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  1. TLF2007

    Helix/Rig ideas for acoustic gigs?

    I have a couple of Alto 10" FRFR's that are plenty loud and work great as either one (coffe house), or in stereo ( pub). I also use them as electric/acoustic monitors for full band gigs. Your setup seems cool. I will use the Helix Floor for Acoustic but mostly for duo situations. I figured out how to add a couple mini expressions so I have 3 pedals to do volume mix between my voice, my partners voice( input to Effect loop), and his guitar. My guitar I adjust with my ongboard volume. Sounds good. I will say though, that I have a Boss VE-8 which is a one and done guitar and vocal solution that I use with one Alto and is awesome for solo shows - which are usually very small anyway. I bet you get a better overall sound with the Fishman and your speaker solution. All in all, I've tried to get the resonance modeling from the Boss in the Helix floor but I can't match it (yet). You absolutely can't beat the Helix for versatility and wide span of options though and need it once you add the other guy. Like you said, the options of delays and modulations and the like go up dramatically once you've set up the Helix. I don't think I'd change your speaker setup. Its easy enough to buy and try and return a speaker if you want to give it a shot
  2. TLF2007

    Helix for acoustic guitar and vocals

    The Helix is verstaile to do this for sure. I run 2 acoustics and 1 vocal throguh the Helix and control volume on the 3 with added vol pedals instead of a mixer. Works well. The videos others have added are a great start.
  3. TLF2007

    Hx stomp live rig

    create your patch and make a path of the effected output signal to FOH (front of house/PA) and another path-within the same patch -to the FX Send with whatever effects /models or otherwise you want going to your amp. Read the manual. I know it explains it in the hookup guide section.
  4. TLF2007

    Ernie Ball

    I have the VP Jr. ( 25K) Use it as an expression pedal for EXP 2 instead of using the toe switch. Works great. sweep resolution and feel is better than Helix built in foot pedal IMO.
  5. Hey All- Thanks for the replys. I do have a digital mixer and also a small format analog 8 that I'd consider to use. They both work well and would do the job well but still adding more stuff than I want to. I DO have a ridiculous facination to minimize gear. I added a second exp pedal and put a Vocal Mic on each. This seemed like the easiest peripheral to add and allows me to dump out easy. I've set up 2 different Guitar paths set both to nominal and we'll control volume on our acoustics. A handful of patches will have different mixes so I set up these Preset 'blocks' with different initial levels and effects but I can maintain the Exp control throughout. Again, thanks all for the tips. Ther are still some other things in here I want to try. I appreciate the time.
  6. UPDATE- I gave this a shot before work and it doesn't really work. When I swtich between blocks it is also turing bypass state on or off. if I'm set at 50% once i switch to focus of other VOl block it bypasses and That chain is at full vol again. I may have missed something in your explanation. I'll look at it again later.
  7. Thank you for this! I definitely am going to try this. FYI, the returns work fine for a mic. Low noise, plenty of dB. I made a path with the LA Compressor and with an 10 band EQ block, a bit of harmony delay ( Very low mix on the harmony) and room reverb and it sounds great. Its for a back up mic but I thought I'd have to kick up the input volume etc but didn't. I tried with a mic pre but it was a lot of DSP that for the application was just as well with a preoperly set up compressor and EQ parameters that I was going to have to add anyway. I actually had a XLR to 1/4" mono cable in my gig backup box for fussy snakes / FOH mixers. So that part of the question I figured out. I ended up as a test just inserting a spare exp pedal and coudl get teh Helix to have a guitar and vocal mix levels at my feet by having the Helix control the end-chain compression dB level and that worked but wnat to elimiate the need for the second expression if I can. Thanks Again!!
  8. I'm trying to make my Helix into a dual Acoustic patch as well as a dual Vocal patch with some level of mix control via footswitchs. My set up includes 2 powered PA speakers. Ultimately looking to limit wiring to make a simple in and out setup. First Question: I wanted to create a backup singer path via a Return input. I can get a 1/4" to XLR adapter but wonderign if anyone has tried this before I go and order it. If It works, whats the best way to set that path up. I'm going to use 4 blocks ( EQ, Mod Delay, Verb, Compressor) and I'll enough DSP to add a couple more. Will I need a tube comp etc or some other means to make that pathway sound as good as possible? Or will it sound like butt? 2nd Question: I want to program Exp 1 & Exp 2 to switch between focus via one of the other footswitches instead of the toe switch. I tried to do this via the command center with no luck. Its so I can choose between me or my duo partner to fix guitar level (less important as we can do this onboard our E-acoustics ) or more importantly manage volume blocks for vocals but keep the pedal state where it is between focus of this switch (EXP1/2) toggle. I know I can add a EXP3 and just make have pedals for both and avoid this issue by assigning 1 to each. But again, trying to manage that with little to nothing more than the Helix. I also have a mixer that I can use but really trying to avoid more gear. Thanks in advance!!
  9. TLF2007

    Need a preset back

    Hi- The Archetype Clean in the Factory 1, I overwrote today because I was in the moment of patch building and recording for a project so I just saved it and finished punches. But I'd like to get the original back without a total firmware reset etc. Wondering if this wonderful community can post it on customtone or as a link here. Thanks in advance.
  10. TLF2007

    Guitar input pad - does you or doesn't you?

    I played with the pad in the beginning but do not use it. I use guitars that have different gain structure but with the same patches. I tend to program them with my guitar volume on about 8 and I have room to go bigger or not depending on the guitar.
  11. TLF2007

    Auto Swell

    I've had the Helix Floor a few years. I love it. It's great especially since I may have to play multi -instruments through it during a gig. But I'm struck agin by how difficult it is to get an easy intuitive Auto-Swell out of the thing. I was reminded when I was playing around with a RP 360 Xp I got for my daughter to gig with and how intutieve and quick it was to find and tweak that effect in the RP.
  12. TLF2007

    Feedback Generator for Helix

    Under “customtone”
  13. TLF2007

    Feedback Generator for Helix

    The "Simple Feedback" tone I uploaded actually does this. ( Without requiring a FreqOut) but uses the expression pedal to bring the effect in and out instead of a Momentary switch. I'd like to see the community try to improve on it.
  14. TLF2007

    Feedback Generator for Helix

    I have a freqout and made a feedback patch in Helix that I actually gig with. Less is more. I uploaded it as "Simple Feedback". The expression pedal will control either the Wah or the feedback effect or both at the same time.