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  1. Helix floor, pls see the attached snapshot
  2. Hi, after updating to 2.92 I cannot find anymore in the command center how to change the label of the foot switch I want to use to select a snapshot! The filed "customize", where you can modify the label name, is disappeared!! How can you change the label now, please?
  3. Hello! I am approching my first guitar lesson via skype and looking for help, as I am strugglying with my audio. I have connected my Helix via USB to an iMac on which I am running Skype. I also have headphones and mic connected to the mac via USB. I would like to have as: Input: both the mic (connected via USB) and the Helix (connected via USB), so that my teacher will be able to listen to my voice and my Helix-processed guitar Output: I need to hear in my headphones (connected via USB) both the voice of the teacher and my Helix-processed guitar. I tried to configure the mac using the multiple audio sources, but I did not even get to hearing both inputs (on skype the listener can only hear the mic or Helix, depending on which one I configure as first in the mac "audio devices" menu). Do you have any tips for me please?
  4. I completely agree with mguit: this would be something very interesting
  5. Hi, I play in a cover band and I use 15 different presets for 20 songs. For each song I use a maximum of 4 presets out of these 15 presets. It would be great being able to: · Save 15 different presets as “master presets†· Save 20 banks (one for each song I play) each containing 4 presets out of the 15 master presets. This 4 presets are just “pointers†to 4 master presets. The great and cool thing about this is that when I modify a single master presets all the 20 banks that use that preset are immediately updated! For example suppose master preset 1 is a crunchy guitar that I use in 10 out of the 20 banks. If I just want to slightly increase its volume I can just update the master preset and all the 10 banks will be updated automatically! What I have to do today is update each bank manually and it is a mess… Would this be possible? Thank you! Mapix
  6. Hello, Yesterday I had rehearsal with my band and we tried a new studio. The technician of the room connected the XLR output of my mighty Helix to a XLR connected to the wall. He said that from there the signal was going directly to the room mixer. Doing like this there was a lot of ground noise! The technician then placed a DI box between Helix XLR and the XLR plug wall, and so the noise went away and I played without any problem. I am worried about experiencing the same problem again in different rooms and - especially - during live concerts. Do you know why this happened? Should I buy a DI box and keep it always with me when using a Helix? Many thanks!
  7. I did not find a big difference in the output volume of the plexi bright channel going from 10 to 3 on the preamp (or vice versa)
  8. On my side I'm fine with the Plexi output level, but I never used it with low preamp gain so there could be the same issue. I will try! In order to add the +10db just add a gain block after the cab (cf page 25 of the helix manual, light blue table)
  9. Yes, I did it post cab. Maybe Line6 could easily fix this in a next software update...
  10. Hi All, I found the output volume of undistorted (preamp volume around 3-4) blackface Fender amps ultra low compared to those of all the other amps. This is particularly true for the Twin Reverb amp and slighlty less for the Deluxe Reverb. I have to add a post amp gain of +10dB in order to have a reasonable volume setting on the amp "output volume". Not such a big deal, but I am worried of missing something... Is it the same for you?
  11. Thanks for the interesting lesson (and patch)! What about recording: I guess I should always use the patch without EQ added, is that correct?
  12. This is marvellous! I forgot about that sentence in the manual :unsure: :unsure: :unsure: . Many thanks!!
  13. Hi All, I am writing you to propose the creation of a new footswitch mode which I believe would be very useful, especially for rehearsal or gigs. I usually use just a few presets (around 8), each including a few “direct access switches†such as volume boost on/off, modulation on/off that I often use. In order to do this I need to run my mighty Helix in STOMP footswitch mode. Unfortunately, this means that I have to step on BANK UP or DOWN every time I have to change the preset, in order to temporarily enter PRESET mode. This is not very comfortable as I have to always stomp two times to select a new preset. My proposal is to create a new mode, “MIX MODEâ€, where · FS2, FS3, FS4 and FS5: correspond to FS2, FS3, FS4 and FS5 footswitch of the STOMP MODE, · FS8, FS9, FS10 and FS11: correspond to FS8, FS9, FS10 and FS11 of the PRESET mode. This will allow the player to easily: 1. recall a new preset, by simply stomping on FS8, FS9, FS10 and FS11 (just one stomp) 2. activate/deactivate the preset’s FS2, FS3, FS4 and FS5 direct access switches using FS2, FS3, FS4 and FS5 (just one stomp) 3. Scroll through the banks by using FS1 and FS7 (just one stomp) This behavior would be similar to traditional MIDI controllers, such as MARK-L FX 25 ACE: it has a row of footswitches to recall presets and another one for direct access switches. What do you think of this idea?
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