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Found 21 results

  1. I've been using my HX Stomp for about 4 months, and use it almost daily. I need some help understanding Setlists, but have not been able to find much information to them specific to this unit. I enjoy modifying and creating my own "Presets" within the unit. So much so, that I'm running out of Preset Locations to save any new Presets. I'm familiar with, and use Snapshots all the time, but they won't address the specific use described below. I also do regular Backups. What I'd like to do is create "multiple Setlists" so that I can load any specific one I want, when I want. I know the HX Stomp is limited to one Setlist, but I believe that means one Setlist stored in the unit at a time. I would like to create several different Setlists on the unit, and save each one to my computer for future retrieval/use when I want, and I believe this can be done, but have some concerns. My confusion and concern is how the unit processes and loads individual Setlists, as I don't want any of my Presets to be lost. 1. To start, I'd like to have 3 Setlists: Factory Setlist (a backup of those), Daily Setlist, and Experimental Setlist, all saved on my computer. 2. Currently, I'm using what I'm calling the "Factory Setlist," which includes Factory Presets, FX, DIR, 4CM, BAS, and my settings, modifications, and a bunch of my own Presets. 3. If I were save the current Setlist onto my computer, and then modify the "Daily Setlist" on the unit, what would happen when I load a different Setlist on the unit? 4. Would the current/Factory Setlist in the Unit "overwritten?" 5. Would my Daily Setlist somehow "merged" into the current Setlist? 6. If my Daily Setlist had 20 of my custom Presets in it, how many additional "blank/empty Presets" would appear in the unit when that Setlist was loaded - would it be 42 Banks minus 20 Banks = 22 "blank/empty Presets"? 7. How would I copy a Preset created in one Setlist and paste it into a different Setlist. 8. Am I correct in assuming that my custom Global Settings will remain unchanged when a new Setlist is loaded? 9. I read on the forum where someone recommended saving "individual Presets" as opposed to a Setlist. I think the reason may have been that it makes accessing individual Presets possible. Thanks in advance for any help, and insights you can provide. I'm just trying to prevent any "gotcha's" and avoid wasting time.
  2. Hello, I’m looking for some experienced help for the best way to wire a hd500x in conjunction as a midi controller for a Mesa triaxis. I found the manual long and difficult and am just seeking help from experienced users. So basically I wanna set the unit up as a controller, assigning setlists, assigning effects switches, proper line in, line out, front of amp and and effects loop designation. So basically I wanna start with a clean straight in signal, using the distortion from the triaxis midi channels and coloring it by assigning effects to the front of the amp and the fx loop. Any expert help would be appreciated. Also, it’s better I learn to edit in the unit rather than the software. So if you think you would be a good teacher to achieve my desired settings then please reply below. Thanks!
  3. I would love to be able to select a preset from another setlist... or just go to another setlist by hitting a stomp button. Is there something like that available? I was thinking about trying something in the command center... if I can assign a button to a preset in another setlist, then maybe I can create a preset that has a preset from each setlist... then clicking on that would take me to that setlist. Going to try that tonight. Would love to know if anyone else has done this. Thanks.
  4. I just acquired a Helix LT and am learning to use it. I have figured out how to make presets and things like that. But here's my problem... We play 4 or 5 songs each service and those songs vary from week to week... How do you make it easy to create a setlist (say with 4 songs in it) and make them easily accessible during the set? How do you make it easy to go from one song to the next that require different presets? And then, the following week, delete the songs in that setlist and add new songs to it? This is not rocket science but I can't seem to do this without having to jump through hoops to get it done. Makes me wanna sell the things and go back to stomp boxes. Someone please explain how you use and changes setlists each week. Thanks for any guidance you can provide.
  5. hi. im a beatbox artist. so i using helix. and i doin jammin with loops. and sharing stuffs with other artists.. yeah! but i import wrong bundles. and i turn off my HX EDIT before done to import . cause i feels like "oh sh..!" and i reboot my helix. and its everything gone. i didn't back ups.. but i need to using that presets..!! any advices??!???? i need help. thanks :)
  6. Hi all, I've been a pedalboard user my entire life. I found a good deal on a used Helix LT and decided to check it out. I’m trying to figure out the best way to program delay BPM’s for a setlist. I know tap tempo is available, but I prefer to have BPM’s dialed in beforehand and exact. I plan on using it in stomp mode since that’s most familiar to me. My thought was to have 10 presets all exactly the same, then pre-program BPM’s on each preset. So preset #1 would be song #1 and so on... But realized if I made any adjustments to an effect, it wouldn’t automatically be saved to all the other presets. This would require me to copy and paste my tweaked preset every time I make an adjustment. Does anyone out there have a solution for something like this? Thanks!
