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  1. I have no use use for the tremolo so I'm trying to figure out the easiest way to lock it down. I've seen the various hardware solutions (ex. Tremol-No etc) but I really think I'd rather just use one or two wooden blocks. Unfortunately, I'm not a carpenter and I can't even get the proper measurements for the blocks' sizes. I'm hoping someone has done this before and can tell me what size the block/s should be and where precisely to put them.
  2. What's the best VDI cable these days. All I could find were old threads from 2014 and earlier. I'm wondering if Best Tronics is still recommended and if so, what the turnaround is ordering from them. Another issue is on the Line 6 cables, apparently there was/is a defect with the ethernet connectors being misaligned with the metal housing protector which prevents the ethernet connectors from being able to reach their destiination on whatever device. Is this still an issue? And does this issue occur with Best Tronics cables? Thnx
  3. Thanks a bunch for the quick reply. One more question, using the VDI cable, can you use the 500x without the amp or cab or any other FX. I will be using the built in FX, but I also want to be able to use my VST amp sims on occasion. I read the manual but it wasn't quite as explicit as my slow brain requires.
  4. Thanks for the reply. So I would just remove the battery to use the VDI and the 1/4 connection simultaneously? Or is ther more to it?
  5. I need a permanent power supply. And I need to connect with Workbench on my PC. After hours of searching, I can't seem to confirm these questions: 1.Should I buy the USB adapter and the Cable Power kit? 2. Or can I just get a Pod HD500 (or HD500x). Obviously, I would rather have the HD500. I've owned several Pods over the years and quite like them. I just can't seem to find a clear, authorized statement on whether it will work. And I'm extremely confused on how an HD500 will allow me to interface with Workbench on my PC.
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