to the presets“ thread - yet another exercise in futility. Sometime forum contributor “Malhavok” (Ben Vesco) used to keep an archive of what presets had changed in various revisions of the Firmware. IIRC, this continued until somewhere around v.2.80 and I think he may have given up on it now. Anyhow here’s a link to his info - scroll down to the bottom of the page: Hope this helps/makes sense.
  14. Hi, Downloaded from Hope this helps/makes sense line-6-helix-microphone-models-dshowmusic.pdf
  15. “Le plus grave c’est la nonchalance de line6 à nous traiter comme des petits enfants sans eux même débloquer la situation avec un correctif - The most serious thing is the nonchalance of line6 to treat us like small children without them even unlocking the situation with a correction“. Vraiment? Êtes-vous absolument sûr qu'il n'y a pas de correction à ce problème? Quote from a post on TGP by Digital Igloo 14th Feb 2023. (Eric Klein, Chief Product Design Architect, Yamaha Guitar Group | Line 6 | Ampeg | Córdoba | Guild) “Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! 3.52 for Helix Native and HX Edit(and 1.41 for POD Go Edit) are now live. 3.52 fixes an issue where the application may not launch when an SD card is inserted on Windows-based computers. THIS IS ONLY A BUG FIX UPDATE FOR WINDOWS USERS. 3.51 REMAINS THE LATEST FOR MAC USERS.” The information regarding this fix is also included in the Release Notes for v.3.52 on the download page. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  16. Hi, Here we go - one more time from the top. Go here and follow the instructions to the letter. If you feel unsure about performing the update, please find a 14 year old computer geek to do it for you. Hope this helps/makes sense
  17. Hi, Here ya go. Donner, Hotone and Mooer are the cheapest options. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  18. Hi, I’m not really sure that I understand what you are trying to achieve here. I own a Helix Floor not the LT, so bear with me on this. Looking at the example you quoted - the “Level” parameter on an EQ Block assigned to a foot switch. Well, I tried this on the Helix and the LED on the switch turns grey, because the switch is not engaged (bypassed). Turn it on and it will light up white (grey undimmed). The thing is with the Level being controlled by the foot switch as you mention it will be either On, or Off. You can achieve the On/Off state by assigning the whole EQ Block to a foot switch. I really don’t understand what you are trying to do with this idea. If you are wanting to control parameters within any amp, cab or effect block in your preset, then you should be using Snapshots. It is what they are designed to do. See the Helix LT 3.0 Owner’s Manual - Rev E - German - Page 48 > Snapshots. LT 3.0 Owner's Manual - Rev E - German .pdf Hope this helps/makes sense.
  19. If you have an issue that qualifies as a genuine “bug”, you need to post to this thread: Generally, when strange things start to happen in your hardware the first thing to do is perform a Factory Reset. You didn’t say which unit you have where this is happening, but here’s a full list of reset options. Helix Floor/LT: Turn unit off and then back on. Hold in Footswitches 9 and 10 right after you turn the unit on, throughout the boot process, until you see that your factory presets are loading. Helix Rack: Turn unit off and then back on. Hold in Encoders 5 and 6 right after you turn the unit on, throughout the boot process, until you see that your factory presets are loading. HX Effects: Turn unit off and then turn back on. Hold Footswitch 6 and Tap throughout the boot process, until you see that your factory presets are loading. If you run into any trouble with a failed update or your unit will not boot up, try powering on while holding the right arrow ">" This will put the unit into update mode and you can re-install the latest firmware from there. HX Stomp: Turn unit off and then turn back on. Hold Footswitches 2 and 3 as the unit boots up. HX Stomp XL: Turn unit off and then turn back on. Hold Footswitches C and D as the unit boots up. If the issue continues you may find it advisable to contact Customer Support. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  20. Hi, FYI, the .hls file is used for Setlists, not backup files, and I guess for what you want to achieve, you may be better hacking a preset file. Presets = .hlx Set Lists = .hls Bundles = .hlb Hope this helps/makes sense.
  21. Hi, What you experienced using the Helix Vintage Digital is perfectly normal - it’s a side effect of the sample rate and bit depth you choose. To “clean up” the signal, increase the sample rate and bit depth, but more importantly increase the headroom option. If you have ever used early examples of digital delays you will be aware of this. I still have an old (bought new in 1983) Ibanez DM 1000 in a rack over in the corner. That was an early model DDL running at 8kHz, but it had a compressor/expander circuit in the delay signal chain and the use of pre-and de-emphasis circuitry which makes for quieter operation. Lots of fun and a big leap from my old Simms - Watts Echo Dek. Now that was noisy - Google it. Hope this helps/makes sense. P.S. The post you replied to was from February 2018.
  22. Yeah, you’ve got it. Once you have messed around with the presets for a while, the best thing to do would be to make a backup of all the factory presets, and free up space for your own creations. You can always reload any you particularly like. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  23. Nope, not really - it’s very easily done, when dealing with multiple posts.
  24. Oops! He has an HX Stomp XL - no FS 9+10 on that unit. HX Stomp XL Hold these button combinations while powering up the HX Stomp XL: 1. FS ^, C & D: clears all presets/IRs 2. FS ^+C: resets presets and IRs 3. FS C+D: factory restore (globals, presets, IRs) 4. Page >: Update mode. This update mode is helpful if the update is interrupted, and the HX Stomp will not boot properly. You will see a blank screen (no visual feedback on the display). 5. Upper & Lower Knobs: Rebuild presets. Wait for "Will Rebuild Presets..." to appear and let go. Make sure to always update to the latest firmware using Line 6 Updater.
  25. Hi, Rather than search through the documentation for the Editor software, if may help if you checked out the Helix LT 3.0 Owner's Manual > Snapshots > Pages 47-52 LT 3.0 Owner's Manual - Rev E - English .pdf Lots more interesting and helpful stuff in there too, as you are new to the Helix platform - a world difference to the POD H500X. Oh, here's a video, Hope this helps/makes sense.
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