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  1. Please, share the information regarding the date of purchase and the firmware version installed on the out of the box device.
  2. i guess the ''tour'' sounds too laud for the 2-week local towns trip))
  3. Sorry, but it's some misunderstanding)) I'm sure it's not possible to obtain when and where the next breakage happens. Just I'm talking about the local distributor decency promising the new device is really new and not from those that are considered lost somewhere in warehouse since 2017... That is a question of this topic. I just supposed there is some connection regarding the manufacture date and version of the firmware installed. Just nothing else))
  4. The problem is that the returned device was bought in November 2017 and out of warranty. Frankly saying I was really impressed with the loyalty level addressed to a regular end-user whose device is in use for more than 3 years. Really thanks to the Line 6 support team that agreed to change the 3 yo device for a new one without any penny from my pocket. At the same time I was paralysed for about 45 days with the broken device and ruined plans. But I'd rather prefer to be sure that the new device was really from the latest batches than expect any troubles being on tour in a couple of weeks.
  5. Thank you. The problem is the new device was given to me according the Line 6 service procedure. The expression pedal of my Helix LT bought in 2017 was broken after two weeks of hard use. That was considered as the factory defect and my local distributor just replaced the device with a new one. Just finding the 2.30 firmware from 2017 in a device shipped in summer 2020 brought some doubts... Will it be a device from the defective product batch again??? Will I come with the same problem in two weeks again???
  6. Hello guys My local distributor claims the Helix LT was shipped in 2020 but it was found that 2.30 firmware is installed. Please, share information about which version of the firmware was installed at the time of purchase. How to update such device to the latest 2.92 version? Are there some recommendations for the process or not?
  7. Guys, How to determine the production date from a serial number of Helix LT?
  8. Thanks! I did but they addressed me to the local distributor since I'm in Ukraine. That's not a problem for me but I'd like to now how solid is the new chassis to avoid the same problem in the future. Apart of that there is another problem... tweaking the pedal to its limits up and down doesn't change the regulated parameter to its lowest or highest value as it should be(((
  9. Hello to Everybody! Unfortunately I'm another one who faced with the well known problem of Helix LT pedal solidity. Now it's broken as well (( The question is addressed to those who have also faced with the the same issue and fixed that. Did Line 6 improve the pedal assembly for the last time or it stays flimsy still? That's just to know If I should expect any happiness with a new spare parts they use in an authorized service center.
  10. Just, great and all-in-one pdf format with the comprehensive list of models including the legacy... Thanks a lot!
  11. foxmister, thanks. I'm aware about this link. Just, I meant the Legacy models that were initialy developed for other Line 6 devices. All these models are in a separate directory called "Legacy" in the Helix.
  12. Guys, where can I find some all-in-one complete reference to understand what are the real models hidden under these tricky nick-names? Distortion > Tube Drive Distortion > Screamer Distortion > Overdrive Distortion > Classic Dist Distortion > Heavy Dist Distortion > Colordrive Distortion > Buzz Saw Distortion > Facial Fuzz Distortion > Jumbo Fuzz Distortion > Fuzz Pi Distortion > Jet Fuzz Distortion > Line 6 Drive Distortion > Line 6 Distortion Distortion > Sub Oct Fuzz Distortion > Octave Fuzz Dynamics > Tube Comp Dynamics > Red Comp Dynamics > Blue Comp Dynamics > Blue Comp Treb Dynamics > Vetta Comp Dynamics > Vetta Juice Dynamics > Boost Comp Modulation > Pattern Tremolo Modulation > Panner Modulation > Bias Tremolo Modulation > Opto Tremolo Modulation > Script Phase Modulation > Panned Phaser Modulation > Barberpole Modulation > Dual Phaser Modulation > U-Vibe Modulation > Phaser Modulation > Pitch Vibrato Modulation > Dimension Modulation > Analog Chorus Modulation > Tri Chorus Modulation > Analog Flanger Modulation > Jet Flanger Modulation > AC Flanger Modulation > 80A Flanger Modulation > Frequency Shift Modulation > Ring Modulator Modulation > Rotary Drum Modulation > Rotary Drm/Horn Delay > Ping Pong Delay > Dynamic Delay > Stereo Delay > Digital Delay > Dig w/ Mod Delay > Reverse Delay > Lo Res Delay > Tube Echo Delay > Tape Echo Delay > Sweep Echo Delay > Echo Platter Delay > Analog Echo Delay > Analog w/ Mod Delay > Auto-Volume Echo Delay > Multi-Head Pitch/Synth > Bass Octaver Pitch/Synth > Smart Harmony Pitch/Synth > Octi Synth Pitch/Synth > Synth O Matic Pitch/Synth > Attack Synth Pitch/Synth > Synth String Pitch/Synth > Growler Filter > Voice Box Filter > V Tron Filter > Q Filter Filter > Seeker Filter > Obi Wah Filter > Tron Up Filter > Tron Down Filter > Throbber Filter > Slow Filter Filter > Spin Cycle Filter > Comet Trails
  13. Guys, how many factory presets should be in an updated device? Is there something new comparing to 2.71? The same question regarding the templates... May be somewhere is an official info with the artists?
  14. Are there any plans to add the Boost+EQ booster (line6)?
  15. For rd2rk, Thanks for the comments. I checked the output level of the XLR after assigning the volume control knob to only 1/4" outputs only. I made sure that output level is the same as when you set the volume knob to maximum when it's assigned to control the XLR outputs. So, my doubts disappeared))
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