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  1. I had to get the io board replaced in my Helix due to "hot swapping" condenser (48V Phantom) mics. Now when I use them, I plug it, turn it on. Use accordingly, then turn off and take the mic out
  2. The Poly Pitch will do this. Add it into a patch, set the interval +/- as desired, set the note sync and return time either in ms or beats by tap tempo beat interval and it gives a similar effect. Its a DSP hog tho' so be forewarned. EDIT: Remember to change the bypass to a Footswitch and set it to Momentary
  3. I really like the Reverb on the catalyst and being able to tune it for the room by walking over to it to quickly adjust (I use very little anyway) is much easier than adding a reverb to the Helix. I use the FX loop option rather than the Power Amp option and set the signal to line with volume at 1200 on the Helix so its right in the sweet-spot of the amp and allows me to have that reverb on the amp. ( You lose it if you set to Power Amp) . All amp models (only 2), no cabs, are on the Helix or POD Go (backup) and this works pretty seamlessly and the DI is consistently good this way with a 2X12 SM57 out of the Catalyst in a band mix. Pod Go is the same. I tried using the Clean/Dynamic and Boutique as pedal platforms and have a couple chains set up for a straight through situation, but this way I didn't have to have 4CM and I have blocks to spare even with a couple effect heavy patches.
  4. The amount of lanes is reduced from the Helix which would be a drag for my acoustic thing with another guitarist and vocal process etc. Also looks like less overall model/patch availability but I don't ever come close to max out the Helix as it is. The lack of an editor is a bit of a killer for me. I'm surprised there aren't any captures out there at time of launch maybe they will do them soon or via a third party. I liked how you could capture pedals but I'm sure controls wouldn't exactly match. There was a baseline set of controls to set for the capture so at least the clone would have a tonal reference. I think the Headrush in general stuff sounds fine when compared to the Helix. Definitely different but for a PA/cover thing, more than fine (at least to me). The thing is BIG and a shallow comment: I don't like the color scheme with the gold.
  5. I've had similar issues in Studio One with the Helix (versions 4 & 5). I ended up using Asio4all whcih allows me to use my Focusrite Scarlett for playback but also record form the Helix simultaneously. Its not the cleanest thing but works well enough. I only find I have to re-assign lanes once in a while in "song setup".
  6. This spreadsheet is awesome. Thank you. I had a similar one I did from Ben Vesco's web site I made in excel but this is great work. Thank you
  7. Why couldn't you design a 2PDT that mimics the sweep from one resistance to another depending on what side of the switch you are on? I'm sure there is a reason, just curious.
  8. Ha- I did the original JSON edit that was around that kept the EQ and Amp but tried the same thing before and it does indeed work but its flaky beyond 7 effects . Since there isn't a Wah option in the category list I kept that and opened up 9 other slots to try and make a very flexible in-front-of-amp patch for quick jam get togethers which is mainly what I'm using this for over lugging my Helix around. If you try to make a patch with that though that is beyond 7 additional effects it wipes the patch on the unit etc. I made a send/return variant as well but haven't used that one yet. If you use the eq/amp included JSON patch that removes the volume / wah, etc, but keeps the Amp, the Del Sol amp uses very low DSP and is very stable. I'm only 'really' using 4-6 blocks per patch with different mods / delays or grit box types etc. Hoping they actually integrate this feature in lieu of doing this patch mod. Being able to do this was the decision to keep the unit versus letting it go for a different compact option, actually.
  9. As another had said, when looking for a Helix backup, I went with the Pod Go. It's very similar in terms of use, etc so it was a no brainer. I used the JSON patch edit technique to get some active additional blocks on the Go and as stock, there is plenty of DSP for a cover situation. Its to the point where if I'm just going to jam with a bunch of different, non-gig, situations, I just bring the Go with an Amp or No Amp set of patches and it meets the needs. I tried the HX Effects. It definitely seemed very powerful but the Go is sonically similar.
  10. I did the script edit out of the box for one additional free block and it added a huge amount of flexibility. Hope they recognize and add that in some way so future firmware recognizes it and we don't lose it. I use this as a gig backup to the Helix and its not paramount it remains but it made my life in interface usability and getting "close enough" fast a game changer. I've faced a couple DSP challenges that don't dissuade me from thinking differently about patches and getting very close for cover work. Moreover, for the price of the Pod Go to the Helix, that added functionality "felt right" in terms of value/cost/feature set.
  11. This book is great. Especially at digging into effect parameters and some different ways of thinking. Anyone out there who has StudioOne will also get a lot out of that publication CA did also on Sweetwater.
  12. I knew that even before I asked.... I did this after I logged a ticket 4 days prior and after I asked on the Facebook Line 6 Family User Group....
  13. Hi- I’m wondering what the solution was for this for you? I have just developed a similar issue.
  14. I play guitar and bass in bands. So I'll be subjective that while its difficult to replace a bass player, I've done the Local H / Japandroids thing in a couple side projects for that kind of effect. I send my signal to a path and pitch shift down and EQ out as much high end needed to eliminate the transients. Here is a template I did: I've also gone in other direction, as others have, making pseudo power chords up an octave from a bass line, which is more fun than I can effectively communicate.
  15. TLF2007

    Boss Tera Echo

    The Dynamic split is touchy. Yeah, there's plenty of stuff in there to keep you entertained or to find an acceptable substitute.
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