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  1. I hope they last a long time! It does seem like a very easy mistake to make, especially on the Helix LT which doesn't have it's own headphone volume knob. I've read the manual again and have seen that the impedance is 12 ohms on the Helix LT headphone output. The 1st gen USB powered Scarlett 2i4 has <12 ohms and basically wasn't recommended to power 250 ohm headphones. But the Helix LT has 12 ohms and apparently can drive them just fine..So basically it means that it's not enough power to fry them right? I hope.. Anyways it was still very loud and after a few days my ears seem to be fine...I wish I had a decibel meter to see how loud was the sound going into my head!
  2. Hello everyone, long time no see! Today I got some brand new DT880 Pro, the 250 Ohm version. Since I saw that my Scarlet 2i4 can't fully power them, I decided to use my Helix LT as an interface for the time being, since the manual says that it has plenty of juice to power high impedance headphones. The thing is my Helix has the volume knob on 10 all the time since the factory patches are so quiet, so without realizing I start up a song on my computer and I get hit with the full power of the headphones, almost like getting punched. It was like 1 second before I turned it down. Fortunately it was a quiet intro, but still extremely loud. So the question is - how much juice does the headphones output give? Did I possibly damage my headphones? They didn't distort or crackle. But it was way beyond normal or listeneable. Since I don't know the technicals about headphones I don't know if they could start sounding different after this? They sound the same to me.. just worried that I might've ruined my brand new headphones? (Or damaged my ears..) I can't be the only one that has had this happen to them :O
  3. I wish the PV Panama model had a Mk.1 and Mk.2 switch and a 6L6 / EL34 switch, like the TSE x50 v2 plugin.
  4. The amps are all over the place, the PV Panama is really old I think? There's threads about it in the POD HD forum I think. The settings of the amp are crazy, you have to resort to some extreme settings to get the tone you would get from the real one. In the older models like the PV Panama and the Cali Rectifire the Master Knob makes a huge difference in the tone, like if you would tweak from 3.3 to 3.7 you can hear the difference. But in the newer models like the Revv or the Archon it doesn't? It's really confusing. It's such an important amp! I would really like to see it redone, or a 5150 II or 5150 III if they like that better.
  5. I would really like an updated 5150/6505 :(
  6. To add something, I've had my LT since Jan 2018 and I mainly record and mix songs for myself and other bands, it hasn't been easy for me to dial in a good high gain sound for the mix with the amps in the Helix. I'm almost going back to using VST amps now. I keep trying and trying but it's just a lot of work. It's easy to make it sound good on it's own but in a mix it's frustrating, I have to reamp every time. I might agree that the modelling is not as good in the Helix. Something about the high end or I'm not sure..But it's common to read on the Internet that it's a lot easier to get a good tone from the start with the AXE. I might just buy a real amp like a lunchbox that I can record with..
  7. Yeeeah hahahahah I think they're pretty much normal IRs but in a format only the Helix can use, kind of like the Fractal Axe FX with their Cab Packs, there's no way I'm buying it for now, one because I already own a ton of IRs and they always try to sell them as "the best IRs we have ever made", and then only being able to use them with the Helix is a huge disadvantage.
  8. Nice bro, can't wait for it to be released in 1 year minimum, like 2.80..
  9. 2.30? 2017? I got mine in Jan 2018 and it came with v2.10.
  10. Win 10 FW 1.91 on both I guess This has been happening for a long while now, it happened on 1.80, 1.82, maybe even before, I don't think it's a firmware thing. It happens when editing presets on HXEdit or after trying to save the preset. Sometimes I can see it coming because HXEdit kind of starts to lag.
  11. When using HX Edit, every time, so annoying, I don't even bother saving presets anymore because it happens so often, changing USB ports doesn't make a difference it seems, USB interface capabilites work fine, reamp works fine, but this breaks the Helix every time, you have to restart to Helix for it to work after this happens.
  12. Axe FX III sounds better most likely, Helix is more accessible
  13. Hmm, yeah I thought so, a system like in the old Recabinet 4 would've been nice. So, does anyone know what the stock cabs were made for? Live? Studio? Mix of both? It's curious how they sound, the mids sound very unique, but the cab in general sounds dirtier and smaller compared to an IR. It sounds raw. The sound is consistent in the newer cabs and the older cabs, the people at Line 6 aren't deaf, and probably have way more experience in modeling tech than these studios who are selling their IRs these days, but the IRs seem to be way more popular with people. Why did they make them like this?
  14. Well I'm looking for something more specific, I already own IRs from every popular brand now and lesser known brands too, but IRs always sound the same right? It's like slapping an EQ after the amp shaped to sound like a miked cab. I was wondering if the Helix Cabs take the simulation aspect deeper than that, with the parameters of the mics/distance & early reflections. Is there something going there or is it like a fancy IR browser?
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