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  1. DUDE!!!!! stop the cliff hangers!!!!!! its gonna get better?I cant wait I just got the hx effects to go with my stomp.I had to sell Lt with a broken heart really I freaking love it alot the best effects unit I ever owned.I got stomp because its was affordable in paymenst but I really missed the lt.It would take me a while to save for lt so I just splurged bit the bullet and got hx effects.I was close to that price and getting it quicker than the LT also Im a man child I want it now.
  2. Helix edit is what updates the helix now you have to update edit backup your setting then update thru helix edit. https://line6.com/software/index.html
  3. cgar18

    FRFR Question

    Ihave a headrush 112 on a stand and the bass is not overwhelming whne I had it on the floor yes more bass,but i liked it.ANyway but on a pole should be fine.I rahter have a 212 cab frfr if I could but for now Im using this and waiting to get a power stage 170 again so I can use my black star cabinet.I like that the best it sounded pretty good with helix speakers and with out.
  4. I have one and it sounds pretty good.You can only use the master volume once you connect into the power amp part of the katana it disables all of the controls except master volume.I like the boss because its a really good amp also and it would make a great backup.
  5. cgar18

    Sad day helix land!!

    it did sell quick.I hope they enjoy it I left some nice presets on it.
  6. cgar18

    Sad day helix land!!

    Well I was sad that I had to sell my helix and I missed it so much.I bought a Boss katana to hold me over and it is a great amp but its not the same so I just put my extra money down On a hx stomp from Zzsounds and Im paying it off monthly payments.Im so glad I got some sort of helix I really love and miss it.I still get the same type of amps and effects etc so Im happy,but to my surprise plugging in My Stomp into the Power amp in on the katana sounds freaking great.If anyone is looking for a power amp to use with the helix I suggest trying this,not only it sounds great but it makes a great backup amp.
  7. Ive used a headrush 112,a powerstage 170 with a blackstar 212 cab and now Im trying a katana mkii 50 112 speaker and imo I like the guitar cabs with the duncan or the katana better.The headrush is good I just like the guitar cabs a little better.I dont follow the you should use and amp cab with a non frfr speaker,I use amp sim and it sill sounds good.
  8. I had to sell my Helix,cliche saying like things could be worse are true but annoying,of course things could be worse but Ijust wanted to tell people if you are in the market for one IMO it was the best musical equipment Ive owned in a long time.When I was younger I had a fender twin with jbl and great arms from lifting it lol but this helix reminded of those good ole days when I loved the sound I was getting.I turned on the twin model and I was sold.Well here is hoping to get back on my feet and get it again by this summer,its day, 3 hours and I miss it so much.Hug your helix before you go to bed, take care.
  9. cgar18

    Helix 2.9

    You are not gonna get me,Im taking the blue pill!!!
  10. cgar18

    Power Amp Choice

    I have and Im very happy with the seymour duncan,but I dont turn off my cab blocks and it sounds good.people will say oh you are not getting the real cabinet,its fine,depending on what I use once in awhile Ill just use my blackstar 212 cab and not the cab blocks or IR,but its rare.
  11. If you could afford low payment plans check out zzsounds or american music supply
  12. cgar18

    strat sound

    Yeah.Im getting close the clean sounds I got are good its the overdrive on my bridge pickup that Im looking for a thicker gilmour sound just a bit more.Thanks
  13. cgar18

    strat sound

    . Im looking to possible have a go to guitar I have a strat so I want to put a humbucker in bridege.2, but if you have a prs ce 24 or a hss strat please share your thougts.Any suggestion im getting close but I want that nice clean a bit broken strat then a good crunch.Im getting close belive it or not with the amp to me that wasnt so obvious it was the amp modeled after the prs.Looking for good delay setting reverb I want the chime but just a full sound lead a tad thicker than gilmour.
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