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  1. Your right. I think I was over-analyzing the sound a bit. I actually went and purchased DI tracks of a well respected band i like and the exact same sound is present in their DI consistently. It is even noticable in the final mix with distortion added. I believe it is just the sound of the guitar played aggresively now.. But it is nice to have it confirmed and hopefully it can help someone else someday :-D Thanks guys.
  2. Thanks for your input! Yes. And they are consistently at the start of my pick attack. I am actually using both the input pad and the input gate. Looking at the Helix it is not clipping, and turning off the gate did not affect the audio click either. Listening directly to the Helix via headphones I am actually able to hear the click right at the pick attack when using my gain channel. It is not as noticable on an empty channel (which would correspond to my DI?) as it is on the recording. The recording led me to believe it was a technical issue. Now I think it might be more of a technique issue..? It is even noticable when i pick quite softly. But then again i may be hypersensitive to the sound now.
  3. Hi fellow Helix users I'm currently trying to record guitar using Reaper and Line 6 Helix via USB. I'm recording using USB7/direct input and I keep getting these annoying audio clicks in my recordings (see attached picture and wav file). To me it sounds like the guitar input might be clipping? But I have the input gate turned on and based on the sound wave in reaper it looks OK?.. I am using an ESP guitar with EMG pickups here but I get the same issue using my substitute guitar with passive pickups.. If anyone knows whats going on I would be forever grateful Best regards N-Tower GUITAR DI CLICKS HELIX.wav
  4. Yes, i suspected this :-D It did sound a bit like a "perfect" guitar dub.. Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge!!
  5. Hey all, Yesterday I reinstalled all my music software on a new PC and discovered something interesting.. By accident, I had only enabled output 1 and output 2 while setting up the Helix ASIO driver in reaper for my Helix LT floorboard. I was recording guitar, using headphones and hardware monitoring and by accident enabled record monitoring in reaper as well. This made my tones HUGE and brought an almost stereo-like width to my patches. After jamming out for some time.. I realised my mistake and enabled outputs 1 to output 8 like usually recommended, which in turn, made combined hardware monitoring and record monitoring sound lollipope again. I have tried studying the Helix LT bible (manual), but I am not sure i completely understand what is going on here. I hope someone with a bit more technical knowledge can help me out? :-) Cheers
  6. My local music shop offers a return for store credit after 14 days, so i think i will give the headrush a try. I play in a hard rock/metal act and I am mostly worried it will not be loud enough and I will have to max out the volume sacrificing tone and clarity, to cut through the mix..
  7. Thanks for the reply! I will try connecting to the return of the Peavey amp at the first given chance. So you think the Headrush FRFR-112 may be too cheap? I have seen it compared to the Alto 212 elsewhere and they appear to be quite similar.
  8. Hi all! I have recently purchased a Helix LT and love it so far! I have been using it with headphones and for recording mostly, and I have been thoroughly impressed with the sound quality and results. For live performances I use a Peavey Valveking 212 100w combo amp, but i have been struggling to get good results with the Helix! I can get a great clean tone going using a fender twin reverb preamp, but the volume level is miserably low drowning completely out in the "band" mix. I have maxed volume on the Peavey, both channel and master settings on the helix preamp and even maxed the volume in global EQ too. For my high gain patch i use a cali recti preamp and get good volume but a very "crunchy" and "digital" tone. I plug in straight to the amp input via the l/ mono on helix, maybe this is the problem? So in short, does anyone have sexperience using this thing with a combo amp and achieving good results? :-) I have considered selling the Peavey and getting a Headrush FRFR-112 instead. Does anyone have experience with this? Best rocking regards, N
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