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  1. hideout

    Why helix hardware sounds better than the plugin??

    The sound quality Helix Native is subject to the quality of your audio interface's A/D converter.
  2. hideout

    Snapshot reselect - 2.8 update feature

    I still wish they'd implemented my idea of Two Phase Snapshots. https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Two-Phase-Snapshot-Footswitches-Mode/857489-23508
  3. hideout

    Took the Leap to 2.81...what's all the fuss about???

    I just don’t want to have to roll back. Life keeps me pretty busy so I want to upgrade and stay there. I’m sure a stable version will come. And as I like to say, for me, there’s nothing missing in 2.70. I just don’t want to be too far back in the firmware versions.
  4. hideout

    Took the Leap to 2.81...what's all the fuss about???

    Not taking any chances
  5. hideout

    Took the Leap to 2.81...what's all the fuss about???

    Well, I don't need that.
  6. hideout

    Took the Leap to 2.81...what's all the fuss about???

    Thank you, sir.
  7. hideout

    Took the Leap to 2.81...what's all the fuss about???

    As a Mac user, I am very curious to see if other Mac users have had issues with the update. I’m admittedly quite nervous about doing it and at the risk of sounding like a broken record, I’m quite happy with my Helix at 2.7. Actually, I was quite content with the previous version and not in any way taken advantage of or used any of the additions in 2.7.
  8. Well, I may only gig on weekends now but there's no way I could do it without the Helix. I live on an island and getting off and back again, especially in the summertime, just to get the Helix fixed is not an option. The update and the Helix can get borked by a simple USB cable or USB port? Nooo thank you. It ain't broke and I'm still very happy with it the way it is at 2.7... no update for me.
  9. hideout

    Expression pedal bug

    Now, I am definitely waiting for the next maintenance update as I'm still happy with 2.70. Do not need the headache.
  10. hideout

    2.8 update stuck in 'boot failure, entered update mode'

    Has these updating issues been mainly on PCs or are they happening on Macs too?
  11. Any Mac users running Sierra having these same issues here?
  12. hideout

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    I wonder if this update is taking so long because... it's the last one or is, at least, the last iteration of the firmware because this last version will be squeezing the most out of the Helix. We might get a patch or two afterwards but nothing major because the next major revision will require newer hardware - the next iteration of the Helix. Think about it. The Helix was release June 11 2015. That was 4 years ago and that's a long time in tech years. I mean, I'd be ok with it. I just can't help but wonder.
  13. hideout

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    Well... they are a little late according to their announcement here in this forum... not that I really care. Still pretty happy with my Helix the way it is.
  14. hideout

    Am I the only one...... ?

    Meh. Amps are way too limiting for my tonal palette needs. I just sold my Quilter Aviator 8, which I dearly loved but it always left me needing more sounds. I had a pedalboard but have pretty much gotten rid of all the individual pedals that I depended on. Still, when I had it it wasn’t as satisfying as what the Helix gives me.
  15. hideout

    Helix Firmware Upgrade 2.8 - Blues :(

    What, no template for Digital Performer?