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  1. Hi, noticed your comment.  I've got a Marshall JCM2000. I've inserted an FX send/return block after my OD blocks as recommended for 4cm. What I'm noticing is that when I full bypass the FX, I can't "get back" to my amp's native sounds. The channel switch LED will change color, but the tone doesn't change at all - and it's not the amp's tone. It's this weird, loud honky tone that doesn't respond to changing Volume, Gain, etc. I have checked the Global Settings to ensure that my sends/returns are in "Line" mode, but I just don't see a way to bypass the FX and use just my amp's tone. I've also noticed that this is the same tone that happens when I select a blank "New Preset". Is there any possible way to use 4cm and still be able to retain my amp's native tone when I want it, or is it an either/or with 4cm? If so, there's really no sense in using any of the OD or Boosts because it would be relegated to the FX loop alone. Hope there's a solution to this. Thanks! 

  2. I edited it right away because it came across "a little rough." My apologies. I'm sure you'll figure out a solution that works for you.
  3. Hi Everyone, I recently sold my Helix Floor and I have one Mission Engineering SP1-L6H Expression Pedal left for sale. Price reduced to $100 which is a steal since it's in mint condition with only a few hours of use. I no longer have a need for it. Thanks for your consideration. Thanks, David
  4. Minimum requirements are just that. Minimum requirements. Best of luck and I hope it works for you.
  5. You're going to want as much processing power and memory as you can afford. DAWs really eat into your system's resources, so I personally wouldn't go with anything less than 16GB of RAM and at least an i7 quad-core processor (which you can build-to-order on a Mac mini). By the time you configure a Mac mini that way you're already crossing into the price range for a decent iMac. Anytime you see minimum requirements with any software, that's just enough to make it function, but it will drag as you start putting more blocks in your patches. it will basically be slow AF. The video card is less important for just recording audio. This of course is my personal opinion from someone that's been in enterprise IT for over 25 years.
  6. Hi Everyone, So I just sold my Helix Floor on today and I no longer have the need for the pair of Mission Engineering SP1-L6H switching expression pedals for Helix that I still have. They are both in absolute mint condition and have never left my home once. I have a listing for them on Reverb if anyone is interested. I'll sell them separately if you only want to buy one. Thanks for your consideration. Thanks David
  7. It should sell quickly. I just sold one on Reverb today after only being listed for 2 days. Got back what I paid for it new thanks to the tariffs with China. Of course it was in absolute mint condition.
  8. Thanks. I am just a casual player that only plays at home. Despite going all-in with the Helix platform (including hundreds of dollars for IRs and amp packs) a few years ago, I'm going back to just using tube amps and some vintage pedals that I already own. I am in IT and I have had a ton of fun figuring out how to use the Helix and it's infinite routing options. At the end of the day, I don't really use it very often. It's also a great guitar interface, but I am interested in getting an Apollo X4 interface from Universal Audio. Their Unison technology is awesome and are the only company that offers a Marshalll endorsed and co-devleoped plug-in for the Marshall Jubilee (my absolute favorite amp). Same with the Fender Deluxe plug-in. Put those in one of the Unison slots and the impedance matches what a real guitar would be going into the same amp. It's as close as you can get to the real thing when recording. If my Helix Floor doesn't sell at a reasonable price, my plan is to just keep it and use for effects only running into the Apollo through the S/PDIF jacks to keep it in the digital realm.
  9. I am in the process of selling my Helix gear including my Helix Native license. Does anyone know what the process is to transfer It to someone else? Do I just provide the activation code? I opened up a support case with Line 6, but I was hoping to get an answer sooner. Please send me a PM if you are interested and I will reply with the Reverb listing. Thank you. UPDATE FROM SUPPORT: "Thanks for the support ticket inquiry. Software purchased under promos, or with special pricing (such as yours) cannot be gifted or transferred. I hope this clarifies things for you. Kind regards, Jason-Line 6 support"
  10. actually I already replied to another thread on that forum. Thank you.
  11. Hi All, I hope I'm not breaking the community rules here, but I am selling the following Line 6 items. They are all in absolute dead mint condition and have never left my home even once. If you are interested, please send me s PM and I'll send you a link to the listings on Reverb. Helix Floor with Helix Backpack Helix Native Plug-in (software license) Relay G70 Wireless Guitar System (2) Mission Engineering SP1-L6H Expression Pedals for Helix Thank you.
  12. I have a Helix Native license for sale. Please send me a PM and I will send you a link to the listing on Reverb. I'm also selling a Helix Floor, Relay G70 Wireless guitar system, and (2) Mission Engineering expression pedals. All mint condition.
  13. Make sure that you close HX Edit first. You can't have both applications running at the same time.
  14. Note that there's a template for both 4CM and 7CM in the TEMPLATES setlist. That should get you started using the cabling method that I provided above.
  15. Here is my setup using two Marshall Silver Jubilee's with the 7CM. Path 1 is setup for FX Loop 1 and Path 2 is setup for FX Loop 2. If you want to run your effects in stereo, make your Path 1 output PAN LEFT and your Path 2 output PAN RIGHT. This setup works great for me. Just remember that any effects before the FX Loops will be processed in mono regardless if you choose stereo effects or not. No sense wasting the DSP processing power for non-time based effects. I also assign a stomp button for each effect in both paths. In other words, If I select my Delay, it will enable/disable that effect in both paths simultaneously. This should work the same on both the Helix and the HX Effects. Hope this helps you. 4 Cable Method (4CM) Cable #1 Guitar to Helix/HX Effects Guitar In Cable #2 Helix/HX Effects FX Send Loop 1 to Amp #1 Main Input Cable #3 Amp #1 FX Send Loop to Helix/HX Effects FX Return Loop 1 Cable #4 Helix/HX Effects 1/4" Left (mono) Out to Amp #1 FX Return Loop 7 Cable Method (7CM) Cable #5 Helix/HX Effects FX Send Loop 2 to Amp #2 Main Input Cable #6 Amp #2 FX Send Loop to Helix/HX Effects FX Return Loop 2
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