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  1. I would suggest uninstalling the current version of Line 6 Monkey, then download an OLDER version and install the older version and test it. I have a Variax Acoustic 700 on which I wanted to update the Flash Memory. The current Line 6 Monkey (v1.77) did not "see" my Acoustic 700. Line 6 Monkey (v1.70) finally "saw" my Acoustic 700 and I was able to reflash the memory. I can only conclude that Line 6 has not carried full support for older products into the newest versions of Line 6 Monkey. [Note: I downloaded and tested ALL of the Line 6 Monkey versions between 1.77 and 1.70. I had to go back to 1.70 to get it to work].
  2. I attempted to install the Variax Workbench v1.75 on a clean Windows 10 64-bit OS computer. The Line 6 installer encountered a problem downloading the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). The problem is the Line 6 installer tries to download the 1.6.0 Java Runtime Environment Installer (32-bit) [Java version 6] from a URL location that no longer exists (the location is hard-coded in the installer). Since that location no longer exists, the Java download fails. The Variax Workbench installer WILL complete, but when you then attempt to launch Variax Workbench 1.75 you receive the "Java Runtime Environment 1.6.0" error mesage. Since the time the Variax Workbench software v1.75 was released (which uses Java 6), there have been releases of Java 7 and Java 8. Java 8 is the current version. HOW TO FIX THE PROBLEM -- DOWNLOAD THE MOST CURRENT JAVA 32-BIT "OFFLINE" VERSION I WAS able to get the Variax Workbench v1.75 to work by separately downloading and installing the most current Java Runtime Environment, Version 8. Update 161. It appears that versions of the Java Runtime Environment are backward compatible. Here is the link for the current version of Java [Java Version 8 Update 161]: Java Version 8 Download Webpage You want to download the 32-BIT OFFLINE version (there are 32- and 64-bit versions). Under the "WINDOWS" section, you want to download the "WINDOWS OFFLINE", filesize 61.35 MB .exe file. See the attached photo. Here is the file direct download link: Direct Link to the 32-Bit Windows version The exact name of the file downloaded is: jre-8u161-windows-i586.exe When you install Java, the installer finishes by launching your default web browser. Don't worry if that fails. For example, I use Google Chrome as my default browser and it does not support Java at all. This isn't a problem because it is the Variax Workbench software that uses Java. After I installed this current version of Java I was successfully able to launch/run Variax Workbench 1.75 To get Variax Workbench 1.75 to work fully, you will also need to download: -- Line 6 Monkey -- Variax USB Drivers [Note: These two items may be installed as part of the Variax Workbench installation]
  3. How are you trying to install Variax Workbench? through Line 6 Monkey? Over in the HD500 forum there were a bunch of people who were having trouble using a USB connection between their HD500Xs and Macs with El Capitan. At least one person was able to fix this by downloading Mac El Capitan 10.11.1 (point change upgrade). http://line6.com/support/forum/18-pod-hd/ I would suggest first trying to install Line 6 Monkey, then the USB drivers, then try to install Variax Workbench 1.75.
  4. Did you try the 1.5 mm hex? The 1.5mm would be equal to 0.059" which is slightly larger than the 0.050" you tried and said was too small. I looked over at the StewMac website and see they have this Allen wrench set with 20 different sizes. http://www.stewmac.com/Luthier_Tools/Types_of_Tools/Wrenches/Ball-End_Hex_Keys.html
  5. I found the sizes in the "Accessories included with James Tyler Variax Guitars" article in the Line 6 Knowledge Base: http://line6.com/support/page/kb/_/guitars/james-tyler-variax-guitars/accessories-included-with-james-tyler-variax-gu-r152 Allen wrench sizes: 1 - 1.5mm hex 1 - 4mm hex 1 - 5/64" hex 1 - 7/64" hex 1 - 3/32" hex 1 - 0.050" hex
  6. Did the set include 7 Allen wrenches? Full Compass sells a Line 6 part "Variax Guitar Wrench Set": http://www.fullcompass.com/prod/248847-Line-6-50-03-0094 Unfortunately it doesn't say what the sizes are.
  7. Connect your Variax JTV to your computer through the USB dongle (the clear plastic interface box that came with your JTV), then run Line 6 Monkey. If you are signed in, Line 6 Monkey should "see" your JTV and then present a list of all drivers, firmware, editors, etc. showing both your current installed version and the latest version.
  8. Line 6 has a .pdf Variax Comparison Chart -- http://line6.com/variax-modeling-guitars/resources/ which lists the models and colors now available. For JTV-69, they only list Lake Placid Blue For JTV-69S they list 3-tone Sunburst, Black, and Olympic White
  9. Assuming the first four numbers of the Serial number represent YYMM, the year and month of manufacture, I see that only Variax standards have 2015 manufacture dates.
  10. I am thinking that at the very least Line 6 has stopped manufacturing the JTV-69s, given the new Variax Standards have a strat design.
  11. Sorry, my mistake. It was the Labor Day sale just over one month ago. I corrected my post.
  12. I received a call from Musician's Friend about the JTV-69 in Candy Apple Red that I ordered during the last Musician's Friend Labor Day sale. They informed me they were canceling the order because Line 6 has discontinued the item. I suspect production on the JTV line has stopped, and ALL of the JTVs out in the world are the final ones. Therefore, if you were ever interested in a JTV, better buy one of the few around -- eBay has a few new ones and B-stock listed.
  13. I assume Musician's Friend had already ordered these JTVs and for whatever reason discounted the red and black versions. Given Line 6 was purchased by Yamaha, and given Line 6 has released the Variax Standard (Variax guts in Yamaha made guitar), I don't think there will be any new JTV models released. The Variax standard is already less expensive than the JTVs were, $799 retail. http://line6.com/variax-modeling-guitars/variax-standard/ Guitar Center and Musician's Friend usually have sales around each holiday, so if you can wait Musician's Friend will probably run a 15% off sale at Thanksgiving.
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