  7. Hello.....HX Stomp Family..... I'm sharing one of my back-up Set List in the hope that new folks to the Line 6 HX Stomp can start jammin'. All you have to do is load or import the set list via' USB Poof !!!!! you have new Patches.... PS... These all were made from the basic unit of the Line 6 HX Stomp.... NO IR's NEEDED !!!! Yeah !!!!! Your Friend …...KingSlayer HX Storage Vault.hls
  8. Hi there, I have been trying to figure how to change setlists/patches/snapshots with midi through ableton live. Having read the manual and had an extensive look here/online, I could gather that: Change a Setlist - CC32 - to whichever is needed Change a Patch - PC - to the relevant one Change a snapshot - CC69 - to the relevant snapshot The ultimate aim is that I run backing tracks through Live (as of up to now I have been running scenes for each song in session view) And can leave the Helix offstage, but having some issues. So I have been creating a midi clip under the audio track needed in arangemenrt view. As the setlist needed was the first one, I had not input anything CC32 wise, I had input the PC as the relevant patch, and then in the envelope, selected 69 and drawn a line between 0 and 3 to trigger the relevant snapshot as the track moves on through. My main issue is that at points I can do this and it seems to work fine, then I run the track again and just either doesnt work, or selects different snapshots. A few things that I had noticed: - For a patch change the PC number had to be 1 higher than the actual number for some reason? - When trying to change to a different setlist, I have had to put the bank as 36, the sub as the correct one (3 ikn this case) and then the PC as the correct one (2 in this case) and it would work. But then again I would try the track agian and just would not work. So am hoping/praying/begging that someone may be able to give me a breakdown on how to do this from scratch, am reletively new to midi so just working things out for myself, but seem to be hitting a brick wall. Ideally, where do I set the CC32 number to select the setlist, then the same with the patch and snapshot, and get this working in a live situation. Have attached a screenshot to show how the notes/envelope is setup. Any help would be greatly appreciated :) Many Many thanks Steve
  9. Posted an Idea to Ideascale to add "Setlists" to the Helix. A "Setlist" as differentiated from a "Bank" does not actually contain presets but is instead composed of pointers to the presets. This allows you to quickly set up a list for the presets for upcoming performances without having to go and physically move all of your presets around. Would love to see this on both the Helix and the Editor but I would probably use it mostly from the Editor. Please chime in with comments if you have some ideas on the best implementation. Vote for it here:
  10. Hi. I am new to Mobile POD and only got real experiences from Apps like JamUp, ToneStack, AmpKit. So far I use a App called iFile Organizer to play along over audio-tracks from my bandmates. iFile Organizer offers the ability to loop parts of a song and lets you decide the tempo up- and downwards. As the Mobile POD App offers similar features I thought about using these when jamming, but there is a big disadvantage, which seems to be the "import possibilities". Regardless to what other App I refer, all those others can be feed by using the "open in...", "Import to...", "send to..." feature of the cloud-services like iCloud, Drive and Dropbox where Mobile POD only seems to support the iTunes library as a source for imports into it's setlist. But this library itself can only be feed by purchasing tracks or syncing the music in your iTunes-Desktop library. Does anyone have a solution for this? How do you import playalong tracks into a music-setlist of Mobile POD?
  11. I'm trying to rename a setlist using the Helix app (windows version). Instructions are on page 5 of Helix app Pilots guide: "Renaming Setlists To rename the current setlist, Right-Click/Ctrl+Click on the setlist name within the Setlist combo-box control list." But I just can't get it to work. Is it a bug or am I just being stupid?
  12. I've read that the pre-amps in HD500 are the best to use with DT50 and DT25, so I've put a setlist together with all of the pres as a baseline for my patch creation. The problem I encountered was that the volumes varied WILDLY and I kept blowing up my ears going from the quietest amp (Hiway-100 apparently) and a Treadplate for example. Of course one amp is louder than the other, but for home use, or testing, having these patches be leveled is a must So I've gone through and leveled out (with the MIXER setting) all 30 of the pre amps to be very roughly the same loudness. There is definitely some variance. If anyone cares to correct them more properly, please do so and post the update. In this setlist, Hiway-100 is the quietest amp- I have the db setting on the mixer maxed, so I used that setting as the baseline for loudness of all the other amps. Very unscientific, but now I don't get ringing ears if I'm switching between. Hope this helps. DT25 30
  13. Hello, I was just wondering if I'm able to easily create my patches in setlist order straight through X3 Live without having to connect it to my computer... Of course I can always move one patch at a time to a bank X and create the order that way but is there any "setlist creator" inside the X3?
  14. Hi, I play in a cover band and I use 15 different presets for 20 songs. For each song I use a maximum of 4 presets out of these 15 presets. It would be great being able to: · Save 15 different presets as “master presets†· Save 20 banks (one for each song I play) each containing 4 presets out of the 15 master presets. This 4 presets are just “pointers†to 4 master presets. The great and cool thing about this is that when I modify a single master presets all the 20 banks that use that preset are immediately updated! For example suppose master preset 1 is a crunchy guitar that I use in 10 out of the 20 banks. If I just want to slightly increase its volume I can just update the master preset and all the 10 banks will be updated automatically! What I have to do today is update each bank manually and it is a mess… Would this be possible? Thank you! Mapix
  15. To rename your desired setlist within the Helix Editor 2.01, be sure to click on the setlist name with your LEFT mouse button and hold it for a second. When you use a longer mouse click you should see the cursor appear with a blue highlight. Then, you can rename your selection. This will not work within the drop-down menu. Only the selected setlist name.
