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  1. Hi folks Ive just got a UX1 and set up pod farm 2.5 standard and it sound really thin. I can hear my guitar strings over the interface it’s that quiet. The volume is set to over half on the ux1 and all the amp controls all on 10 with a compresser. I can get a better sound from my fender mustang 1 amp (with headphones) but I need a plug in and play option (not fussed about recording, just want to jam away) so is the helix native better than pod farm 2.5 or is my computer or ux1 not right? I hope this is clear to understand.
  2. Thanks everyone for their input. I guess i'll look at the LT as the only option for now. I'll be using headphones as i don't have a speaker setup and as long as there's a Aux In. I have owned the Pod XT Live & X3 bean before, while I was impressed with those units, How does the LT compare in quality to the XT Live?
  3. Hi, I am wondering which version of the Helix would be best for me? I'm mostly playing in my room. Maybe the Helix Navite (i have a UX1, would that work?, my computer is very basic). I'm not that bothered about recording. I only use to jam along with but would like something nice sounding. I play any types of music really, mostly Pink Floyd style though. Please tell me what I should do?
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