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  1. Really appreciate the continued comments on this thread. For my situation, I finally had an opportunity to play a bass through the PC112 at a local Guitar Center and was not horribly impressed with the sound. Could I have likely gotten away with it? Maybe. But ultimately I don't like investing in gear only to get rid of it a year later because it's not bringing me joy or providing the necessary features I need. While I think Line6 has done a great job out of the gate with the PowerCab offerings, ultimately I decided to go with a Friedman ASC-12 to get the clean responsive tone I wanted and it did a much better job with the bass frequencies. Don't worry, Line 6...I'm still a huge fan of your products and will continue spending plenty of money with you. :)
  2. Great info here, thanks for sharing this! I want more info from him on some of these lush sounds! LOL
  3. So I was going to try this out at the local Guitar Center. Unfortunately, there was a guy already doing a demo with it...using a Headrush board instead of the Helix. Which Guitar Center didn't have to even use as a demo. I'm pretty sure he bought the HR, too. To BigJayBrian's point, an FRFR should really have the necessary range to handle both. While it seems to have the same relevant handling of a small Bass combo (eg. Fender), it does make me question using it when Line 6 says it's not designed to handle it. I view that as a bit of a feature gap when you're intended target for this speaker is multi-effect boards like the Helix that have modeled bass amps and cabinets. I know the primary users of the Helix are guitar players, but many guitar players I know use a bass a fair amount, too. Just sayin'. For my personal purposes, I'll be using it 95% of the time in the studio. However, the opportunity does arise for me to sit in and play bass sometimes. Having one rig that's the same and covers all this ground is ideal. Right now I'm still on the fence or looking at the competitor offerings.
  4. Hey guys, this is exciting to see this new offering! I love my Helix and have been looking at multiple flat response options to have that "amp in the room" feel. I will definitely look forward to checking it out once they start shipping. My question is whether this unit would also handle the bass offerings in the Helix with enough low end to satisfy acting as a bass cabinet? Thanks!
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