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  1. Reading the release notes would help. I had the same problem. HXEdit did not accept the Helix anymore. Download the Line6 updater and your're finished with updating very easy and fast. ;-)
  2. Hi to all, yesterday Helix Native came out. I installed it on my iMac and during the activation came an error. Authorized computers 0, but lifetime activations limit reached. In my profile at L6 are all computers listed as deactivated. Support ticket is allready opened. Is this a bug or just simply my fault by reinstalling Windows a few times? Greetings
  3. Hi,

    Have you pictures of the left encoder (preset) from the Helix Floor from inside the unit? In mine it works the other way around (turning left increases, turning right decreases). Maybe is it easy to remove assembly mistake?

  4. manix1979

    Helix 2.9

    Oh yeah! @Digital_Igloo Don’t feel tied the knot. Please don‘t justify. It‘s all up to you and the regulations of L6 how much and if we get infos. Please guys and girls, stay focused and let L6 do their work. Or do you like a release with bugs? Every week an update just to bring the software further step by step. Other companies use customers as testers. I am glad L6 does not!
  5. manix1979

    Helix 2.9

    Yeah, that’s the thing. Never officially announced. I am glad to read the programming efforts even if it‘s not announced yet. Maybe a 2.90 will not come because of problem. Maybe instead 2.91 or 2.92 or whatever. Only L6 knows ;-) Better to wait until it‘s ready instead of hunting a release date or even an official announcement. ;-)
  6. manix1979

    Helix 2.9

    @Digital_Igloo Thanks for all the infos so far. There are users here who like to read any info about 2.9 and they are glad about the info. Some users want more. Well I understand them but please you DON‘T have to justify your work or how and when the release will be. Don‘t let them take you to this point. Helix works fine as it is! I bet many users here (me too by the way) don‘t use every single function or even know any single function. For god’s sake let L6 do their work!
  7. manix1979

    Helix 2.9

    Same for me :-) The silence will not change. It took a while for me to accept. You can write whatever you want. L6 reads it for sure but don’t await any reaction as long as you stay on a normal level. I guess we will get more info as soon as bugs are getting less and they are close to release. Sure „soon“ is a very wide time gap and depends on how you see it. And of course we would have enough time to test it currently. Corona will give us sadly a bit more work free weeks.
  8. manix1979

    Helix 2.9

    The Gear Page ;-)
  9. manix1979

    Helix 2.9

    @spikey: Can you remember a year ago when I was going nuts because of the time lag and the silence? ;-) You were able to argument good and bring me down again. THIS year you are in the same situation than I were. Take it cool. Line6 is working on the update and every day we are getting closer to the release. We will not get more usefull infos until it's very close to be bug free. You can pee a rope... you can lollipop a circle... or however you name it. Do you think L6 will work faster because of your anger? NO :-) Do you think you will get more infos because of your writing? NO :-)
  10. You need to enter manually the update mode by pressing footswitch 6 + 12 at the same time while switching the helix on.
  11. In my case i got a boot failure.... anyway... switched off helix (after 30min no progress) switched on by holding footswitch 6 and 12 to enter the update mode... then it worked.. update successfull
  12. Thanks for the info... I am asking because I had no interface for firmware installation. It came not with my used bought jtv-59. With the helix connected to the pc I was able to play with the sounds but no reset or downgrade and upgrade. Reset is not possible without installing the firmware. It‘s changed since 2.0. I guess the interface should arrive the next days. Let‘s see how it works out for me. ;-)
  13. Hi to all, just a question: Is it sensefull to downgrade the firmware to 1.9 or below? For the sound, as it seems, yes BUT will it be still compatible with the Workbench HD and the Helix in that way as it is now? Watching a few youtube videos made me curious about the sounding. It seems the HD firmware sounds different. Not bad at all but that different that it‘s worth a try. Regards PS: If the answer is yes, what version should I choose?
  14. To be honest, I returned to a tube amp. FRFR is good but did not bring me „that“ sound. For home recording I use Helix Native with an IR of my cab. Works and sounds for my taste. ;-)
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