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  1. Love these ladies. Consumate and highly skilled musicians!
  2. You said something to the effect of "You don't need moveable mics because you can basically achieve the same effect via the Hi Cut and Mic Distance parameters."
  3. Are the dual cabs only practical for stereo use of the Helix et al or can you use dual cabs in mono and not have severe phase cancellation issues? I have not had the chance to update yet.
  4. I love the moveable mics idea. I asked about this before and the idea was summarily dismissed by Digital Igloo. I'm happy he was eventually overruled.
  5. I don't think Midi (through the din connector) has improved or changed much since its inception. Instruments that use midi have simply started to take advantage of the unused controller data that was left fallow for many many years. Truly advanced guitar synth products have completely sidestepped midi altogether to avoid its relatively low speed. It's fine for triggering sampled instruments telling the instrument which sample to play at what velocity, channel, duration and what controllers are being sent. Get too many of those controllers going to the instrument and the whole transmission system bogs down. So even if some new keyboard is capable of receiving lots of control messages to make it more expressive, midi itself throws a wrench in the works. I do wonder what trickery Seaboard is using on their instruments to make them to be so expressive. The Roli Seaboard instruments are not normal midi instruments though. I'm not sure they even have midi ports - just USB. As for the Helix and technologies like it, I don't think it's all that easy to map out and replicate ALL of the tactile things that happen between a guitar and an amp. I think it is still a "work in progress". I gotta say though, I recently got a NuX MG30 and right out of the box, its tactile response feels better than the Helix. I liked the Fender, Vox, Marshall and Dr. Z models immediately with very minimal tweaking. I'm getting bright but non-fizzy amp sounds that I didn't really have to work too hard to get. It's giving me some of the sounds that I've been struggling to get from the Helix. I find its EQs and compressors more effective and its effects more pleasant to hear. I'm keeping the Helix because it still does things that the MG30 can't at its price range and size limits. But if NuX builds something akin to the Helix in size and capability... I'm not saying this last bit to cause trouble. This is simply my current experience.
  6. I use Setlists for the different guitars that I use. Each one has its own setlist.
  7. Hmmm. I must admit that I've never looked there. I guess I've never needed it.
  8. I think my point still holds. If it was "baked into the hardware" then the feature has been available all along. Why would we not have had this feature until now?
  9. If was just a resistor, it would have had to have been there all along and if it was, why didn't we have this option from the very beginning? Why did it take until version 3.15 for us to get this option? Just as software in the Helix allows us to adjust levels in multitudes of different parameters, why would this one parameter need to be reliant on a fixed part of the hardware?
  10. I wasn't using my Mac for this. For some reason I'd relegated my MS Surface to editing and updating the Helix.
  11. I think I found the issue. After having updated HX Edit, I launched it from the icon on the taskbar. I get the feeling that that icon is still tied to the old version because when I launched it again from the desktop icon everything went fine.
  12. I’m the odd one out here. I’m using a MS Surface running Win10 and the Line6 updater saw that there was a new version of both HX Edit and new firmware for the Helix. I updated HX Edit and that went well. But now, in trying to updat the Helix, it just sits there saying “Initializing firmware installation”. It’s been like that for 15 minutes now. And yes I did backup first, the USB cable is the same one I’ve always used and it’s the only thing I use it for and is connected directly to the Surface. No I’ve never had any trouble updating before.
  13. I’m in the process of updating now and it’s been saying “Initializing Firmware Installation” for quite a few minutes now.
  14. I'm curious to hear what anyone else's take on it would be. So far, my bottom line take is that the amp and cab sims sound great and it has so much potential but a lot of its more basic functions that we Helix users take for granted are ridiculously frustrating.
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