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    Sending Midi CC mesages from HX Stomp

    Morning all! Recently I saw a video of Rhett Shull where he is using the HX stomp to send MIDI signals to control tap tempo for the Specular Tempus delay. I hope to do the same with my Strymon Volante. I read the manual but I cannot seem to find this info. Anyone know how to do this?
  2. jasonmelani

    HX Stomp Midi commands

    Thanks everyone from chimin' in. This is helpful
  3. jasonmelani

    HX Stomp Midi commands

    Thanks phil, I am using a morningstar MC6 to control perimeters. I will try these midi cc messages. This should be an easy fix for Line 6 to do. But what do I know?
  4. jasonmelani

    HX Stomp Midi commands

    Is there a midi command that can scroll through (up and down) the presets of the HX stomp?
  5. jasonmelani

    Stereo IR

    Thanks all, I should have clarified more.... I am not running out of blocks. I simply needed to understand the parallel path better. I was successful in making two different paths but in order to keep things simple I placed ... IR -> Reverb (stereo) -> Term (stereo) out to stereo delay..... done. Thanks for the feedback all!.
  6. jasonmelani

    Stereo IR

    Thanks Peter... but the HX stomp "blanks out" once I use one IR. Is there something I am missing?
  7. jasonmelani

    Stereo IR

    Good morning everyone. I am new to IR's and downloaded the G12 Celestion pack last night. Everything seems fairly straight forward. However I am running stereo out of the HX stomp. So here is my question.... When I place the IR block at the end of my block chain what do I need to do to specify stereo out of the IR? Or do I need to run 2 IR blocks in parallel and pan then right and left?