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  1. Megadeth1313

    HX Stomp SetList (Free)

    I tried the new Firmware it sucks...… I when back to my Line 6 Firehawk.... It sounds better than my HX Stomp.... :(
  2. Megadeth1313

    Firehawk FX 2019 updates!!!!!

    Well..... I brought the line 6 Firehawk First and then... I brought the HX Stomp.... Guess What !!!!!...…… The Firehawk in my opinion the better of the two unit(s).... I when back to the Firehawk.... Because... 1. For Playing Out on Stage..... Firehawk is Better then the HX Stomp.... 2. Sound of the Amps though the Powered PA's... Firehawk was Better.... 3. Firehawk was also simplistic.... KISS System.... Better then the HX Stomp.... I think that Line 6 should go back and revaluate the Firehawk Line of products....
  3. Megadeth1313

    HX Stomp SetList (Free)

    Firmware 2.80 is coming...………Yeah !!!!!!!!!
  4. Megadeth1313

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    Oh Goodness...….. Please be here before X-Mas
  5. Megadeth1313

    HX Stomp SetList (Free)

    I have some new stuff ??????
  6. Megadeth1313

    Enough is ENOUGH, Line 6

    I agree with (Tury) on all of the for mentioned ……. FIREHAWk is by Far superior to Helix in my opinon….. I like the app on my phone and the K.I.S.S. approach to making patches with it... Marshall CODE amps are similar to the Firehawk and is doing good... I owned one and had got rid of it because it sucked Doo Doo... and had to go back to Line 6 Products like the HX stomp and back to Firehawk. I found my Loyalty Camp back to the Firehawk sound quality and KISS System with the phone.... Thanks :) P.S. Come on Firehawk II
  7. Megadeth1313

    HX Stomp SetList (Free)

    This is An Updated SetList…..06-01-2019 Allen's Setlist.hls
  8. Megadeth1313

    HX Stomp SetList (Free)

    If you Can try the KingSlayer Patch..... It's my main Megadeth patch....
  9. Megadeth1313

    HX Stomp SetList (Free)

    I made these from scratch..... from my HX Stomp.....I do not know how to convert them ???? to Helix Main system ??? Sorry my brother
  10. Megadeth1313

    HX Stomp SetList (Free)

    this is all my stuff so far..... enjoy
  11. Megadeth1313

    HX Stomp SetList (Free)

    It's all in the patches.... Start from the beginning the guitar symbol and move toward the back either reverb or cab.... Allen's Setlist.hls
  12. Megadeth1313

    HX Stomp SetList (Free)

    Try these...…. Arislaf From my HX Stomp My Fav Metal Paches... KingSlayer.hlx (8)-Ball.hlx
  13. Megadeth1313

    HX Stomp SetList (Free)

    Thanks Brother..... I'll try legacy heavy distortion before the dual rectifier? Or the legacy blue treble comb before a metal amp? Small tips to keep us up until 2.8!! Come on 2.8
  14. Megadeth1313

    HX Stomp SetList (Free)

    Thanks Brother..... Me too.... come on 2.8 How are the setlist working out for you Arislaf ???? Do you have any cool patches for me Like ….. Surf rock.... Blues..... and my fav. METAL \mm/ :)
  15. Megadeth1313

    HX Stomp SetList (Free)

    Here is the factory Setting Patches.... Factory Settings.hls