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  1. I am hoping to control the HX Stomp looper via midi (Morningstar). Does anyone know the commands to: 1. Control looper volume via expression midi? 2. Completely erase recorded loops?
  2. Sorry been away on travel but thank you for responding. I am still trying to figure out this thing, so I am not completely sure how to share a preset. I may do a hard reset since I don't have much on this device. But from what you see... do I have the correct block?
  3. I have an HX Stomp and a Strymon Volante delay pedal. Here is what I want to do..... I'd like to run the Volante in the Stereo FX loop of the HX Stomp so I can place comp and gain effects before the delay and reverb, while placing a looper and or reverb after the Volante. I would like to run stereo from the Volante. So far I am using a TRS cable from the "send" of the HX stomp. I then connect both L and R sides to both inputs of the Volante. I then run stereo outs to the "Return L" and "Return R" on the HX stomp. I am using the block FX LOOP L/R (with the stereo circles indicating I am running a stereo block). The result is that I get more output from the Left than the Right side. I have also isolated the Volante to ensure the problem does not exist on the Volante. So... how do I fix this? I get sound but its really unbalanced. Any insights?
  4. Morning all! Recently I saw a video of Rhett Shull where he is using the HX stomp to send MIDI signals to control tap tempo for the Specular Tempus delay. I hope to do the same with my Strymon Volante. I read the manual but I cannot seem to find this info. Anyone know how to do this?
  5. Thanks everyone from chimin' in. This is helpful
  6. Thanks phil, I am using a morningstar MC6 to control perimeters. I will try these midi cc messages. This should be an easy fix for Line 6 to do. But what do I know?
  7. Is there a midi command that can scroll through (up and down) the presets of the HX stomp?
  8. Thanks all, I should have clarified more.... I am not running out of blocks. I simply needed to understand the parallel path better. I was successful in making two different paths but in order to keep things simple I placed ... IR -> Reverb (stereo) -> Term (stereo) out to stereo delay..... done. Thanks for the feedback all!.
  9. Thanks Peter... but the HX stomp "blanks out" once I use one IR. Is there something I am missing?
  10. jasonmelani

    Stereo IR

    Good morning everyone. I am new to IR's and downloaded the G12 Celestion pack last night. Everything seems fairly straight forward. However I am running stereo out of the HX stomp. So here is my question.... When I place the IR block at the end of my block chain what do I need to do to specify stereo out of the IR? Or do I need to run 2 IR blocks in parallel and pan then right and left?
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