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  1. I use an Eathquaker Deives Disaster Transport Sr, Afterneath, and MXR Carbon Copy in the loop
  2. 1. Is there a thread that is the definitive resource on 4 cable method and do you have the link ( I've looked the past couple days and apparently suck at searching if there is one) 2. I currently use a few pedals in my POD HD 500x fx loop but have now found an amp that will likely become my main tone...necessitating need to use the 4 cable method. - Do I just keep my pedals in the signal path of the loop? - How are dealing with cable lengths for live situations? Thanks in advance for any insight! Todd
  3. Just ran into the same problem this weekend at band practice....I just assumed the bass player was wrong because the POD said I was in tune....but then checked it with her tuner and one on my phone....POD was off about a half step....just ordered a Polytune to put in front of the least now I'll get silent tuning.
  4. I know this has been address and I tried searching the forum with no luck... 1. Can I move a set list that is on my PODHD500 to the PODHD500X that I just picked up? (I seem to recall there is a different file ext,) -Do I have to recreate them from scratch on the 500X? 2. Does the Conversion Utility posted at the top of the page make this possible? Thanks for your help! Todd
  5. I have a used 500x on its way. I already own a 500 with all the expansion packs. Will I have to repurchase the expansion bundle for the 500X?
  6. Ahhh, good point...needed to choose my words a bit more wisely. Now about that "Thingus 247Q"....where do I get that? :)
  7. Thanks for opinions, just curious. My pod 500 seems to be having foot switch & looper issues...was thinking of replacing with a 500x unless something in the same range was around the corner (i.e. Not at Helix price point.)
  8. Any one feel this means an update is coming? I've been out of the loop for while (in case I missed something)
  9. Thanks. I went back and revisited the manual. Getting ready to check videos. Biggest question I have right now is what is ideal way to set up the "left,right, or left/right" part. That and now I seem to have even bigger volume decrepancies between presets than when I just had one dt25
  10. Does anyone know if there is a guide to using 2, pointers, ideas, etc....all in one place? I've owned the head version and just pulled the trigger on a combo to add to the mix...also using a PODHD500. I'm thinking that should make it nice to have 2 amp tones, etc. Thanks! Todd
  11. funny I just thought of the 2 amp idea just before I read your reply...haven't tried it yet....I also use/have a Dt-25, so I've stopped using the 2 amps function because I don't have 2 Dt-25 (which makes that work better to my understanding).... I will search out the allen wrench....that never crossed my mind....( it wasn't until the bass player got a killer rig that it became a problem!). But if the 2 amp idea fixes it I'll opt for that because using the EXP to do it, I ended up turning on the tuner by accident because of foot placement... I'll let you know! Thanks!
  12. I'll start by saying I tend to do research on this site, learn to set somewhat advanced patches, then I forget how I did it in the first place. With that said, I have a patch in which I used the Exp 2 pedal in the down position to change bring up the mix on a delay (essentially turning it on), adjust 2 parameters in a reverb, and turn up the gain on the amp....all by just pressing the EXP pedal to the floor/up position. rehearsal and live settings the vibrations from the bass and/or drums will actually move the EXP pedal back to the down position! In stead of leaving my foot on the EXP to hold it down, I'm thinking I'll just set FS4 to handle multi (task). I have essentially got the delay and reverb taken care of....but my question is can I increase the gain on an amp model with the same FS4 (i.e. gain goes from 5 to 8 with the press of a button)? Thanks for reading! Todd
  13. wow...I guess if you're going to double your footprint...doubling your price is expected! LOL!
  14. @silverhead....thank you, that's what I was thinking. I've tried using the looper in a band situation...wasn't ideal....but now that makes me think my expectations will be too high for what an external one will do (and those aren't cheap)
  15. can you do edit mode with HDEdit...I'm not seeing it....I don't edit anything on the actual unit because I think they are nightmare to navigate.
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