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  1. cgar18

    power amp mode

    this is very cool to have makes for a great backup for modeler like boss katana.Gonna save up and grab the 212
  2. helix was shutting off but its coming back next week not a bad turnaraound.Im looking forward to update.I have the hx effects so I got alot of the update features and I have to say that dynamic plate reverb is freaking what ive wanted.its imo didnt need tweaking for me it was the just amount of reverb ive been looking for its just sounds good as soon as I used it.The whole update is great thanks again line 6!!!!
  3. cgar18

    Future POD?

    I have a Pod go and I bought a headrush mx5 before the price went up to 499. I wish the POd go had more process power not sure if its because headrush less amp, effects but I like how it doesnt have set effects and I an use alot slots and not run out of dsp.I played with the headrush and no pc editor makes it a pain to edit,the pod go is easier to dial in great amps and effects,except those dedicated slots and run out of dsp isnt great.A mixture of both units would make for a great unit,just my 2 cents.
  4. I made a ticket just asking helix lt goes on about 3 5 mins later screen goes off and exp 1 2 pedal flash nothing on screen no sound
  5. yep that is what happened to me about an hour ago,bsod interrupted update.The helix edit is easy and great but my freaking computer screwed it up so yes the old line 6 updater worked thank God.After update then helix edit recognized helix its all good now yaaay.
  6. I bought the Seymore duncan because you can still use the 3band eq on it,on the katana you can only use the power amp, everything else is cut off except for vol.
  7. I use a Seymore duncan power stage 170 works fine with my 212 blackstar cabs in stomp used and it sounds fine.
  8. cgar18

    HX effects

    Anyway possible to put a couple of amp sims into hx effects like the iridium just 3 amps like they have to cover all genres for a backup or quick gig scenario?Clean fender Marshal and a revv would be cool.
  9. Its on forum page then when you go update it is constantly stated what to do,I mean the only thing missing is a line 6 rep sitting on your bed and reading you an update bedtime story,just sayin.
  10. I love saving effects and the save my amp setting. The extra blocks is great it leaves alot of options if you run out of dsp then just buy a helix floor. it covers (imo) everything you would need to get a great sound. Thanks for the new update Much appreciated!!! Now im off to play with new amps and effects.
  11. thank you guys I tried what I read on here and it sweetened the sound I had.
  12. I said I would be a master at it,I guess that was the beginning of the end of my chance.
  13. Thank you its very very nice and informative.
  14. Ok Im a spoiled manchild so if it was me and you have good credit I get both from zzsounds pay it off in 12 months.
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