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  1. I was thinking the Kali LP6, some other forums recommended the M-Audio ones.
  2. Thank you! I guess I'll get the studio monitor headphones first to get a feel of what I'm missing. Also are the FRFRs equivalent to Studio Monitor speakers? I don't need tons of volume.
  3. Hi, I'm new to amp modeling and I'm debating about getting the Helix Stomp. I was wondering what is the best way to get the sound out if I want it to be as close to the modeled amp I'm going for. I was planning to bypass all the pre-amp section of my amp through the effects loop but I have a small tube amp with EL84 tubes and I was wondering if that will color the sound too much; the sound of the amps I like are loaded with EL34s no 84s. I also have a cabinet with a Vintage 30 in it, I do like the sound of the cab but if I wanted to try other cabs, is there an IR to get a more EL34 (big power tube) sound out of it to get rid of the color? And there is also the power amp pedals like the Magnun 44, the Seymour Duncan and the Bomb 30, are these pedals cleaner than the power section of a small amp?
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