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  1. shane01

    topology ?

    I have installed the new firmware to my dt amps so I now can have eight amps instead of four ,but was wondering when using the HD500 and selecting a amp with topology i ,ii ,iii, iv will the new installed amps topology be used with the pre set ? I mean the original top's were i=fender ii= park/marshall iii= vox ac30 iv=high gain , Now I have different amps installed will those top's change , I know when using the amp on its own it will be different ,or is there only four top's for what ever amp is used. If I don't make sense i'll try to think of a better way of putting it. Thanks
  2. shane01

    DT compatible?

    Any news on this unit becoming DT compatible?
  3. shane01

    Noob question.

    Thanks guys , I tend to switch the cabs off and use the sound of two of my Marshall 4x12 greenback cabs ,With the cab set to 'off' I take it none of the res',thump' works is this correct?. It still is on the screen ?
  4. shane01

    Noob question.

    Thank you guys I see now ,you just set the other input to a unused instrument , I will never use mic so set to mic it will sort of shut it down . Thanks. I have played for 25 years and have 15 marshall 50/100 watt heads so I have some knowledge of sound but just bit the bullet and bought a dream rig,JTV59 hd500 and dt50 head and dt25 head so it's a big learning curve at the mo. Thanks again
  5. shane01

    Noob question.

    Hi all, Regarding a HD500 This is soo easy for some of you but I just can't see it ,I see in a lot of post's about just running through '1 input ' and silencing the other ,or running both inputs in the signal path, How do you silence a input? Thanks in advance.
  6. That make sense thanks fella's.
  7. Hi all, I have a mission volume pedal not the l6 expression one just a standard volume pedal , now if I try and put it into guitar2 input and use the mission as the volume and the onboard exp as a wah, do I have to input through the input of the mission first ,I tried it but got no sound as I was using variax VDI input to the hd500 ,so in a nut shell will the volume pedal work with no input and me connected via VDI ? Thanks in advance.
  8. I am in the same boat buddy I need some info. Anyone? Thanks in advance.
  9. no windows 8, can get it to load my pc cant read the file ,,never mind.
  10. shane01

    hd400 to hd500

    silverhead thank you.
  11. HD50 head wanted must be in great condition cash waiting , also willing to ship to me In the uk if too far to collect.
  12. shane01

    hd400 to hd500

    I am getting a hd500 in the next few days I already have a hd400 if I save my presets to my pc can I load them into the 500 so I dint have to start all over again or is it a different machine?
  13. Thanks again Phil, my monkey is 1.71 seems the newest one I can find. where do I find the JTV 2.21 please? as I mentioned in my edit I see the 1.80 is from 2012 .I have the hd workbench ,when you connect to the hd bench does it send the new hd models to the jtv? sorry once again I just need a help to get up and running. what should I have on the guitar to assume its the new hd models? any tell tale signs? Edit thanks again I think I have found it.
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