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  1. Just tried it today. it seems to be working now, not sure if it was me, or something has been fixed.
  2. So if I do a search for Slash for example as below, it return returns nothing
  3. Is it me or is something wrong with the custom tone search for the Pod Go, putting something ion the search box and it returns nothing
  4. Yes , same method, just edit out the amp and cab block
  5. So I had a couple of glasses of wine, and decided to have a go at removing the amp, cab and EQ blocks, using the hack all over the internet using a text editor. I read that the amp, cab & EQ could not be removed, but i had a go and you can!! Yes you can max out the DSP, and yes I wouldn't use it, I like the amp and cabs sims, but for a stomp box direct to amp feature it seems to work. But combine it with another footswitch for about £30, it opens up this bit of kit massively. I've attached the preset, have a paly and I'd appreciate the feedback with any issues, I messed for about 2 hours with it and it seemed OK Dave_Blocks.pgp
  6. I've had this problem, but if you plug the dongle in to the Guitar In socket, for a good minute or so after everybody is in the rehearsal room and or gig venue (difficult with a transient crowd I guess) but this has solved it for me. TBH I've never had an issue live only rehearsing, maybe the proximity of the other band members and their phones etc. is the issue as some of them use them as mobile hot spots during rehearsal. I've played a couple of gigs where the PA is controlled using WiFi and again, once I've done a sound check, (if we do one :)) then I just leave it plugged in to the POD GO for a minute or longer and it's fine.
  7. Go to the "Window" menu in the top toolbar, and select "show by-pass control" that then opens the ability to rename the stomp and change the ring colour. Top Tip though, remember to press enter once you've edited as it doesn't save. Found that out my avail :(
  8. So are you coming out of stomp mode into snap, and then holding the 2 left hand buttons down at the same time. If you have the option in Global settings/ switched and pedals/up down switched, turn the know to presets. I had to do the same after upgrade also
  9. This is now complete for me, gigged with the Go first time last weekend, and this update just puts the icing on the cake to a brilliant unit. Can't wait to try again this weekend I'm a Helix owner as well, but for the band I play in the Go Wireless is perfect and so much more portable. The snapshots were an issue but not anymore with the labeling. I'm going to get the Mission pedal I think, I can see me using that as well. Top job guys :)
  10. Thanks Phil, so can I use sorry at al from helix, into to the top input jacks?
  11. Just got the Powercab112+, plugged a standard XLR form my Helix mono output in to the Digital L6 link socket on the back of the PC. No sound!! Is this correct? If I use the same cable form the Helix AES port to the PC that's fine. I have the XLR on the Helix set to line. Am I missing something or possible faulty PC?
  12. Had a similar issue, Set your Helix Digital Out on Global settings to +10db, I'm using it with an XLr cable to the AES socket mega loud now
  13. My Amp is a Marshall JCM 2000 TSL 60 it doesn't have midi just the channel switching socket as the link attachment. The foot switch supplied with the amp also can switch the effects loop in or our and the reverb off and on, hence the cable socket. I'd rather use the Helix to switch channel if poss just to reduce the need for the extra foot switch. I love the mid dirty tone of the amp. Thanks
  14. I would also like to switch channel on my TSL 60 with my Helix, my socket on the back of the head is as link attached. Has any body had any success locating or making a cable
  15. How about being able to restore your patches settings etc from the USB port with a USB stick, rather have to carry a laptop with you.
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