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  1. TheEd

    Handle Bass output?

    12" Speakers are common in bass cabs. High Freq. horns are also common in bass cabs, but it isn't as simple as saying bass cabs have 12s and guitar cabs have 12s so everything should be fine. There are other speaker parameters that need to be considered. Mostly excursion. However, I am not an expert, which is why I asked the question in the first place. In the end, I ended up getting a dedicated bass cab as the Powercab did not provide the sound I needed for bass using either raw or flat to allow the Helix to shape the sound with Cab emulation, or IRs. Thanks for the help, everyone. -Ed R.
  2. TheEd

    Handle Bass output?

    What about beyond moderate volume? I play guitar and bass about 50/50, and I'd like to be able to crank the PowerCab if needed. My old bass cab was a GK NEO112-II which, according to their spec sheet, could only reach 122db, 51Hzto19kHz. That cab was plenty loud for me. I am not concerned with the extra 28Hz or so of low-end, or having the absolute best bass tone. I just don't want to blow it up by playing bass through it. Thanks, -Ed R.
  3. Is it possible in a future update to connect a MIDI controller to the USB port of the Helix Control? I have a row of MIDI knobs that I can use to control various effect parameters more like a “real” pedal board. It would be great if I could plug it directly into the Helix Control so I only have to run the one cable out to the board.
  4. TheEd

    Handle Bass output?

    I also ordered the 112 plus. I know the frequency response isn’t the best for bass, but I want to make sure it won’t damage the cab if I play bass through it at mild to moderate volume.