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  1. hideout

    Revv Generator 120 in 2.8

    I like that the REVV logo changes colors when he changes channels... It's the little things. lol
  2. hideout

    Guitar input pad - does you or doesn't you?

    I've never needed to.
  3. hideout

    Best way to set up stereo?

    My issue with running mono live is the phase cancellation that invariably happens to all the stereo effects. They all thin out and sound a little weird. As for running in stereo, I really don't think it's necessary to separate the speakers much. You'll still get a bigger sound than in mono. The Roland JC-120 is proof of this - it's just too damned big and heavy. This, however might be the solution. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/Spacestation3--aspen-pittman-designs-center-point-stereo-spacestation-v3-280w-3d-stereo-monitor
  4. hideout

    This whole separate preamp and power amp thing.

    Nah, man. You were clear. Thanks for the upvote! The more I think about it, the more it makes sense to just model the power sections. I think you have the better idea. I love it!
  5. hideout

    This whole separate preamp and power amp thing.

    Sounds kinda like this idea I posted - https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Amp-Builder-Creator-App/841518-23508#idea-tab-details
  6. hideout

    Helix vs AXFX 3, seriously...

    Great to whom??? Personally, I don't create patches to please anybody but ME. You don't like it or think it sucks? Well, you know what they say about opinions... Kilrahi is absolutely right not to post anything for you to judge.
  7. hideout

    Helix vs AXFX 3, seriously...

    I would never judge a modeler by its factory presets. Ever. And I can't understand why people would even do that. The proof is in how or if it's able to let you make it sound the way you want it to. Obviously you liked Fractal's factory presets and that's fine but I'd bet that plenty of people who don't because no factory preset will ever please everybody. Full Stop.
  8. I posted this comment in Ideascale. What do you guys think? I read somewhere that Line 6 is hesitant about this idea because when you separate the preamp and power amp and stick a device between them, you change the character of the interaction between those two units - thus changing the sound of the modeled amps. This is true even when you use a buffer, I think and I think I can attest to this. I had a Fender Blues Deluxe some years back and I did notice a change in the way the amp sounded and felt when I put something in the loop. That said, what if Line6 simply created several modeled power amp models with Fender, Marshall,Vox and Mesa etc. topologies or maybe one power amp module that's reconfigurable to those topologies? After all, do any of us really know how a Mesa (or whatever) Power section really sounds like on its own? I doubt it.
  9. hideout

    Helix 2.8 release likely not for several months

    Meh. Idon't care. It's not like it's unusable in its current state.
  10. hideout

    Headrush FRFR

    Actually I was asking about the Headrush. Should’ve been more clear. Sorry.
  11. hideout

    Headrush FRFR

    Well, to be clear, as the OP, I never asked that. I’m merely curious about the Headrush. Im leaning towards the QSC CP8 because I’m not interested in something purpose built for something. In this case, modelers as the Headrush seems to be. I want something more flexible. I guess I was just hoping that someone who’d tried them both could give an opinion on how the two compared to each other simply because the Headrush is so cheap. I was Also hoping that folks posting would’ve posted about the FRFR 108 and not the 112. Admittedly, I should have been more clear about that. Thank you all for your responses.
  12. hideout

    Headrush FRFR

    I agree. It would also help to have a frequency response chart for these speakers so that we can get a better idea of how they actually reproduce input signals.
  13. hideout

    Headrush FRFR

    One concern I have is that it's supposedly "Flat Response" but they also say it's "Tuned for guitar"... huh? Ya can't have both, folks.
  14. hideout

    Headrush FRFR

    Connecting any powered speaker to a powered subwoofer, at least the ones that I've seen, shouldn't be a problem at all. As far as I know, they all have a built-in crossover so that their XLR outputs would have the appropriate frequencies being sent to the main speakers. In this scenario, you do not need that subwoofer contouring button. I know that a lot of powered speakers meant for PA use have a 'Subwoofer' setting but that is there if you choose to route the output to the sub via submix output on the mixing board. It keeps the mains from putting out too much low end and muddying up the mix. This has the advantage of giving you more control over the low end content and adjust it to better suit the room. However, most small 4-8 channel mixers do not have this feature.
  15. hideout

    Headrush FRFR

    I'm curious as to how well it would perform as a powered PA speaker as well as one for your modeler.