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  1. hi, is it possible on the LT to have the rear expression 2 jack controll my amps channels (via TRS cable) and have the onboard pedal control the wah (pedal1) and volume (pedal2)...? i try to achieve this...but as soon as i plug the TRS cable into the rear expr.2 jack, the onboard expression pedal won`t change between pedal1 and 2 via the toe switch....isn't that possible...? thanks!
  2. i'm not really confused...don't know why you say such things...and it's also not right, that this is everything in the manual...the only thing is, i wanted to have six different snapshots on one preset, but there are only four...so i wanted to know whether i could achieve it to assign a switch to another preset and also assign special snapshots of this preset....don't know why this should be a strange wish...and for me that makes sense... what really doesn't make sense is that line6 gives us the possibility in pedal mode through command center to assign all six switches to snapshots, but the unit can only do 4...it would definitey make sense to have 6 snapshots here...
  3. question: can i achieve this? i'd like to recall preset#1 in preset mode, then change to pedal mode for the six switch option. there i'd like to program via command center that switch#1 recalls snapshot#1 with green colour led and the name "clean" and sends midi pc and cc data to external units.... switch#2 should always recall snapshot#2 (preset#1) in yellow colour sayin "clean+", plus midi data... switch#3 to recall snapshot#3 in light orange "crunch"... switch#4...orange "crunch+"... ...now switch#5 needs to switch to preset#2 and snapshot#1, since i only have 4 snapshots, saying "lead" in purple... and switch #6 to preset#2/snapshot#2, etc... is that possible...? can i tell switch#1 to recall preset#1/snapshot#3, and the switch#2 to recall preset#2/snapshot#1...or so...? thanks a lot!
  4. question: i'm using the pedal mode und in command center program everyone of the six switches to switch presets...i've copied the same commands to all six of the presets...can't i customize the colours that way...??? thanks, rudi
  5. thank you...i've had another idea last night...what if i use the stomp for pre fx and the hx fx in my amps fx loop...i could still use the hx fx as a midi controler and the post fx are always on ...everyone of the six switches could either send the midi message to analog bypass the pre fx or have it turned on...right....? would that be my solution...? is it correct, that i could send the midi CC#70 and a value of 0-63 to the hx stomp to put the unit in analog bypass and then, with another preset or snapshot send cc#70 with a value of 64-127 to have the unit on...? thanks a lot! best, rudi
  6. thanks...so on the hx fx in snapshot mode, can the bypass state be programmed individually to snapshots...so i could use switch#1 to activate bypass, and switch#2 to turn the unit on again and have the wah on the same time...? would i then have the problem, that in bypass mode, the displays aren't on, right? i also don't really know what you mean, when you say ..You still have 3 snapshots available on the HX FX, and other 3 on the Stomp...why three left..??? thanks! p.s.: i actually read the manual many times...but concerning bypass mode there's not much in there...;-(
  7. thank you...ok, but my goal is pretty simple...i want to use my amp without any digital pedals in front most of the time...and only when i want to use some wah or maybe some extreme fuzz sound or so, i`d like to be able to activate this pre-amp path via one switch...as well as i want to have 6 preset switches (clean, clean+, crunch, ...) do i oversee some possibility here...??? ;-)
  8. thank you! you mean the blackstar live logic controller...? so then i think i could prefer a second hx stomp, since it is smaller...right? so i could be able to send a midid message to do an analog bypass on (pre fx) unit one and select some preset on unit two...via one switch on the midi controller i could then activate some preset on unit one...right? so what i mean is, i can send a midi message for switching the analog bypass on and off, right? thanks!!!
  9. thank you! may i ask you another question concerning the hx stomp: do you maybe know...is it possible to send a midi command to the stomp wich would activate analog bypass, but just for the "pre"-fx (from input to send out) , while the "post fx" (from return in to the output) are still on...?
  10. thanks, question: could i be in analog bypass mode, have all set to bypass and at the same time use the six switches of the hx efects for only switching amp channels and sending midi data...? thanks a lot!
  11. hi, question: is it possible to use an external up/down switch and use the internal up/down for switching presets...? i`m running a tube amp and use my hx stomp for post fx only and am thinking about buying an additional hx effects for pre fx only... for 95% of the time, i don`t use any pre fx before my amp, so i`m happy, i can run the hx in analog bypass mode... but since i`d like to have 6 preset switches accessable all the time (clean, clean+, crunch, crunch+, lead, lead+), i wonder if i could use the 6 hx effects switches for switching those 6 presets...i`d need to use an external up/down switch then of course...could i then lable those 6 displays for my needs as well? could i then use the three hx stomp switches as instant access switches. only..? any tips for that kind of setup...? thanks
  12. thank you...can also the return parameter of the fx loop block be assigned per snapshot...??? it doesn't do that for me...it seems like the fx loop settings are stored globaly...can that be...? thanks a lot!
  13. i'm wondering how i could achieve this...first i want my onboard exp pedal to globaly control the amount of wetness...i know how to do that...but now i also want to play in snapshot mode and have snapshot 1 f.e. switch to a wetness for a rhythm snapshot, and on #2 the same sound, but with a higher amount of wetness... any hints for that...? i can't assign the same paramters to the exp pedal and the snapshots, right...? is there any other way to achieve this...? thanks a lot
  14. on my HX LT: when i'm in snapshot mode....can i use the lower A-D switches and the upper A+B to change snapshots and the other two (upper C+D) for switching parameters f.e. a rhythm and a lead gain....? thanks a lot!
  15. rudomat

