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  1. Thanks for the replies ! My separate tuner is fine and set to 440Hz. If I tune using My XT Live, I get same tuning as the separate tuner. On my HD500x, I did reset the tuner to 440Hz and the results are still incorrect. I'll try and get some pictures of what I see on the HD.
  2. I've had my HD500x for about 1 month now and I'm getting more and more comfortable with it. The only issue I've encountered is the onboard tuner. If I plug my guitar which is already perfectly tuned in 440 (using separate tuner) into the pod, it shows the notes as being a half-step down (Eb, Ab,etc...) !?! I double checked and the pod is correctly set to 440Hz. If I set the onboard tuner to 425Hx, then I will see the correct readings on the tuner ! I did a full reset of the pod and it is at latest firmware. Tried other guitar with same results. Also tested on my old XT Live and the tuner readings are fine. Has anyone else seen this type of issue ? Thanks!
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