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  1. Make sure you have any power saving turned off on your PC or Mac. Your looking for a maximum performance power scheme not power saving or balanced. If that does not improve matters increase your buffer size in audio interface settings in Reaper.
  2. Hi, Have you changed your output from Instrument to Line?
  3. Make sure you are not using any power saving options in Windows. This caused me loads of problems. Windows power management needs to be set to maximum performance.
  4. I fully appreciate why some people would like level meters, What's wrong with that feature, it may be really useful for many. I hope it gets implemented and many get a lot of use out of it. My experience with other units with meters is that in theory they seam like a great idea but in practice they still don't yield the desired results. Clean tones register differently to overdriven tones and modulations, delays and reverbs again register differently for the same apparent volume, in my experience anyway. To me results can be just as unpredictable. For me the only way to really level match is to go through each element in my path and level match the bypassed signal with the affected tone by ear. This way I can bypass any effect and still have a useable tone. Just like the old days. I think the helix actually makes this really easy. I resigned myself many many years ago to not listen with my eyes. It doesn't take too long and I take regular breaks to rest my ears. Unfortunately I do have to do this at gig volume and studio volume. Fletcher Munson and all that. The op mentioned he used to use half a dozen pedals or so, I guess he never used to have 30, 60 or more tones in them days. Wow 120 presents I can imagine that, must be some hell of a covers band. When I was with a covers band i can only think of 10 or so presets. 120, I sympathize. To me the helix is the easiest unit to program I've owned and would never dream of not creating presets from scratch. My golden rule, keep it simple. Anyhow good luck with your request and happy new year all.
  5. Hi, I'm set up my Helix floor to switch the channel and reverb on my amp. This works perfectly. However in both instances they work backwards. Ie. When the switches are lit the reverb or drive channel are off. I have searched this issue on the forum and it appears that a couple of years ago it was not possible to reverse the polarity. Can anyone tell me if this was ever introduced or if there is a suitable workaround? Thank you for your help.
  6. Also make sure any power saving is turned off.
  7. Hi, I've had my Helix for a couple of years now. I use it at home with studio monitors. I love the helix and would never consider replacing it but I do do miss the amp in the room feeling. How does the Powercab fair at low volumes? I'm well aware that cabs need to be driven to work at there best. I'm just curious what the playing experience might be at lower volumes. Thank you for your help. Dave
  8. Hi, Sorry for the late reply. I gave it a go but I could not get it working. As before the Helix was recognized but the app would stall when I tried to record. I did not try to adjust any settings. I've looked on the AEM website and Helix is listed as not working.
  9. Hi Magic, Sure, I'll have a go tonight.
  10. I tried about a year ago to get Audio Evolution to Work with Helix. Davy Wentzler, the developer went to great lengths to try to get it working for me. Unfortunately at the time we were unsuccessful. It was over a year ago so maybe the later versions will work. I will give it another try at some point. I will be watching this thread with interest. I really like Audio Evolution.
  11. Nice playing. I have the grey version of the Revstar 720B. I absolutely love it. It has quite a unique tone and is so expressive. It has become my go to guitar. The low output pickups sound gorgeous to me. And they are crystal clear on the more overdriven stuff. The more I play it the more I like it.
  12. I had exactly the same problem. It was completely unusable. Cracking, spluttering fizzing and popping. I did a little searching on latency and found various ways to detect problems within my system. I can't remember which free latency check programme I used but it identified a few areas of concern. Then I read that power saving plans can schedule operations and this could cause latency issues. I changed my power settings from Balanced to Maximum performance. The Latency check program reported that my system was now fine and Native now runs perfectly with a lot less CPU usage. So it may be worth checking your power plans. If that fails try one of the free latency detection programs and it hopefully it be able to tell you what is interrupting the process. An i7 if far more than capable of running Helix Native. It runs fine on my i3 with 4 gig or ram. Sorry if I'm teaching you to suck eggs. I hope this helps.
  13. Hi again, Thank you very much twpmeister for pointing me in the right direction. I did a bit of research and downloaded a latency checker. Loads of problems were being reported. The report suggested that there might be cpu throttling going on. I changed the power plan from balanced to maximum performance and now it works perfectly The latency checker instantly reported no problems. Thank you so much twpmeister for the help. Cheers Dave
  14. I've had another play and I think maybe down to my computer specification. It's a windows10 laptop with an i5 processor and 6 gig of ram. It is fine with only one track, but if I add more than one track, even just a drum loop without any processing the cpu usage goes through the roof. And real time monitoring becomes not an option.
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