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  1. Two XXL V30's, one with sm71, other with ribbon 4038. All mics at distance of 2 inches. It's my go-to metal cab blend (works for other genres as well).
  2. Authorize HX Stomp to have discount on Helix Native. If your HX Stomp is aurhorized, you can buy Native by 99$. For example, my old POD 500X was authorized without no problems and I had some discounts too. My HX Stomp is registered but website want to have it authorized. And they said that I need to use Line 6 Licence Manager. I did not find other way to do it in HX Edit or somewhere else...
  3. I wanna autorize it. How I can do it then?
  4. I registered it on website, updater see it, HX Edit works well. But licence manager does not see unit. What should I do? Windows 7.
  5. No big problem but icons on my Stomp dissapearing for no reason. I use it at home and I don't do anything crazy with it. I use that headphone jack and input. Why is that happenin? Sry for bad English btw. This is keeps dissapearing and soon my HX Stomp will be without icons. Just a little touches, presses and paintings dissapearing, It's weak painting means that I need to worry about how good quality this device have?
  6. Allright, I'm paranoid guy and I LOVE to make questions about that kind of things that scared me :D I was sitting this morning and looking at Line 6 dc 3g power supply box. And this information on the box was like storm in the middle of calm night: This product can expose you to chemicals including DEHP, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. I thought okay, just another formal text. But I can't forgot it and thinking all the time like what the hell? Does it really can cause cancer and etc. ? Why? Simple power supply? What's inside? Little atomic bomb? :) Just wondering what you think of this. Cheers :)
  7. So first of all sry for bad English. I have seen that people write about overheating and I saw FAQ where is said it is normal. Anyway I'm really, REALLY worried of overheating because when I use 5-6 blocks, it gets really hot. Not THAT hot, but it feels like charger from PC. You know, that little block or what is it. I think my HX Stomp overheating more that normal. Or I'm just overthinking it... idk. I was thinking about playing at direct sunlight outdoors and with warm floor in the rehearsal. This even worse. If it warm, then it can get too hot. What then? My device will cooked like an egg? I saw people said they turned it on for days and had problems. What if I wanna use it as sound card for all day long? I bought it from a friend that win this on Ebay. So I don't have any warranty and all that kind of support stuff. So if my device will broke I can't do anything.
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