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  1. Floor for the whole package, including integrated headphone amp control. Since the helix can act as a good sound card for your pc, the mic in is very usefull too If your primary concern is space (and you use simple signal paths), stomp is the way to go Imo LT isn't worth it, even more so if you have to buy additionnal gear to compensate for it's "lack" of features (like a separate headphone amp, a soundcard for a mic, etc.).
  2. Running the helix in an fx return is a perfectly fine way to use it. You can even send a signal directly to the PA by adding an IR to your preset (just make sure it doesn't affect your amp. I have a send that goes to it right before the IR. You could also use 2 paths) It requires a small compromise: you need an IR close to your amp (you could even shoot an IR of your amp) and you have to make sure both paths sound good.
  3. The helix floor is the only one with a mic-preamp, wich is usually required to get a mic signal with enough volume and low noise. I don't own the stomp and don't know if there is a workaround, but it isn't surprising that it doesnt work
  4. That's not really true, many multi effects have a "usable" preset switching (aka no noticeable gap) I started on the zoom g7, then used a boss gt100. Both had no (noticeable) gap. Kemper and atomic both "merge" the sound of the preset into the newly selected one, which gives you a seemless switching too. Snapshots are great, preset switching would be even better. But it is the price we have to pay for the 100% parametrable signal path we have in the helix
  5. This It is also a huge advantage in relation with the complexity of modelers. When I bought the helix, I kept my gt100 as a backup. After 1.5 years, I took it out of it's case.. And coulnd't use it. I didn't remember how to programm the beast, where the menus were, and so on. Having the same interface on your backup solces that problem (I sold my gt100 and will buy a stomp).
  6. Even with techs you have to compromise at a certain point. Maybe he wanted to have a different amp for each song? Maybe amps that can't be brought on tour? Mind you he probably didn't use standard amps like most of us do, but profiled his favorite tone out of his personal collection of amps. That's a variety that can't be achieved with analog gear
  7. At the end of your path, split it, on bottom path put a send/return with the looper, then a send (goes to the drummer monitor), then merge the paths back together and that goes to your monitor Will only work if your looper has a "wet only" signal, otherwise your drummer will hear both the loop and the lead
  8. Take any preset, put a send just in front of the IR. Use snapshots Snapshot 1 = send volume +0db, through volume -60db Snapshot 2 = send volume -60db, through volume +0db Connect the amp to the send and the HR to the helix output You can also do it by splitting the signal at the end in two paths and using snapshots to control the a/b split
  9. Happy birthday ;) I purchased your big pack and synth pack. I have 4 days off work starting tomorrow, this will be a fun weekend ! I saw you speaking about your "double whoooper cab" IR and would love to try it, but i have no real use of the "big pack add on" he is part off. Is there any way to get this IR as a standalone?
  10. Had this issue once, in my case it was because I had updated the helix but the hx edit was still on the old version. Maybe check that
  11. Many ways to do it: A clean amp, with a distortion pedal in front for dirt One amp that does both clean and high gain, where you switch the gain parameter with a footswitch (not mamy amps can do that) Two amps that you turn on/off alternatively and a separate cab Two complete chains with 2 amp/cab/effects that you A/B switch (or mix) I think you can even have only 1 cab efffect and switch the ir number with snapshots? I personnaly have 1 looooong effect chain with everything in it: 1 of every effect I need, 2 amps, 1 cab. I use snapshots to only have 1 amp on at the time and switch between them. I use only one IR, it is more concistent and makes things easier (and I would have used only one "real" cab too anyway in a live situation) Very easy to setup and doesn't use too much dsp. Making separate patches doesn't work for me (except at home), the gap when switching is too long.
  12. I play/monitor myself through a power amp which ads some grit and color... That the xlr signal that I send to the pa lacks. Having a separate pre- and poweramp and the possibility to put a "send" in between could very usefull in that case, and I'm sure there must be many more uses for it
  13. Let's hope the powercab line will also get the "get low" update just like the helix did ;) In the meantime I'll have to buy a headrush 112. to my knowledge it is the only FRFR solution aimed at both bass and guitar (even if by definition every FRFR should be able to do it!)
  14. Does the variax allow you to send individual strings to different/multiple paths? Say string EAD to path 1 and GBE to path 2? Or EA to path 1 and EADGBE to path 2? (For those playing without a bass playee in rheir band ;)
  15. yep, this is what i meant, sorry if it wasn't clear. And when playing live, you kinda get the same problem. (From what i've been told) venues mostly play mono-tracks since they don't want each side of the scene to sound different. It means that the audience only gets to hear the guitar as a mono-track. I'm not sure it is a good idea to build stereo tracks... I do it only for the presets that I use at home only
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