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  1. rudomat

    poly sustain

    hey donkelley...thanks for your great work...i haven't gotten to try it yet...i hope i can do it this weekend...thanks a lot!!!!! ;-)
  2. rudomat

    poly sustain

    great!!!! thanks a lot man!! ;-)
  3. rudomat

    poly sustain

    (285) Digitech Freqout feedback creator, demo by Pete Thorn - YouTube i was hoping the poly sustain could do sthg like the freqout...
  4. rudomat

    poly sustain

    hi, question: can the poly sustain replace a fernandes sustainer...?...i know, i can hold a note....but can i just use it while playing, like i'd use a sustainer pickup...?
  5. i play 4CM...i have the hx delays and reverbs mixed (via line mixer) to my original dry signal, so my mix controls are 100% wet... ..yes...i could use those return levels, but i don't, since i run the delay and reverb blocks in parallel and i do want one expression pedal to control the delay amount and the other to control the reverb amount ok...this is not really unusual, this is very, very normal!! ...so i need to use those volume blocks...understand? ...and no...i don't want to use a mix control for that, cause i don't want any dry signal here...my mix controls are 100% wet...
  6. i run the stomp in 4cm and have an extra expression pedal for delay and one for reverb (in the amps fx loop) on all the time...so i want to control the inputs of those fx, not the outputs...at the moment i have to use two extra volume blocks in front of those fx...so i could save two blocks, if i had this one input level parameter in those fx...
  7. hey line6...couldn't you spend at least the delay and reverb blocks extra input level controls...?
  8. hi, question: my stomp doesn't react to expression pedals...i have an expression pedal with 10k pot is that correct...? can anybody maybe tell me, how the jack should be soldered to this 10k pot...? what else could be the problem...? thanks a lot!
  9. thank you...no...actually all is working great if i use my alesis io26 firewire instead of the hx stomp with the same cables...so...it's not the cables...
  10. win10 hi, i connected my boss es-8' midi in and outs with the hx stomps midi in and outs, but when i try to connect those in and outputs with the boss es-8 editor (options menu...), i get a midi connection error message...of course my stomp is also connceted to my win10 pc via usb... anybody solved such a problem...? thanks
  11. hi, i want to put my hx stomp right into my boards left upper corner (see picture)....now my question: i want to stick to the original DC3 power supply, but replace the power plug to an angled one, so i'm having no problems, putting the board into the pedaltrain softcase.....can anyone tell me, which one exactly to buy...? thanks a lot!
  12. can anybody tell me, where i can find this clip indicator....? i send very loud signal for testing this, but still can't see any clip indicator...i can see the green "signal present"-sign in the output block, but where exactly should the red clip indicator be flashing...? any video around...? thanks
  13. i can hardly believe this is still not fixed!!! how can they say this unit is perfect for 4CM when the units fx loop doesn't have seperate send and return level????!!! when you send your pre-preamp signal from your hx send into the amps front input, you'll need instrument level, and when you then send your amps fx send with line level fx loop (what definitely sounds better) back into the hx return, this will need line level of course!!!! all it needs is to be able to set the hx send and return seperately...!!! this has actually been promised to get fixed...still isn't...;-( very disappointing and incredible actually...they even write this stupid sentence into the manual..."If your amp's effects loop happens to run at line level, you should set the inputs and outputs of HX Stomp to line level as well...."
  14. question: does anybody know how to get rid of those ugly USB ground loops in 4CM, when connecting to the PC...? i´ve bought that hiresfi isar 540 USB filter, but as soon as i put it between hx stomp and pc, also the connection to hx edit gets lost...;-( thanks https://www.amazon.de/ISAR540-USB-Isolator-ADuM4160-Entstörfilter/dp/B01N4WXYZJ/ref=sr_1_1?__mk_de_DE=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&keywords=hiresfi+isar540&qid=1573227292&s=computers&sr=1-1-catcorr anybody know if it´s USB High Speed or USB Bus powered?
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