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  1. Running Monterey on MacbooKPro M1 Pro . Logic won't open Native because it says it can't be "validated" And when I trick it into opening it in Rosetta it causes all kinds of problems recording and then it eventually stops using Native anyway. Anyone have any ideas?
  2. Just moved my pedal board and noticed that. Thanks for the help
  3. My expression pedal no longer stays in the position I leave it in. Does anybody know if this is a simple tightening that I can perform or does it need to be sent in?
  4. Are you using the vintage delay? If so, turn the headroom setting all the way up. That totally solved my static, digital artifact issue in my cleans completely.
  5. dbraman

    Helix lockup

    Practical advice...thanx.
  6. dbraman

    Helix lockup

    I was practicing (fortunately) this morning, and my unit (full Helix, floor model) locked up. Couldn't change snapshots...couldn't change presets. The only that fixed it was a reboot. It was fine after that, and I know that this is just the reality of living in the computer-base world. But I have had this unit for nearly three years and nothing like this has ever happened before. Is this something I should be concerned about? Fortunately I was just practicing, but I have a big show coming up next month and I would hate for this to happen then. Thanks
  7. Heard back from CS. They agreed to waive the cut off, with the stipulation that I cannot submit a claim for a month...more than fair. Line 6 customer service= Mench.
  8. Crap, I don't know how I missed this until now. I guess I'll call CS tomorrow and plead my case.
  9. I just tried to purchase the newly announced extended warranty and was declined because my unit was out of warranty. What kind of Catch 22 nonsense is that? I was a very early adopter...purchasing mine in Sept of 2015. Of course it's out of warranty...but they only just offered this program. How about giving us early adopters a chance to buy in. This is no way to reward customers who early on saw the great potential of product back in the 1.0 days. Come on Line 6...you can do better than this!! :angry:
  10. Awesome...thanks. I can't wait to try it out.!
  11. Ok, I freely admit it, but I don't understand midi and midi controlling. Further more, I barely understand Mainstage. But having said that, I've noticed that when I change a preset in my Helix, it changes to a different song in my Mainstage play list. Now I didn't set this up to do it, but I would love to be able to consciously set things up so that when I change a preset, associated with a particular song, Mainstage would switch to that song. Anyone have any idea. It would be greatly appreciated.
  12. dbraman

    Native 2.3

    I upgraded my floor unit, but Native won't recognize any of the new units. How do I upgrade Native
  13. Yep, that did it. Thanks all. I am absolutely loving the Helix/Variax nexus.
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