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  1. The tuner works better less jumpy less nervous. The pitch shifter that I use to make bass guitar works better. Amps? I don't know
  2. This could be useful to manage audio source and monitors
  3. I think that the only pedal able to reach the sound of a reel ADT invented by George Martin his technicians for the Beatles is the Keeley 30ms automatic double tracker. If you prefer the wave ADT VST plug in.
  4. If you want to switch between two IRs you have to assign to the footswitch the numbers of the IRs as you do when you want to have two gain level of an amp (rhythm and lead) . Footswitch off first IR footswitch on second IR. Same thing
  5. Sorry my fault! I've switched driver into the DAW to MME and I forgot to switch back to ASIO
  6. I've upgraded everything to the last version hrlix 2.21 and usb driver 1.86 and now when I record using USB the track is MONO I mean two channel identical but not stereo. I put a ping pong delay block, into headphones is stereo but when I record the track and I listen back there is no ping pong sound all is in the center
  7. In this song of mine i used the organ preset of G.D. tweaked a little by me to my taste.
  8. If you listen to my song springtime rock n roll I used Glen delaune organ preset a little personalized to my taste. If used in a mix is decent as organ sound. In background as pad
  9. Guitar: Hagstrom Viking customized Helix amp model: Litigator. IR:Morgan 2x12" 3sigma Good Old rock n roll! Organ is made with Helix and G.D. preset modified by me to my taste
  10. I'm a left handed and i do everythings as left handed. I read some a litlle bit fascist comments here. Like "is there a cure for left handed" i'm not ill! My aunt were born (now she is passed away) under fascism, she was left handed and under fascism and she told me that at the school they use to tie her left arm to the chair to oblige her right writing. Maybe you think this is right. Maybe anyone of you could even say is there any cure for omosexuals? Or You could say to them, why you are not straight? life is more easy if you are hetero. Maybe if you were at Jimi Hendrix times you obliged him to play guitar right handed, or Leonardo da Vinci to write right handed or Barak Obama too.
  11. I took a look, sun road is mountain road right? this is a little example of italian mountains
  12. I liked the name of road.I'm Italy there is the highway of the sun
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