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  1. I just posted this idea. Please upvote. https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Electro-Harmonix-Knockout-Attack-EQ/1029823-23508?submitted=1
  2. The weird thing is they have marketed the Dwarf specifically towards guitar players and I think an overwhelming majority of us do use expression pedals. It seems to me that they just simply did not think it through! You're right, datacommando. This quote is highly accurate: "Here at MOD Devices we pride ourselves on doing things that nobody else does, in a way nobody else does."
  3. So this was their latest answer on Facebook. “The Beh­ringer FCB1010 or the Roland FC-300 are MIDI pedalboards with expression pedals. The Meris MIDI I/O allows you to convert any expression pedal into MIDI” They actually expect people to buy a huge midi controller just to be able to use an expression pedal!
  4. Take a look at the picture below. Nowhere is there a port that is for an expression pedal. When I contacted them, they did not deny that there is no expression pedal jack but they were not upfront about this at the Dwarf’s introduction. As for the 30 day money back guarantee, I'm sure all new buyers will have that luxury. I’m not sure how it will apply to those who backed their IndieGoGo campaign - which is what I did. I did find one possible solution. The Boss EV-1 WL. It could work IF the Dwarf's USB-A port actually provides bus power... and that's a BIG if. And it's $150!!
  5. My sentiments exactly. I have contacted them and in a typically “corporate” response, I get non-responses. “We’ve answered that question.” For me, it’s an extreme disappointment. I’ve paid for the thing already via their IndieGoGo campaign. I bit because they seemed thoughtful and careful about how they do things. Boy, was I wrong. Hubris can quickly make any genius act like an imbecile.
  6. A word to the wise. If you use an expression pedal to control parameters on whatever MFX pedal you use and are considering the Mod Dwarf, DON'T! Unbelievably, they did not think it important to include an expression pedal jack in the Mod Dwarf. Their best recommendation was for me to build an Arduino device that would allow the use of an expression pedal!!!!! Unfreaking believable!! I'm supposed to be getting one at the end of September that I'm just going to have to turn around and TRY to sell.
  7. hideout

    Fractal FM9

    Meh. In this day and age I think it’s splitting hairs. The Helix is just fine, thanks and I seriously doubt that the Fractal is going to be ‘night and day’ better than the Helix. It’ll be a very subtle difference no matter which one is better. All the hassle of learning a new system, recreating all the patches that I use on the Fractal plus the financial hit? Not worth all the bother.
  8. So, my bass amp has a 1/4” aux input and during rehearsal last night I plugged my helix into it so I didn’t have to bring two amps and there wasn’t much space available. Holy Crap!! The lead sounds I use could have used a bit more treble but after I got used to it it felt great. Great sustain and feedback! The bass amp is a Genz Benz Shuttle 6.0 pushing two single 10” cabs. too much fun!
  9. I'm sure it can be fixed but since it's 5 years old and out of warranty, is this issue crucial enough to spend the money on getting it fixed?
  10. My latest submission - Oil Can Delay
  11. Agreed. We Helix users all are.
  12. Well, I'm not trying to emulate anything in particular. I'm just trying to get my guitars to sound and feel the way I like them to.
  13. So I’m fiddling with the Helix in the editor. Trying to get a lead sound for my Agile LP on one of my patches that I just wasn’t happy with. I managed to copy a patch that I do like - one block at a time to the patch in question. Before you ask, it’s a dual path preset for an acoustic sound on one path and an overdriven lead sound on the other and I switch between the two via snapshots. So I couldn’t just copy the preset over to that one. Not sure but I don’t think we can copy a path from one preset to another, which would be super handy. Anyway, In switching between the two paths, the lead sound was still not quite suitable. It was too aggressive sounding. Then I remembered! Play with the input impedance, you idiot!! I can’t tell you how many times that this one parameter has saved a preset I was ready to scrap. Hope you find this useful.
  14. hideout

    Helix HW Latency

    Latency? Who gives a rat's patootie? If you can actually hear that delay or worse yet, if it actually affects your playing, you need psychiatric help.
  15. Thanks guys, got it sorted. LOVING the Relic Reel!!!
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