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    Handle Bass output?

    What about beyond moderate volume? I play guitar and bass about 50/50, and I'd like to be able to crank the PowerCab if needed. My old bass cab was a GK NEO112-II which, according to their spec sheet, could only reach 122db, 51Hzto19kHz. That cab was plenty loud for me. I am not concerned with the extra 28Hz or so of low-end, or having the absolute best bass tone. I just don't want to blow it up by playing bass through it. Thanks, -Ed R.
  2. Is it possible in a future update to connect a MIDI controller to the USB port of the Helix Control? I have a row of MIDI knobs that I can use to control various effect parameters more like a “real” pedal board. It would be great if I could plug it directly into the Helix Control so I only have to run the one cable out to the board.
  3. TheEd

    Handle Bass output?

    I also ordered the 112 plus. I know the frequency response isn’t the best for bass, but I want to make sure it won’t damage the cab if I play bass through it at mild to moderate volume.