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  1. rudomat

    import hx fx presets into hx stomp?

    i don´t have the hx fx anymore...;-)
  2. hi, my amps fx loop has got line level...when i set the hx send/return level to instrument level, what i have to do to be able to run it into the amps front input, the send from my amp will send line level into the hx return...isn´t it...???? why can´t we have extra send level and return level here...? i can´t see any chance to set the levels right for 4CM here...any hints...?? thanks!
  3. rudomat

    import hx fx presets into hx stomp?

    ...shouldn´t this be possible now...? when i try, i get an error 8701 - preset translation not supported, dsp bock constraint exceeded...? propably due to too many blocks in the preset...is there any way, i could open it in hx edit without any unit connected, and reduce number of blocks...? thanks
  4. question: can i run the hx stomp in 4CM and have only the post fx path (after the preamp) for delay, reverb, etc, in killdry mode...? or would the killdry mode be global and then also affect the whole unit...? or can killdry be done for each fx block extra...? thanks
  5. hi, question concerning the hx stomp: can i run the unit in 4CM and have the preamp-fx turned off in true bypass (fully analog!), while the post-preamp-fx are still active...? is this possible? thanks
  6. question: when changing presets…does the hx stomp automatically read the connected expression pedal, or does it go to a stored worth, and read the connected expression pedal after the first movement…? Thanks a lot!
  7. rudomat

    footswitch toppers 11mm diameter

  8. rudomat

    Helix Firmware Upgrade 2.8 - Blues :(

    ...at least it´s springtime...;-)
  9. rudomat

    footswitch toppers 11mm diameter

    does anybody here know, whether there are footswitch toppers for switches with 11mm diameter available somewhere....??? thanks a lot!
  10. rudomat

    hx fx/4CM: routing/wiring help needed!

    thanks...the reason is, that this way i don´t need an fx-loop block...;-) meanwhile i´ve got it working...just a little problem left...no idea, why this happens...when i turn the PAN on the main out L/R all the way to the left, signal is coming only out of the left main output, as it should do, but when i turn that PAN parameter to 100% right, there´s a little signal left on the left side as well....not much...just little...why could that be....?
  11. rudomat

    hx fx/4CM: routing/wiring help needed!

    nobody here who can help me...? ;-)
  12. rudomat

    hx fx/4CM: routing/wiring help needed!

    just some fx block...thanks!
  13. my wiring: el. guit - hx in L - Y-split - balance B left100/balance A right100 - path B: pre fx - send1/2 Pan left100 (send1) - ext. amp in - amp send - hx in R: path A post fx - main L/R Pan left100 (main L out) - amp return that works great for my electr. preset...now switching to my acoustic (same cable) i´d like that: acc.guit - hx in L - splitA/B route to B100 - path B - send1/2 Pan right100 (send2) - ext. acc. preamp - hx return2 (hardware) - in pathA: return2 block - fx - main L/R out Pan right100 (main R out) - PA acc. channel now that second preset is not working...why? is there a chance to get it done that way...? i´ll attach both presets...thanks a lot! acoustic new.hlx clean.hlx
  14. rudomat

    hx stomp, but in hx effects format...?

    ok...just ignore me...;-)...but it´s definitely not the LT...it´s the stomp, just in hx fx housing...
  15. rudomat

    hx stomp, but in hx effects format...?

    that´s not slightly larger...it´s much bigger in the end!!! did you ever have many gigs, carrying your stuff yourself...? believe me, there are many people wanting this...an hx effects with modelers...