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  1. VirtualGuitars

    ML Sound Lab IRs OMG!!!

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go buy your plug-ins from someone else. Maybe they'll offer you 50% off after you tell them this sob story. I'm guessing it's been a while for youI. Someone needs a hug!
  2. VirtualGuitars

    ML Sound Lab IRs OMG!!!

    How about we just move on? Time is money and you've wasted a lot of it! No discount for you. NEXT...
  3. VirtualGuitars

    ML Sound Lab IRs OMG!!!

    You have my business for life. Tried, tested, and proven products.
  4. VirtualGuitars

    ML Sound Lab IRs OMG!!!

    The Silver pack is awesome. It was EXACTLY what I was looking for when he first released it. The Marshall Silver Jubilee is my favorite amp/cab.
  5. VirtualGuitars

    Let's put the real name to the presets

    The built-in templates are occasionally changed or replaced with newer firmware versions. I guess you could always go back to a prior version although I'm not sure why you would really want to do that.
  6. VirtualGuitars

    Helix 2.8 release likely not for several months

    Careful. You don't want to be put on that nasty "tuner" list. :)
  7. VirtualGuitars

    Chris Buck tube screamer trick in Helix?

    Helix Native can always be with you. :)
  8. VirtualGuitars

    Chris Buck tube screamer trick in Helix?

    That's what so great about the Helix. You can insert any effect between the amp and the cab. The possibles are endless!
  9. VirtualGuitars

    HELIX LT cheat sheet

    It's amazing what you can find with a Google search. :) Helix Floor: https://line6.com/data/6/0a0643391bb055fca90096a38/application/pdf/Helix Cheat Sheet - English ( Rev A ).pdf Helix Family: https://line6.com/support/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=5954
  10. VirtualGuitars

    HX Edit question

    Answer to your first question: This is not possible. You can’t copy an existing preset into part of another preset. Answer to your second question: I don’t use snapshots that often, but I have noticed the same behavior when copying blocks from other presets into different snapshots on a new preset. I was actually trying to consolidate multiple preset amp block settings into one preset using different snapshots. I do believe you can change the block parameters in the snapshots, but copying individual blocks from other presets kept overwriting the settings on the other snapshots that I had saved previously. I tried this last night and actually raised this question on another thread today.
  11. VirtualGuitars

    Helix Mac Driver 1.00 Public Beta Now Available

    You don’t need this driver for any recent macOS.
  12. VirtualGuitars

    HX Edit question

    If you're copying a lot of blocks it might be quicker to copy the entire preset to an empty spot and make your changes to the new one.
  13. VirtualGuitars

    HX Effects HX Edit and Snapshots

    I have noticed some weird issues like this using HX Edit with snapshot changes. Copied a bunch of amp blocks from other presets to consolidate them into eight different snapshots. Each time I saved the preset, all of the amp block settings would overwrite the same block on the other snapshots. In other words, the copy-n-paste into each snapshot were the same every time I saved the preset. I don't use them very often, but I thought this was odd behavior. Additionally I saved a bunch of presets with some new IRs that I had just purchased. Next time I powered my Helix on all of the IR blocks on a bunch of new presets defaulted back to the first IR. And I did save them all too. In fact, I was playing with the new presets on the Helix and everything was fine before the next power cycle. All of the IRs were still on the Helix too. Perhaps v.280 will address some of this.
  14. VirtualGuitars

    Helix direct from XLRs to studio monitors

    I have a 7CM configuration and XLR outs to my studio monitors - all running in stereo. You have to love the Helix hardware and routing options!
  15. VirtualGuitars

    Sync'ing Hardware Helix with Helix Native plug-in

    That's exactly what I was thinking, but a local sync would be a great starting point. Settings up a a cloud-based storage system with an API accessible to the the Helix would be challenging and expensive; however, if there was a subscription-based model for this I would pay for it. That's the only way Line 6 would have an incentive to invest in the infrastructure. Perhaps I should throw this up on Ideascale!