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  1. I bought my Stomp and I absolutely love it. I wanted to integrate it with my Voodoo labs PX8+ and I started to do some research and found so much back and forth on this topic and still a lot of confusion. So I thought I’d list out some details here that I hope will clarify the Stomps capabilities: The Documentation on midi is confusing: Yes, yes it can be, but like most of Line 6 documentation there are hidden gems (like look at the Stomp manual and the ‘Reserved’ MIDI command section - very last entry. It’s prettt funny). Also, they don’t always list everything you need to know, but there are some not-so-obvious things listed I’ll explain next: Can you program MIDI on the Stomp: Typical Engineering answer ‘it depends’. What is programmable I’ve found so far is that you can ADD blocks forSend/Return with Mono or (Stereo options) of Send Left&Right (Send L/R), Receive Left &Right (Receive L/R), and FX Send&Receive ( FX S/R) for MIDI devices. Each connection has the capability to Bypass (as you would think Bypass an effect), Dry Thru (think n terms of how much of a dry signal), and Send (how you want to send your signal). There are also additional options on the return side and FX Loop. This is all CC based control structures. This is where CC controls can be programmed for these blocks that will be sent AND also the CC number will be received if the Stomp is Setup. Is that it?: Of course not! You can also tweak individual effects within the presets or individual effects or amps with MIDI CC controls - however, you should k ow what your doing here as they existing functions are already defined for ‘standard operations’ (I.e. Footswitch 1&2, etc). And if your really good at MIDI programming I’m sure there are ways to manipulate these functions (I, however, am not). Well, my MIDI function has presets that require PC controls: Yup - you can send PC messages also. In the documentation where MIDI is described, it discusses under preset and snapshot recalls, in the Play View, you’ll see the PC and associated CC controls for that preset and snapshot. Here’s where you’ll need a MIDI receiving device that is either programmable or has a ‘Learn’ mode (which is how I got my PX8+ to work). The PC and CC controls are sent automatically (unless you change the Global Settings to do otherwise). To program my PX8+, I setup my presets, put it into learn mode (see PX8+ documentation), selected the patch, then associated the PC and CC commands to my preset. It takes some time to do this. So is there anything like the HX FX MIDI? Nope. Like most things Stomp, there are always some sacrifices made for the smaller form factor. So MIDI doesn’t have the easier Controller programming function you have with The full blown Helix and Helix FX boards. I hope this help help everyone understand what’s available a little more. Ultimately, you’ll have to get creative to try to program some MIDI functions working in the framework Line 6 has given us with Stomp, but most things can be done creatively with the MIDI interface. It’s more flexible than I thought, but does take some trial and error to work through. I’m sure an entire manual could be created on MIDI programming with Stomp. I hope this helps. And remember to backup your pedal BEFORE you start testing how to get your MIDI functions to work correctly - just sayin....
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