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  1. Thanks Martin, I will give it a try and post on here if it works. Its this kind of thing that puts me off the Shuriken...a lot of money and Line 6 could stop supporting it in the most distant future.
  2. Hi, I've not had much luck looking through these forums for someone who has had the same issue. A few years ago I tried to reflash my guitar but it failed mid-update and I effectively bricked it. I have dusted it off and I am trying to reinstall the firmware by reflashing. I have a Variax 500, connected to my Mac via the Variax USB Interface. The interface recognises the Variax as I have the two green lights. Line 6 monkey cannot see the Variax when it scans my devices, just the USB interface. When trying to reflash/update the guitar I have downloaded the correct .vxf file from the Line 6 website, yet I have no idea what to do with that. I have the original Workbench software installed and it cannot see the Variax. Anybody got any ideas? Older equipment just isn't worth the bother sometimes! Cheers
  3. My Vetta has the fault where it turns on but the displays remain blank and no sound can be heard out of the speakers. Only 1 place I can take it in the UK to get it sorted and I have no means of getting it there. So I'm giving up, someone else can benefit providing they do the legwork. Has the variax interface fitted. Comes with original dust cover and FBV shortboard in its own gig bag. Reasonable offers only please (considering the FBV fetches £60 alone on eBay) Sellmygear83 at Gmail dot com
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