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  1. On designacable there are different option's of shielded unshielded / screened unscreened for the the vdi cable. Which is best and whats the difference for use with variax ... shielded vs unshielded/ screened vs unscreened. Also I see some of the cables say cat 5e and cat 6. Is it OK to use one of these. In the cable description of one of the cat 6 cables its says its for variax. https://www.designacable.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=Variax
  2. On designacable there are different option's of shielded unshielded / screened for the the vdi cable. Which is best and whats the difference for use with variax ... shielded vs unshielded/ screened vs unscreened
  3. Please can I ask what make model of battery pack are you using? Thanks
  4. When on travels I use my Dali katch speaker with laptop / native and zoom uac2.0, all packs neat into my laptop bag.... travel light sounds great... it sounds great and has enough volume to get some feeling and response, have to set up patches to sound good using this set up, eq important. Plus the Dali katch has two eq profiles, the bassist profile is perfect for use with electric guitar. Connection wise it's just a Jack to mini Jack cable from zoom to Dali... ultra low latency too! Soon I'm getting an HX stomp and when on travels will power it from my portable AC power bank and amplify it via the dali katch.... Sound wise these smaller speakers are greatly affected by placement... to get a nice more bassy fuller responsive sound you want to place the speaker next to a corner of reflective surfaces, eg corner of room... 2 walls to bounce and reflect off increases bass response... doesnt even need to be walls... I have used two large books leaning against one another to make a corner to place the speaker in to get the reflections... you have to be inventive and creative but you can get a good sound if you have a good speaker which the Dali katch most certainly is... not sure how a lower end portable bluetooth speaker would cope... One last note cables all important... I use a van damme Jack to mini Jack cable... Look, soundwise it's never gonna be the same as my powercab plus or THR100HD + thrc2x12 set up... but for on the travels light weight portable set up using equipment I already own its perfect for being able to have fun useable responsive sounds... and the Dali katch used with helix produces in my opinion a better sound and response than the revered Yamaha THR 5 / 10 range that I also have owned, and of course the options and versatility and quality of modelling offered up by helix native / stomp blows the THR 5/10 out of the water... You can get great portable sounds with a small foot print but you need to choose a good high end portable speaker... can you justify the cost tho?... your music listening will appreciate the quality speaker for sure.. for me I already owned all the things needed for the set up and the upcoming purchase of hx stomp is something I already have many uses for... Enjoy
  5. Here are my notes for update procedure... a bit late now but here it is for anyone still yet to do the update Step 1. Install New Hx Edit which also installs the new updater https://uk.line6.com/software/ Step 2. Connect Helix to usb, open the new Hx Edit.. click on create back up, for full back up of setlists, presets, IRs and Global Settings... Close Hx Edit... For Helix Rack... turn off the Controller Step 3. update to new Firmware - using the Line 6 Updater that came bundled with the New Editor download. Once update has finished, Helix will restart automatically and it will Rebuild presets - Wait for it to finish Rebuilding... For Helix Rack Step 4. Update Controller Once the rebuild in above step has finished - turn on Controller - asked to update controller - YES Step 5 . SWITCH OFF the Helix unit. If you want the new factory Presets.... Perform the following 1. Need to restore factory presets 2. Need to restore your saved presets from backup 1. Restore stock presets and setlists Rack User - hold down ENC3 & 4 whilst turning power on / booting up to restore stock presets and setlists. Message appears restoring stock presets and setlists... For LT/Helix Floor - Holding footswitch 7+8 on boot restores presets and setlists. Helix Effects - There is no option for restore stock presets and setlists??? Maybe - Perform factory restore (reset, Globals, IRs, and Presets)?? You Dont need a full factory reset as the settings are aready correct as they are?? Not sure about IR as i dont use them yet. See following link for settings for your device, Floor-LT/Rack/Effects. http://line6.com/sup...bleshootin-r768 2. Restore your own saved presets/setlists from the back up in step 2, Restore your own saved presets/setlists only - Leave the Factory presets and Globals uncheked as the new Factory Presets are already now installed, and your original globals are already set up. If you have created new Templates then tick/select templates to have them reinstalled, otherwise leave it unchecked... Step 7. SWITCH OFF Helix and Turn back ON Rebuilding of presets will commence. (Optional - Step 8. Perform Full back up just to be future proofn or just back up the Factory presets to have copy including new factory presets.)
