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  1. cgar18

    Helix 2.9

    You are not gonna get me,Im taking the blue pill!!!
  2. cgar18

    Power Amp Choice

    I have and Im very happy with the seymour duncan,but I dont turn off my cab blocks and it sounds good.people will say oh you are not getting the real cabinet,its fine,depending on what I use once in awhile Ill just use my blackstar 212 cab and not the cab blocks or IR,but its rare.
  3. If you could afford low payment plans check out zzsounds or american music supply
  4. cgar18

    strat sound

    Yeah.Im getting close the clean sounds I got are good its the overdrive on my bridge pickup that Im looking for a thicker gilmour sound just a bit more.Thanks
  5. cgar18

    strat sound

    . Im looking to possible have a go to guitar I have a strat so I want to put a humbucker in bridege.2, but if you have a prs ce 24 or a hss strat please share your thougts.Any suggestion im getting close but I want that nice clean a bit broken strat then a good crunch.Im getting close belive it or not with the amp to me that wasnt so obvious it was the amp modeled after the prs.Looking for good delay setting reverb I want the chime but just a full sound lead a tad thicker than gilmour.
  6. yes do a factory reset,I did the same thing since it was brand new.I bought it for my son,and I took it out the box I didnt think of making a backup file because I didnt make my own presets.So yeah I should have backed it up before update,just follow instructions I think its footswitch one and 2 hold down as you turn it on then let go when you see the screen display backing up presets,just double check the manual or instructions on line 6 site first.
  7. Enjoy it,take your time read carefully and everything before you update firmware,watch youtube how to videos and Im sure you will see how great and enjoyable it is to use the helix.Ive had mine for 2 years and im still finding great settings sounds and the only hard thing is finding something I love because so far Im cheating on every created preset with another created preset,Im loving all of them.So many ways to create great presets.This is the best guitar device ive ever owned.
  8. He does number clear the table and throws out the trash,I dont have the other 2.
  9. I bought my Son a hx stomp for Christmas I should get it today,he will get it next week.Im sure he will like it but if he doesn't? Make room pedal board Daddy has a new toy!!!!!!!
  10. do you have a 112 or 212 cab? I have a 212 blackstar and a seymoure duncan power stage 170 it sound good and I also have a headrush 112 not really bassy I got it on a stand I never had it on the floor I had it on a step stool never touching the floor that is wher you might all theh bass coming from.I alos dont let the non frfr 212 blackstar cab stop me from using cab models its sound fine to me just some tweaking and I just go with what sound good not what something should really sound like.
  11. I have the112 and it sounds good.Cabs usually have a 12 inch speaker so I would go for that if I was you.that is why I went for the 112.
  12. I like Pat travers and this looks like the setup you mentioned.
  13. yeah it was nice because I use my helix thru my duncan powerstage 170 going into a 212 blackstar so I would have a setting with the cabs then I would just switch to amp so I can hear how it sounds with the blackstar with out cabs.I know the blackstar is not an frfr but its ok for me I like how the cabs sound and I also like how the 212 sounds with some amp models.
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