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  1. Hi BFrenzel, Thanks for your reply and feedback regarding the development scope . I fully understand it, personally I would be interested in such a kind of product. :) Thanks
  2. Hi all Cool the PowerCabs 112 & 112 plus!! Would it be nice if the Cabs had the option to disable the Power amp and use the cab with IR's or speaker simulation in combination with a Tube Amp ? More or less the principal of a universal audio OX with speaker! It is Just an idea and so far I haven't seen this type of cab on the market, it gives the ability to use your cab/ speaker in every kind of situation. Let me know what you think about the idea!?
  3. Hi, thanks for your answers. I will create a support ticket. Thanks
  4. Since a few days the bypass button of my Helix isn't working anymore. Both with v2.3 and v2.5. Bypassing effects and amps via foot switches is luckily still possible. Anybody a suggestion how to solve?
  5. Hi good to know, I had the same issue last months. I am Happy that it will be picked up! Thanks!
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