    poly sustain

    hey donkelley...thanks for your great work...i haven't gotten to try it yet...i hope i can do it this weekend...thanks a lot!!!!! ;-)
  16. rudomat

    poly sustain

    great!!!! thanks a lot man!! ;-)
  17. rudomat

    poly sustain

    (285) Digitech Freqout feedback creator, demo by Pete Thorn - YouTube i was hoping the poly sustain could do sthg like the freqout...
  18. rudomat

    poly sustain

    hi, question: can the poly sustain replace a fernandes sustainer...?...i know, i can hold a note....but can i just use it while playing, like i'd use a sustainer pickup...?
  19. i play 4CM...i have the hx delays and reverbs mixed (via line mixer) to my original dry signal, so my mix controls are 100% wet... ..yes...i could use those return levels, but i don't, since i run the delay and reverb blocks in parallel and i do want one expression pedal to control the delay amount and the other to control the reverb amount ok...this is not really unusual, this is very, very normal!! ...so i need to use those volume blocks...understand? ...and no...i don't want to use a mix control for that, cause i don't want any dry signal here...my mix controls are 100% wet...
  20. i run the stomp in 4cm and have an extra expression pedal for delay and one for reverb (in the amps fx loop) on all the time...so i want to control the inputs of those fx, not the outputs...at the moment i have to use two extra volume blocks in front of those fx...so i could save two blocks, if i had this one input level parameter in those fx...
  21. hey line6...couldn't you spend at least the delay and reverb blocks extra input level controls...?
  22. hi, question: my stomp doesn't react to expression pedals...i have an expression pedal with 10k pot is that correct...? can anybody maybe tell me, how the jack should be soldered to this 10k pot...? what else could be the problem...? thanks a lot!
  23. thank you...no...actually all is working great if i use my alesis io26 firewire instead of the hx stomp with the same cables...so...it's not the cables...
  24. win10 hi, i connected my boss es-8' midi in and outs with the hx stomps midi in and outs, but when i try to connect those in and outputs with the boss es-8 editor (options menu...), i get a midi connection error message...of course my stomp is also connceted to my win10 pc via usb... anybody solved such a problem...? thanks
  25. hi, i want to put my hx stomp right into my boards left upper corner (see picture)....now my question: i want to stick to the original DC3 power supply, but replace the power plug to an angled one, so i'm having no problems, putting the board into the pedaltrain softcase.....can anyone tell me, which one exactly to buy...? thanks a lot!
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