  6. Haha... to quote some youngsters current favourite song to put on in my car at the mo... this is prob only time Ella Eyre will get a mention on here... but she says it so damn well https://youtu.be/KnnvfHz7qzA?t=40s they always come back, yeah they always come back When he returns he puts you in a situation But it's too late to have that kinda conversation It's not your job to show this boy some education, no Now ain't it funny how he never seems to work it out We've all been played, we all get hurt Just take that pain and let that motherf**ker burn And you know that in time you will find That they always come back, yeah they always come back They're all the same, they never learn So dig their grave, and let that motherf**ker burn And you know that in time you will find That they always come back, yeah they always come back Dry your eyes Mr. Wise Guy But take a picture, it's the last that you will see Let's see how far this guy gets walking on his own feet We've all been played, we all get hurt Just take that pain and let that motherf**ker burn Thank you Ella...
  7. As well as a power amp and cab set up I also use my Rotel RA10 and Bower and Wilkins speakers.. lovely warm sound, great stereo spread and nice separation of sounds and great tight timing and much less trouble with high end harshness compared to PA (supposed) FrFr speakers. This set up just seems to zone in on making everything sound great and professional. Even the boss gt100 suddenly sounded good years ago when I put it thru this set up, and the helix blossoms thru it. My only complaint is all the inputs on the Rotel are RCA.... There's no balanced option so I run from the helix 1/4" out to rca input. There is something to be said for a good tuned hifi amp and speakers with helix at home.
  8. No he needs the send to be after the fx he wants to be in front of his amps preamp.Going to sleep now haha
  9. In the templates see Template4. 4 cable method gets you started.. altho use separate send and return blocks then apply snapshot to turn off all blocks except the send when want clean signal.
  10. Ah yes... he not just wanting a clean to amp as in title... Ok the last block use a send to the amp and turn off all blocks when want a clean signal....snapshot like you said. I use an amp and signal like that can drive the front of the amp or go clean. In fact it's more complicated than that as it's a stereo amp set up so I use 7 cable method... can go guitar... helix fx.. amp preamp... back to helix for post preamp fx.... back to amp power amp.... Umm too tired to go into it right now... I shouldn't have started to reply when too tired to do it justice sorry
  11. Just off top of my head I'm thinking... in the first block after the input use a send... job done the input signal is sent clean to your amp
  12. Well I just can't make a crap sound with helix... everything turns to gold.. i mean this is a guitar players wet dream... the teenage me would have been so high to point of creative mania rarely bothering to sleep just playing and creating with this kit... Think my only regret is I just don't have the time I used to when younger. If I had all these tools as a teenager I would have reached a point of oneness with the helix... i guess I can look forward to 2030 when I should have more spare time in my life again... maybe by then we will be sitting down with HX III whilst anticipating the imminent release of HX IV... whats that, whens 2.6! being released haha lollipop that I'm already anticipating HX IV....
  13. Makes sense as I have been using the stereo reverbs and all been ok as far as I know that's how it supposed to sound.... so just tried mono.... and yep it all gets squished out of sight... I guess I'm ok as I always use stereo reverbs at end of patch...
  14. All makes sense as i have been using the reverbs and not replicating the problem to the degree people saying they have experienced it.... but then I always use stereo reverbs, so that makes sense... there is a bug in mono
  15. Haha... line 6 where BS becomes CS... they truly care... Great service great product great fun
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