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  1. Thanks to everyone who replied with your insights and suggestions, as they were all helpful. This was my first post on the Forum, and I'm very happy with the responses I got! I was able to get in touch with one of the Line 6 Programmers, and asked the following abbreviated version of my proposed method to use multiple Setlists: Question: "My plan was to save a Setlist to my computer, rename it, modify the existing/loaded Setlist, and do that a few times so I could have several different Setlists too choose from and load. I know only one Setlist can be loaded at a time, but wouldn't my approach work? I'm running out of available open/empty Presets. Guess I'm having too much fun." Reply: "Yep, that'll totally work. Just don't forget to re-export the whole setlist if you make changes to it." So, it looks like I'll be able to have "multiple Setlists" albeit using/loading one at a time. But, that works fine for my purposes as described in my initial post. I hope other users found this topic interesting, and may find some possible use for it in taking advantage of the amazing versatility of this powerhouse of a Modeler.
  2. I've been using my HX Stomp for about 4 months, and use it almost daily. I need some help understanding Setlists, but have not been able to find much information to them specific to this unit. I enjoy modifying and creating my own "Presets" within the unit. So much so, that I'm running out of Preset Locations to save any new Presets. I'm familiar with, and use Snapshots all the time, but they won't address the specific use described below. I also do regular Backups. What I'd like to do is create "multiple Setlists" so that I can load any specific one I want, when I want. I know the HX Stomp is limited to one Setlist, but I believe that means one Setlist stored in the unit at a time. I would like to create several different Setlists on the unit, and save each one to my computer for future retrieval/use when I want, and I believe this can be done, but have some concerns. My confusion and concern is how the unit processes and loads individual Setlists, as I don't want any of my Presets to be lost. 1. To start, I'd like to have 3 Setlists: Factory Setlist (a backup of those), Daily Setlist, and Experimental Setlist, all saved on my computer. 2. Currently, I'm using what I'm calling the "Factory Setlist," which includes Factory Presets, FX, DIR, 4CM, BAS, and my settings, modifications, and a bunch of my own Presets. 3. If I were save the current Setlist onto my computer, and then modify the "Daily Setlist" on the unit, what would happen when I load a different Setlist on the unit? 4. Would the current/Factory Setlist in the Unit "overwritten?" 5. Would my Daily Setlist somehow "merged" into the current Setlist? 6. If my Daily Setlist had 20 of my custom Presets in it, how many additional "blank/empty Presets" would appear in the unit when that Setlist was loaded - would it be 42 Banks minus 20 Banks = 22 "blank/empty Presets"? 7. How would I copy a Preset created in one Setlist and paste it into a different Setlist. 8. Am I correct in assuming that my custom Global Settings will remain unchanged when a new Setlist is loaded? 9. I read on the forum where someone recommended saving "individual Presets" as opposed to a Setlist. I think the reason may have been that it makes accessing individual Presets possible. Thanks in advance for any help, and insights you can provide. I'm just trying to prevent any "gotcha's" and avoid wasting time.
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