  16. I've barely scratched the surface on this thing. I have yet to go through any of the tutorials and, yes, to paraphrase DI's earlier comment, all factory presets are pretty far to the right on the Suck Curve. I've reviewed this forum, as well as the HD500 forum. I'm trying to figure out how to export all of my HD500 custom patches in such a fashion that I can manually enter the same values on the Helix. I'm not looking for a serial transfer, but for a simple, if not easy, way to get my HD settings (parameters, values, etc.) off of the old machine and import it in to the new one. Anybody have any insight as to if this is even possible? DI? L6T? Phil? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?
  17. I originally planned on using setlists for different, um, sets. And then I’d select different banks for different songs, 16 banks is plenty for my sets. Then, within a song, a can select ABCD patches for different parts of the song – clean, crunch, lead, and maybe a high-gain lead or something. Then I also have FX 1, 2, 3 & 4 when I need something special for each of the 4 ABCD sounds. Sounds like a plan. I decided to save one of the 1,2,3,4 slots by relying on amp models for my distortion, like selecting between Soldano clean, crunch, and high gain. That way, I select ABCD for the type of distortion and use 1234 for delay, chorus, tremolo, and some other effect (compression, noise gate, reverb are always on – no need for a 1234 switch on those). The problem I’m finding is it takes 15msec for a new ABCD patch to load in (I measured it). This is too long. I can’t always anticipate the timing to punch it in, or I don’t have that much time. The audio is muted during this 15msec and you hear it when I switch between, say, clean rhythm to scorching lead. So, now I’m thinking about going back to 1-8 FX buttons and just bank selecting between songs. But then I’m stuck with a single amp model, which is workable I suppose by using more of the FX buttons to switch in different distortion FX, but not as flexible. So my question for the group is: what is your strategy in using setlists, banks, ABCD patches, and 1234 switches. How do you use them? Are you stuck with a single amp model for a given song? How do you overcome the 15msec audio mute when switching ABCD patches? When do you use ABCD patches and when do you use 1234 FX switches? Thanks for any insight you can provide me.
  18. Dear all I am a live musician playing in various bands, quite often using different gear as well. Therefore, I would like to organize my Firehawk patches in a manner, that I can easily refresh my Firehawk using a dedicated bundle of patches for each of my bands. Furthermore, it would be helpful, if I could quickly resequence those patches since in every gig there might be a different sequence of songs etc. I am currently owing and playing a Boss ME-80 which allows me to easily maintain multiple setlists on my PC and 'push it' to the FloorBoard according my actual needs. Any good ideas from the Line6 experts how to do this w/ the Firehawk? Many thanks!
  19. Hi, I needed some new inspiration to my POD HD sounds, so I downloaded an entire setlist from a guy who made some awesome sounds. But how do I save these sounds/setlist to my POD HD? I can import the setlist, but it's not stored in the POD.
  20. Hi, I don't know if it's a bug coming from POD HD Edit or the hardware unit itself but it's VERY annoying. I already lost some custom presets because of it. What's happening is when I'm tweaking then saving my presets on the POD or POD HD Edit, the preset is saved in the location I specified (let's say setlist 3, 12B) but it's also sometime duplicated and saved in another setlist (setlist 2 for ex, 12B) erasing whatever preset was populating the 12B space. Unfortunately I can't replicate this issue as it seems to happen randomly. The duplicate always saves in the same preset spot as the original (for ex. 14C) but in a different setlist. But it's happening quite often to be VERY annoying and frustrating, especially when you discover a duplicate of your Metallica preset in your Pop Rock setlist, erasing the Santana preset you have been tweaking to perfection for months... Oddly I could only find one thread mentioning this exact same issue: Maybe it's the way we both use POD HD Edit or the POD. The POD factory setlists are loaded, leaving me with 3 empty setlists I populated and are now almost full. My setlists are organized as follow: 1/ Metal 2/ Pop Rock Acoustic 3/ Ambient FX that's why it's easy for me to spot a preset that doesn't belong to one or other setlist. To save a patch I either use the SAVE button on the POD or send it from POD HD Edit to the POD. I sometime reorganize my setlists moving patches all over the place, and I'm always very careful to what I do so when there's a duplicate, it's not user error. The only workaround I found (which is actually not really a workaround) is to save my preset bundle before editing, and then again in another file after editing so I can compare both bundles preset after preset and see the changes. Very annoying once again, but at least this way I'm not losing any patch. This really needs to get fixed.
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