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  1. SOLVED Setting the Expression Pedal Position to "Snapshot" in the Global Settings seems to solve the problem. Thanks DB for pointing me in that direction!
  2. Thanks DB, I checked that setting and tried it both ways but I still have the same issue. If I select the Delay Block, I'll press and Hold the Mix knob, then I'll have the option of "Learning Controller." If I Learn The EXP Pedal as the controller, then the list on the left changes from "Snapshot" to "EXP 3". If I set it to Snapshot, the value will be remembered and return the that value when I select that snapshot. But the Expression Pedal is no longer linked if I set it to Snapshot. If I set it to EXP Pedal (or Learn Controller) then the value is not saved with the snapshot. I used to be able to change the value with the pedal, then return to the saved value when pressing the button for the Snapshot.
  3. I have saved delay mix to 25% I have my external EXP Pedal set to "Delay Mix" so I can adjust the level of the delay on the fly. Before version 3 firmware I was able to adjust the delay with the pedal, but then press the snapshot to return to the saved (25%) state. This worked perfectly in the past, but now it seems the HELIX will only allow me to assign "Mix" to a single source. I have to choose either Expression or the Snapshot saved value. If anyone has the answer I'd be very grateful. Thanks!
  4. According to jdosher (original poster) he's experiencing the same issue I do with CC. He was told that it's the intended design. I also opened a ticket 2 years ago but received no support on the matter.
  5. If you watch the video I made (earlier in this thread) you will see that the EXT Amp & CC toggle become inverted after switching amp channels manually. Helix will send "CC 0" when it was programmed to send "CC 127" When I select a Snapshot, it should send the CC number I chose when I saved the Snapshot. Not the opposite command. The net result of the "designed intended behavior" yields the experience of a BUG (did I say that right?)
  6. I can confirm everything jdosher and anyone else says about this bug. You should be able to adjust your amp channel on the fly, then press the snapshot to return to the saved state. When the LED and the state does not match, you can reload the preset and it will return to the saved state (just fyi) but that is not a valid work-around. Also, if you use 4-cable method you will have a serious ground loop hum. When I disconnect the amp channel cable the hum will go away. This tells me the relays are not isolated. I purchased an RJM Switch Gizmo to solve that problem. The Switch Gizmo fixed the HUM, but not the saved state for channel switching. Oddly enough the "midi" sent from Helix behaves the same way as the Bug jdosher is talking about when using the EXT Amp Switcher. I made this video 2 years ago and posted it here (jdosher, please check it out). https://www.dropbox.com/s/p02pop084k3nvi7/CC_Toggle_J_Marsh.MOV?dl=0 About a year later, and a year ago, someone from Line6 asked me to send it again. I was excited that someone was interested in this. But apparently nothing ever happened. I agree with jdosher that this is a serious bug. It should have been addressed 2 years ago when I made this video. I ended up giving my Helix to my son who plays electric violin and doesn't need amp channel switching (works great for him). I had to go back to my RJM products which work properly when sending amp channel commands.
  7. The parameters are already there for the different snapshots, but I did try writing them in again just incase. No success. But thank you.
  8. Are you using the Helix to channel switch the amp? If so, try unplugging the channel switch cable for a moment and see if the noise goes away. (If you're not using channel switching, never mind. If you are, let me know and I'll explain.)
  9. I would like to have a stomp switch that changes my amp channel (clean/drive) via MIDI. It's ideal to have a switch which you can save to a snapshot. Much quicker than going into command mode and sending a CC for each snapshot. And nice to have the switch available at your feet. The problem is, when changing snapshots the Helix will toggle off the switch without sending the CC data. For example, I have a snapshot with a lead sound on the drive channel (stomp switch on and lit). I will then change to a snapshot that is a clean sound, with the stomp saved in the off position (amp clean channel). Helix will show the stomp off/dim (correct as saved) but no midi data is sent to the external switching device (RJM Switch Gizmo). I've plugged the Helix into my computer with an app called "Midi Monitor" to verify that no midi data is sent. Then... Helix will send opposite information out the MIDI port. The On position now sends the number "0" and the off/dim position sends a value of 127. This seems to be a bug, as I can verify with "MIDI Monitor" that the on/bright position will randomly swap its behavior with the off/dim position. I can understand an external device getting confused, or a missed CC command making an external device end up in the wrong state. But when the CC Command that you program in the Command Center changes its value to something else other than the number you saved, something is wrong. Thanks for any comments.
  10. There is something you should be aware of in regard to hum with 4CM. If you are using the ext.amp for channel switching, there is a good chance you will create a ground loop. You can test this by simply removing the cable connected to ext.amp and see if the hum goes away. Many users have experienced this, including me. The relays in the Helix seem to be grounded instead of isolated. My solution was an RJM Switch Gizmo.
  11. Update: I tried many combinations of cable modifications, swapping the shield to tip, disconnecting one end etc, etc, and nothing made the hum go away. My Mesa Royal Atlantic needs to see Ring/Sleeve closed in order to switch. I tested the RJM Amp Gizmo which I have in a larger rack setup. It worked perfectly. RJM makes a few different switching units. Their smaller "Switch Gizmo" features TRS amp switching, so I am ordering one of those. Average price is $159.00. I'm guessing this is a hardware design issue, in that the relays seem to be grounded instead of isolated. If you can't modify a cable to make this work, I recommend RJM.
  12. My Mesa needs to close the ring to the sleeve, so disconnecting the sleeve will not work. Can I disconnect the tip on the Helix end, or should I swap the sleeve/tip on the Mesa end? The Mesa wants to see Ring+Sleeve to switch, but does the cable really care if the shield is soldered to the tip? Please, any thought or comments before I start soldering. :)
  13. Ebtech did not work for me. There is another thread on the forum that says to disconnect the "sleeve" cable on the Helix end. My Mesa needs to close the connection between ring and sleeve, so I'm not sure what will do. RJM makes a box that will receive midi and channel switch using relays.
  14. I hate to see anyone spend money they shouldn't have to spend, but these products from RJM might be a solution. http://www.rjmmusic.com/products/mini-amp-gizmo/
  15. Hi, I'm new to the forum and will not have my Helix until next week, so I hope my question is okay for this thread. I've never used amp modeling before. I'm planning on using the 4 cable method with my Mesa for live shows. Is amp modeling more for amp-less studio recording, IEM, or direct to House PA? Would my Mesa ever really sound like a Fender or Vox? Or, do Helix users ever bypass their Amp's preamp using a modeled preamp going direct to the power amp section of their amp? (I believe possible with the 4 cable method). Thanks, jm
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