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  1. Hi,

    Have you pictures of the left encoder (preset) from the Helix Floor from inside the unit? In mine it works the other way around (turning left increases, turning right decreases). Maybe is it easy to remove assembly mistake?

  2. Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately, it always and consistently works the opposite way.
  3. I purchased a second hand Helix Floor and have a strange problem. Well, the left knob (Preset) works the other way around: turning it to the right decreases the preset numbering, turning it to the left increases it. I tried to change something in the settings and can't find a change in the direction of the knob. Factory reset doesn't help either. It seems unlikely to me that the factory was wired upside down. Is there any way to change this in the settings?
  4. Hello :) I need in my HD500 more than one PC command simultaneously!
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