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  1. Does anybody else know how this could work ?
  2. Hello when I am in snapshot mode and I can see the preset arrows up/down and my snapshots on the right, how can I set the HX Effects to show also the preset name that is currently activated on the same page? Is there a way to do this ?
  3. I would have expected to have the feature to be able to incorporate external Amp switching into a Snapshot. Are you saying this might not work ? I have a good electrician who helps me on the Amp side: He already figures out how it works. But I do not want to have to use a Voodoo Lab Control Switcher. I hope I can get around this
  4. Thanks for your responses. I bought a HX Effects which has the Command Center. No interested in amp modeling . To steer my Supersonic I need analog signals - not MIDI. Is the HX effects capable to do this ? Or do I need a control switcher again to change the signal from MIDI to electrical signals ?
  5. Hello just bought a HX Effects cause it can switch channels on my amp (The HX Stomp couldn't do that). Does the HX effects only send MIDI messages to do this or is it also capable to send electrical signals i.e. for my Fender Supersonic ?
  6. I was trying to do the same with a HX Stomp and a Voodoo Lab Control Switcher to convert the MIDI Signal to analog signals for my Fender Supersonic. It turned out that the HX Stomp doesn't send MIDI CC Signals. With which Line 6 Effects board would this be possible ?
  7. Thanks you. I am really disappointed about the fact that it does not send CC MIDI commands. This means I cannot use the Snapshot mode to control my Fender Amp..
  8. Could MIDI PC messages sent from HX Stomp to Voodoo Lab Control Switcher be used to switch distortion of my Supersonic on/off?
  9. I was hoping I could use my HX Stomp to send MIDI messages to the Voodoo Lab Control Switcher. Basically I want to control my Supersonic Amp with it. The main task would be to switch from clean to distortion of my Supersonic. I understand this requires CC MIDI messages coming from the HX Stomp. Is there really no way to get my HX Stomp to control the Control Switcher ???
  10. Hello how can I set the HX Stomp to control an external control switcher (Voodoo Lab Control Switcher) via MIDI in Snapshot mode ?
  11. I tried the different mic settings as suggested by codamedia and indeed that made a big difference (positively). I will give it a try with the new settings at the next rehearsal. I need this punch (like) from a real amp when I am playing, as this affects the way I am playing (feeling & hearing the sound)
  12. Thanks for your answers ! If the "mic" is the disconnect between a real amp and a modeler, is there a way to switch it off while leaving the Amp+Cab on ?
  13. Hello again :-) Since last rehearsal I am still not satisfied with my Supersonic 22 simulation. Although the EQ curve is very close to the original (checked it doing AB comparison in Cubase), I am missing the pressure and presence from the Tube amp, especially with the distorted sounds when playing louder. My Laney full range active speaker amp has 400 Watts which is really enough for room we are playing in. I am missing the feel of the vibrations in the body. I wish I could get my "simulation" setup work like the tube amp. Any idea what I could do ?
  14. Thanks for your reply. I have switched my Laney to full range flat response and used the Stomp's Cabs instead. The difference is amazing and indeed I came much closer to the sound I want and that I am used to. Thanks four your help :-)
  15. Hallo since weeks I am trying to simulate my Fender Supersonic 22 Combo with my HX Stomp using a Laney LFR 112 power cab. I generally use the Laney built in 12 inch speaker simulation and do the rest inside the Stomp. I tried several Fender amp simulations , EQ Settings etc. but do not seem to come close to the original Fender sound. Any idea which chain of amps simulation would come closest to the Fender Supersonic 22 Combo ? Especially for the distorted sound ?
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