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  1. cgar18

    That Revv Model Tho!

    its not negative its the truth how many amps do you need? Studio setting? so many add ons from software you can use its not feedback its just turned into pure bitchingggg about everything.I dont reply to post much but I just had to because its always the same,when is the new update coming? hey guys why didnt you do this that this that,cts already and make do with what you have which is PLENTY!!!!!
  2. cgar18

    That Revv Model Tho!

    I dont get people its like you go to a great all you can eat restaurant and complain that a certain dish isnt there.How much more do you so called, I dont mean to criticize, people want?Do you guys use all of these amps when you gig? Or are you a stay at home guy who just wants to play in a music store amp section.Every amp for every type of music is in the helix since I bought it everything else is a very nice addition.I need to spend 3500 4000 for the type of amps and effects I want to use the helix gives it all to me at a quarter of the price.
  3. cgar18

    That Revv Model Tho!

    what he said!!!!!!
  4. cgar18

    Nice Birthday

    I hope things get better for those of you who are having problems so far so good lets hope it stays that way now tha my birthday is over lol.Well it was a nice on as I mentioned I got new accessories and helix new update toy.
  5. cgar18

    Nice Birthday

    Im not looking for any attention but I just wanted share my day.I went out to the music store bougjt a stand for my headrush 112 went to grab lunch checked my phone saw the update was out.I went home updated no problems head rush on stand (which I really recommend its ear level and it sounds alot better)and Im off for another 3 days so happy birthday to me yaaaay,thanks Line 6 what a nice surprise.
  6. cgar18

    HX Stomp with OD Pedal

    Im ok with the Helix overdrives,but I still like to have a choice and I had a couple of these before the helix some others I just wanted to have.Top is Fx1 bottom fx 2 , Sorry I just realized you are talking about stomp I have a helix but having these also gives me a good reason to get a stomp as a backup,or something smaller to travel with .
  7. cgar18

    Um Headrush,is that you?

    didnt know that,thanks.
  8. cgar18

    Um Headrush,is that you?

  9. cgar18

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    yeah im a well back in my day person.I learned alot of guitar on a conn acoustic,My sister who was 11 years older than me worked and saved an chipped in with my parents and bought it for me.I learned simon and garfunkal John denver and started playing BTO and even Kiss on it.they saw how much I loved to play on that not so expensive piece of wood and saved enough so I can buy a Fender stratocaster.So yeah learn On a not so fancy,must stay in tune decent action acoustic and show that you love playing.
  10. cgar18

    seeking great strat rock sound

    I just switched pickups on my strat 2 area 61 neck middle and hot blues bridge.I like themsound great now im looking for an all around setting.neck middle that great strat rock sound and a beefy but still note clarity for the bridge.Im getting closer Ive used blackface amp and tweed but I just want a more saturated rock for bridge, any suggestions would be nice.
  11. cgar18


    Dont judge me you judge judys Im a happy man.Maybe ill even go out on a gig one day.Just got the headrush sounds good great 300.00 purchase.
  12. cgar18

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    I dont know about you guys but its June and My Balls are alot more sweaty now compare to last year at this time,I don tknow what it could be.
  13. cgar18

    Helix Firmware Upgrade 2.8 - Blues :(

    Come on its May 8th already!!!! (Just kidding, for those with joking impairment)
  14. cgar18

    Main Guitar

    Cool!!!Ok Line 6 I can see you incorporating your varix guitar sound into the next Helix.
  15. cgar18

    Helix Firmware Upgrade 2.8 - Blues :(